Library of congress classification outline class g geography. Anthropology. Recreation

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Subclass G
G1 922 Geography (General)

G65 69 Geographers

G70 70.6 Philosophy. Relation to other topics. Methodology

G80 99 History of geography

G100.5 108.5 Toponymy

Including gazetteers, geographic names and terms

G140 Great cities of the world

G141 Historical geography

G142 Aerial geography

G149 180 Travel. Voyages and travels (General)

G154.9 155.8 Travel and state. Tourism

G200 336 History of discoveries, explorations, and travel

G369 503 Special voyages and travels

G521 539 Adventures, shipwrecks, buried treasure, etc.

G540 550 Seafaring life, ocean travel, etc.

G575 890 Arctic and Antarctic regions

G905 910 Tropics (General)

G912 922 Northern and Southern Hemispheres

G1000 3122 Atlases

G1000 1000.5 Atlases of the moon, planets, etc.

G1001 1046 World atlases. Atlases of the Earth

G1050 1052 Northern and Southern Hemispheres

G1053 Tropics. Torrid Zone

G1054 1055 Polar regions. Frigid Zone

G1059 1061 Maritime atlases (General)

G1100 3102 By region or country

G1100 1779 America. Western Hemisphere

G1105 1692 North America

G1110 1114 Greenland

G1115 (1193) Canada

G1200 1534.24 United States

G1535 1537 Caribbean area

G1540 1542 Latin America (General)

G1545 1549 Mexico

G1550 (1594) Central America

G1600 1692 West Indies

G1700 1779 South America

G1780 2799 Eastern Hemisphere. Eurasia, Africa, etc.

G1791 2196 Europe

G2110 2196 Former Soviet republics. Union of Soviet Socialist

Republics (U.S.S.R.). Russia (Empire)

G2200 2444.84 Asia

G2445 2739 Africa

G2740 2799 Australasia

G2800 3064 Oceans (General)

G3100 3102 Antarctica

G3122 Atlases of imaginary, literary, and mythological

regions, etc., A Z

G3160 3171 Globes

G3180 9980 Maps

G3180 3182 Universe. Solar system

G3190 3191 Celestial maps

G3195 3197 Moon

G3200 3202 World. Earth

G3210 3221 Northern and Southern Hemispheres

G3240 3241 Tropics. Torrid Zone

G3250 3251 Temperate Zone

G3260 3272 Polar regions. Frigid Zone

G3290 9880 By region or country

G3290 5667 America. Western Hemisphere

G3300 5184 North America

G3380 3384 Greenland

G3400 (3612) Canada

G3700 4384 United States

G4390 4392 Caribbean area

G4410 4763 Mexico

G4800 4874 Central America

G4900 5184 West Indies

G5200 5667 South America

G5670 8904 Eastern Hemisphere. Eurasia, Africa, etc.

G5700 7342 Europe

G7000 7342 Former Soviet republics. Union of Soviet Socialist

Republics (U.S.S.R.). Russia (Empire)

G7400 8198.54 Asia

G8200 8904 Africa

G8950 9084 Australasia

G9095 9794 Oceans (General)

G9800 9804 Antarctica

G9900 9980 Unlocalized maps
Subclass GA
GA1 1776 Mathematical geography. Cartography

GA51 87 Surveys (General)

GA101 1776 Cartography

GA109 Aerial cartography

GA109.5 Cadastral mapping

GA109.8 Statistical mapping

GA110 115 Projection

GA125 155 Map drawing, modeling, printing, reading, etc.

GA192 197.3 Collections of maps, globes, etc. Map libraries

GA197.5 198 Cartographers

GA260 288 Globe making. Globes

GA300 325 World maps, general atlases, etc.

GA341 1776 Maps. By region or country

Subclass GB
GB3 5030 Physical geography

GB400 649 Geomorphology. Landforms. Terrain

GB447 Climatic geomorphology

GB448 Slopes

GB450 460 Coasts

GB461 468.995 Reefs

GB471 478.995 Islands

GB500 555 Mountains. Orography

GB561 649 Other natural landforms: Floodplains, caves,

deserts, dunes, etc.

GB651 2998 Hydrology. Water

GB980 2998 Ground and surface waters

GB980 992 Watersheds. Runoff. Drainage

GB1001 1199.8 Groundwater. Hydrogeology

GB1201 1598 Rivers. Stream measurements

GB1601 2398 Lakes. Limnology. Ponds. Lagoons

GB2401 2598 Ice. Glaciers. Ice sheets. Sea ice

GB2601 2798 Snow. Snow surveys

GB2801 2998 Hydrometeorology

GB5000 5030 Natural disasters

Subclass GC
GC1 1581 Oceanography

GC63 Oceanographic expeditions

GC65 78 Underwater exploration

GC83 87.6 Submarine topography

GC96 97.8 Estuarine oceanography

GC100 103 Seawater

GC109 149 Chemical oceanography

GC150 182 Physical oceanography

GC151 155 Density

GC160 177 Temperature

GC177.6 182 Optical oceanography

GC190 190.5 Ocean atmosphere interaction

GC200 376 Dynamics of the ocean

GC205 227 Waves

GC228.5 228.6 Ocean circulation

GC229 296.8 Currents

GC297 299 Water masses and oceanic mixing

GC300 376 Tides

GC377 399 Marine sediments

GC401 881 Oceanography. By region

GC1000 1023 Marine resources. Applied oceanography

GC1080 1581 Marine pollution. Sea water pollution

Subclass GE

GE1 350 Environmental sciences

GE70 90 Environmental education

GE170 190 Environmental policy

GE195 199 Environmentalism. Green movement

GE300 350 Environmental management
Subclass GF
GF1 900 Human ecology. Anthropogeography

GF51 Environmental influences on humans

GF75 Human influences on the environment

GF101 127 Settlements

GF125 Cities. Urban geography

GF127 Rural settlements. Rural geography

GF500 900 By region or country
Subclass GN
GN1 890 Anthropology

GN49 298 Physical anthropology. Somatology

GN51 59 Anthropometry

GN62.8 265 Human variation

Including growth, physical form, skeleton,

nervous system, skin, etc.

