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Nought & Crosses’

Key Quotes
Below is a selection of key quotes taken from the play covering a variety of issues, themes and characters. Choose the quotes which you feel would work the best for each of your paragraphs and LEARN THEM EXACTLY. Remember, every paragraph should be written using the P.E.E structure and will, therefore, require at least one quotation.
Pg 9 – (Best friends at the start)

Sephy: “We’d meet here every day forever. No-one could stop us.”

Pg 12 – (worried about school)

Callum: “Being in and being accepted are two different things”

Pg 15 – (Feels different to Sephy)

Callum: “Looking are our run down hovel, I could feel the usual burning churning sensation begin to rise up inside me.”

Pg 21 – (After the ‘blanker’ incident)

Callum: “if you’d slapped me or kicked me or punched me or even stabbed me it would’ve stopped hurting sooner or later. But I’ll never forget what you called me, Sephy.”

Pg 27 – (after the lunchtime fight)

Sephy: “turning your back on me like that. Some best friend.”

Pg 30 – (Sephy gets beaten up)

Dionne: “Blanker lover. You’ve had this coming for a long time”

Pg 35 – (Truth about Lynette is revealed)

Callum: “My thoughts and feelings and hates and fears were theirs, just as theirs were mine.”

Pg 43 – (After Lynette’s death)

Callum: “For the first time in my life I hated my sister. Hated her guts. She’d given in. She’d given up on life”

Pg 45 – (angry with Sephy at Lynette’s funeral)

Ryan: “She and her kind can go to hell. I don’t want those daggers anywhere near me.”

Pg 50 – (thinking about school after attack)

Sephy: “All our lives criss-crossing but never really touching”

Pg 58 – (Explaining the bombing)

Ryan: “We’re in a state of war, Meggie, and it wasn’t the noughts that started it…Sometimes the ends have to justify the means”

Pg 71 – (the trial)

Callum: “Twelve good men and women. Twelve good cross men and women, of course. How else could justice be served?”

Pg 77 – (Ryan’s execution)

Callum: “Where was she? Watching all this and enjoying the free entertainment?”

Pg 81 – (after Ryan is excused from death)

Sephy: “The TV showed Callum’s house burned to the ground”

Pg 87 – (first meeting after the execution…Callum ends up spending the night)

Callum: “I want to smash you and every other dagger who crosses my path. I hate you so much it scares me”

Pg 93 – (after the death of Ryan)

Callum: “Loves doesn’t exist between a nought and a Cross. And it never would”

Pg 96 – (waiting for Callum to run away together)

Sephy: “He’s coming. He’s not going to come. He’s coming. He’s not going to come. He’s – …He’s not coming.”

Pg 99 – (the kidnap)

Callum: “We’d succeeded. We had Sephy. NO! Not Sephy…just a Cross – who deserved everything she got”

Pg 115 – (Callum refuses to compromise his love)

Stage directions: “Callum tears up the confession”

There are many more good quotes in the play which can be used for a whole selection of different essay questions. The ones given on this sheet are only a few of the most obvious/important.

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