Levis Buyer Scenario (Do not share this with your partner)!

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Levis Buyer Scenario

(Do NOT share this with your partner)!
In this scenario you are provided with some information that you can use to provide answers to questions that the salesperson might ask you. You should also think of a few questions that you would like to ask the salesperson. The questions can be anything you want.
You are playing the assistant to the owner of a large denim warehouse located in Athens Georgia. Use your own name when you introduce yourself to the salesperson and say that you are the assistant to the owner of the shop. You have worked for the owner for about 3 years and she has owned the shop for about 12 years. The owner is Ms. Mallalieu. The shop was an old 1800’s warehouse and it is now a really trendy multilevel store specializing in denim and accessories. The shop is called The Denim Warehouse.
The Denim Warehouse is located in a college town and as such your primary customers are college-age students both guys and girls; however you do have a substantial teenage market and you also sell to ‘30 something’ women and men who like to have a trendy look. About 60% of your customers are girls and women and 40% guys from about 16 to 35. (You should only provide this relevant target market information if you are asked for it).
The store is laid out with several unique areas that cater for the different customer groups. For example there is a teen/juniors section with big comfortable couches and internet access so the teens can lounge around and feel at home while they shop and you are currently working with Ms. Mallalieu to develop ideas for a section of the store with a University of Georgia theme for the college kids. There is a kids’ section with toys and a play area but you do not really sell much for kids and you are possibly going to turn that section into the college area.
The store currently carries Levis products as well as Lee and Wrangler. You try and carry the more exclusive lines that Lee and Wrangler make but if you are asked specifically what lines you carry and how much you sell of certain lines you can say that you are not sure that Ms. Mallalieu would want you to discuss what she currently stocks and what her best selling items are.
Most of the customers want something unique and they are not terribly price conscious.

The customers are pretty trendy and the store likes to keep up to date with trends and changes in the market. The shop is doing well in spite of competition from bigger retailers. The success comes from being able to offer products that are often not available from the mass retailers, plus the store itself is unique and is a fun place to shop with good customer service. There are 8 full time and 12 part time staff.

End by agreeing to set a meeting with the owner to discuss a possible order but only after the salesperson requests a follow-up meeting.

Final Note
Should the salesperson ask you anything that you can’t answer simply say that you don’t know or that you aren’t sure.
For example if the salesperson were to ask you how many Levis jackets you sell every quarter, just say you’re not sure or you don’t know or you’d have to check on that. Dodge the question in whatever manner you are comfortable with but don’t make up a false answer.

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