Lichens Identification Key

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Lichens Identification Key.

1) Is it a crusty lichen?

Yes...go to 2.

No...go to 8.

2) Pale grey in round splodges with tiny grey jam tarts and with a white edge?

Yes...Ochrolechia parella.

No...go to3.

3) Grey patches without a white edge and with darker blotches inside

Yes...Porpidia tuberculosa.

No...go to 4.

4) Red spots on a dark grey area.

Yes...Caloplaca crenularia.

No....Go to 5.

5) Rusty red patches like a mosaic. In shade. Turns yellow where rubbed.

Yes.....Opegrapha gyrocarpa.

No....Go to 6

6) Mustard orange grains spreading. In small patches.

Yes...Candelariella vitellina.

No.....go to 7.

7) Orange, formed in a neat circle with some grey towards the inside.

Yes....Caloplaca flavescens.

No .....go to 8.

8) Is it a leafy lichen?

Yes...go to 9.

No...go to 14.

9) Orange, large, spreading, with edges turning up.

Yes...Xanthoria parietina.
No.....go to 10.

10) Dark brown with a leafy, shiny edge.

Yes...Melanelia fuliginosa.
No.....go to 11.

11) Grey-green with white lines on the surface.

Yes... Parmelia saxatilis

No....go to 12.

12) Yellow-green. Large, leafy lobes Spreads over twigs,

trunks and stone

Yes... Flavoparmelia caperata

No...go to 13.

13) Small, narrow yellow-grey lobes. On twigs. Trumpet like structures pointing upwards.

Yes... Xanthoria polycarpa

No...try another key.

14) Grey-green shrubby lichen. White oval spots on the edges. Looks like a small spider plant.

Yes...Ramalina farinacea

No...try another key.

Teachers please note.
This key was prepared for use at Eglwysillan and Groeswen churchyards and features species of lichens found at those locations. Eglwysillan and Groeswen lie on the mountains between Caerphilly, Pontypridd and Abertridwr. You may find that different species of lichens are found in your area. You will find the following keys most helpful should you wish to confirm and identify species in your locality.
Key to lichens on twigs:- Field Study Council. FSC Publications, Preston Montford, Montford Bridge, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 1HW
Key to churchyard Lichens by Frank Dobson. (in press: details later).

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