GN269 279 Race (General)

GN280.7 Man as an animal. Simian traits versus human traits

GN281 289 Human evolution

GN282 286.7 Fossil man. Human paleontology

GN296 296.5 Medical anthropology

GN301 674 Ethnology. Social and cultural anthropology

GN357 367 Culture and cultural processes

Including social change, structuralism, diffusion, etc.

GN378 396 Collected ethnographies

GN397 397.7 Applied anthropology

GN406 517 Cultural traits, customs, and institutions

GN406 442 Technology. Material culture

Including food, shelter, fire, tools, etc.

GN448 450.8 Economic organization. Economic anthropology

GN451 477.7 Intellectual life

Including communication, recreation, philosophy,

religion, knowledge, etc.

GN478 491.7 Social organization

GN492 495.2 Political organization. Political anthropology

GN495.4 498 Societal groups, ethnocentrism, diplomacy, warfare, etc.

GN502 517 Psychological anthropology

GN537 674 Ethnic groups and races

GN550 674 By region or country

GN700 890 Prehistoric archaeology

Subclass GR

GR1 950 Folklore

GR72 79 Folk literature (General)

Including folktales, legends

GR81 Folk beliefs, superstitions, etc. (General)

GR99.6 390 By region or country

GR420 950 By subject

GR420 426 Costume, jewelry

GR430 488 Folklore relating to private life

Including dreams, love, children, nursery

rhymes, etc.

GR500 615 Supernatural beings, demonology, fairies, ghosts,

charms, etc.

GR620 640 Cosmic phenomena, weather lore

GR650 690 Geographical topics

GR700 860 Animals, plants, and minerals

GR865 874 Transportation, travel, commerce, etc.

GR880 Medicine. Folk medicine

GR890 915 Occupations

GR931 935 Signs and symbols

GR940 941 Mythical places

Subclass GT
GT1 7070 Manners and customs (General)

GT165 476 Houses. Dwellings

GT485 Churches and church going

GT495 499 Human body and its parts. Personal beauty

GT500 2370 Costume. Dress. Fashion

GT2400 3390.5 Customs relative to private life

Including children, marriage, eating and drinking,

funeral customs, etc.

GT3400 5090 Customs relative to public and social life

Including town life, court life, festivals,

holidays, ceremonies of royalty, etc.

GT5220 5286 Customs relative to transportation and travel

GT5320 6737 Customs relative to special classes

GT5320 5690 By birth, rank, etc.

GT5750 6390 By occupation
Subclass GV
GV1 1860 Recreation. Leisure

GV181.35 181.6 Recreation leadership. Administration of recreation services

GV182 182.5 Recreational areas and facilities. Recreation centers

GV191.2 200.66 Outdoor life. Outdoor recreation

GV191.68 198.975 Camping

GV198.945 198.975 Farm vacations, dude ranches, etc.

GV199 199.62 Hiking. Pedestrian tours

GV199.8 200.35 Mountaineering

GV200.4 200.56 Orienteering. Wilderness survival

GV200.6 200.66 Caving. Spelunking

GV201 555 Physical education and training

GV346 351.5 School and college athletics. Intramural

and interscholastic athletics

GV401 433 Physical education facilities. Sports facilities

Including gymnasiums, athletic fields,

playgrounds, etc.

GV435 436.7 Physical measurements. Physical tests, etc.

GV450 451.4 Nudism. Sunbathing

GV460 555 Gymnastics. Gymnastic exercises

Including calisthenics, heavy exercises,

acrobatics, etc.

GV557 1198.995 Sports

GV711 Coaching

GV712 725 Athletic contests. Sports events

GV733 734.5 Professionalism in sports. Professional sports (General)

GV735 Umpires. Sports officiating

GV743 749 Athletic and sporting goods, supplies, etc.

GV750 770.27 Air sports: Airplane flying, kiteflying, bungee jumping, etc.

GV770.3 840 Water sports: Canoeing, sailing, yachting, scuba

diving, etc.

GV840.7 857 Winter sports: Ice hockey, skiing, bobsledding,

snowmobiling, etc.

GV861 1017 Ball games: Baseball, football, golf, etc.

GV1020 1034 Automobile travel. Motoring. Automobile racing

GV1040 1060.4 Cycling. Bicycling. Motorcycling

GV1060.5 1098 Track and field athletics

GV1100 1150.9 Fighting sports: Bullfighting, boxing, fencing, etc.

GV1151 1190 Shooting. Archery

GV1195 1198.995 Wrestling

GV1199 1570 Games and amusements

GV1201.5 Hobbies (General)

GV1203 1220.8 Children's games and amusements

GV1218.5 1220.8 Toys

GV1221 1469.63 Indoor games and amusements

GV1232 1299 Card games: Poker, patience, whist, etc.

GV1301 1311 Gambling. Chance and banking games

GV1312 1469 Board games. Move games

Including chess, go, checkers, etc.

GV1469.15 1469.62 Computer games. Video games. Fantasy games

GV1470 1511 Parties. Party games and stunts

GV1491 1507 Puzzles

GV1541 1561 Parlor magic and tricks

GV1564 1565 Darts

GV1580 1799.4 Dancing

GV1800 1860 Circuses, spectacles, etc.

Including rodeos, waxworks, amusement parks, etc.

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