Life span: up to 7-10 years. Size: 45-90cm in length Breeding

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Australian Frilled Lizard

Chlamydosaurus kingii

Other Names: Frilled Neck Lizard
Life span: up to 7-10 years. Size: 45-90cm in length

Breeding: 2-3 years old, mate in spring, lay 7-14 eggs, and hatch in 60-90 days depending on temperature. No parental care is given to their young.

Habit: Mostly solitary, defending territory against other Frilled Lizards.

The Frilled lizard is active during the day and like most lizards relies on the suns warmth.

Diet: Mainly insects, scorpions, spiders, small mammals and chicks.

Voice: Hisses when threatened or startled and spreads its frilly out with mouth wide open, flicking their tail from side to side trying to hit what is threatening them.

Conservation: They are in no present danger of extinction

Found: in dry tropics to arid regions, throughout northern and north-western Australia and in Papua New Guinea.
*All Australia Native Animals are protected by the Fauna Protection Act. For more information call National Parks and Wildlife S.A ph: 81244972 or

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