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Lead Publications to Post
FRANSON, J.C., T. HOLLMEN, M. Hario, M. Kilpi, and D.L. FINLEY. 2002. Lead and delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase in blood of common eiders (Somateria mollissima) from the Finnish archipelago. Ornis Fennica 79:87-91.
SAMUEL, M.D. and E.F. Bowers. 2000. Lead exposure in American black ducks after implementation of non-toxic shot. Journal of Wildlife Management 64(4):947-953.
FRANSON, J.C., S.P. HANSEN, T.E. CREEKMORE, C.J. BRAND, D.C. Evers, A.E. Duerr, and S. DeStefano. 2003. Lead fishing weights and other fishing tackle in selected waterbirds. Waterbirds 26(3):345-352.
Wilson, H.M., J.L. Oyen, and L. SILEO. 2004. Lead shot poisoning of a Pacific loon in Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 40(3):600-602.
LOCKE, L.N., S.M. KERR, and D. Zoromski. 1982. Lead poisoning in common loons (Gavia immer). Avian Diseases 26(2):392-396.
WINDINGSTAD, R.M. and L.S. Hinds III. 1987. Lead poisoning in Canada geese on Plum Island, Massachusetts. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 23(3):438-442.
Pattee, O.H., P.H. Bloom, J.M. Scott, and M.R. SMITH. 1990. Lead hazards within the range of the California condor. The Condor 92(4):931-937.
Destefano, S., C.J. BRAND, D.H. Rusch, D.L. FINLEY, and M.M. Gillespie. 1991. Lead exposure in Canada geese of the eastern prairie population. Wildlife Society Bulletin 19(1):23-32.
ROCKE, T.E. and M.D. SAMUEL. 1991. Effects of lead shot ingestion on selected cells of the mallard immune system. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 27(1):1-9.
SAMUEL, M.D., E.F. Bowers, and J.C. FRANSON. Lead exposure and recovery rates of black ducks banded in Tennessee. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 28(4):555-561.
FRANSON, J.C., M.R. Petersen, C.U. METEYER, and M.R. SMITH. 1995. Lead poisoning of spectacled eiders (Somateria fischeri) and of a common eider (Somateria mollissima) in Alaska. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 31(2):268-271.
ROCKE, T.E., C.J. BRAND, and J.G. Mensik. 1997. Site-specific lead exposure from lead pellet ingestion in sentinel mallards. Journal of Wildlife Management 61(1):228-234.
Hollmen, T.E., J.C. FRANSON, R.H. Poppenga, and M. Hario. 1998. Lead poisoning and trace elements in common eiders from Finland. Wildlife Biology 4(4):193-203.
Destafano, S., C.J. BRAND, and D.H. RUSCH. 1992. Prevalence of lead exposure among age and sex cohorts of Canada geese. Canadian Journal of Zoology 70(5):901-906.

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