Land of Marbles Exclusives Set

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Land of Marbles Exclusives Set

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The 34 marbles in this display case are only available from Land of Marbles. We are presenting a selection of mosaics and unique striped marbles—no two are exactly the same. This colorful set will make a lovely addition to any collection.

Shooter Blue Ice Dragon Egg

Shooter Green Dragon Egg

Shooter Red Dragon Egg

Lilac Pearl Dragon Egg

Shooter Imperial Dragon Egg

Green Slimey Shooter Marble

Natural Black Agate Shooter

Synthetic Copal Marble

Rainbow Layered Sand Mib

Shooter Imperial Jade Mosaic

Blue Dragon Scale Shooter

Pastel Layered Sand Mib

Peewee Opalite Marble

Planet Purkle Game Marble

Red Dragon Scale Shooter

Rainbow Game Marble

Measles Game Marble

LOM Logo Marble

Rainbow Jupiter Mib

Shooter Turquoise Dragon Egg

Hypnoid Greenies

Ruby Bee Game Marble

Purple Dragon Scale Shooter

Rainbow Shell Game Mib

Persian Tiger Game Marble

Alien Blazing Sun

Zebra Game Marble

Evil Turquoise Game Marble

Superman Layered Sand Game Marble

Grink Shooter Marble

Shooter Pixie Griffin Egg

Shooter Blue Dragon Egg

Cooties Marble

Shooter While Dragon Egg

Shooter Black Dragon Egg

Shooter Blue Ice Dragon Egg – Blue ice dragons are a smaller variety of white dragon, that breathes icy wind. They are especially fond of diamonds, which they keep deep in their wintery lairs. Blue ice dragon eggs are white, with hints of sky blue.

Shooter Green Dragon Egg – Evil green dragons live in warm forests—with its cone of corrosive gas breath, it is not a dragon you want to encounter! Green dragons initiate fights and enjoy evoking terror in their victims.

Shooter Red Dragon Egg – The red dragon is the largest and most feared of the evil dragons! They live in warm hills and mountains, and also underground. They breathe a cone of fire and are immune to fire themselves.

Lilac Pearl Dragon Egg – Pearly dragons are probably related to psionic dragons. They are also found throughout the world, are usually able to control the minds of other beings, and may use this power for either good or evil, but most often they use it to entertain themselves—they are incurable jokers. Pearly dragon eggs often have subtle lavender shading on them.

Shooter Imperial Dragon Egg – Psionic dragons are found throughout the world and are able to control the minds of weaker beings—be very careful how long you look at this marble—you would not be the first to lose your mind! Psionic dragon eggs are a royal purple color.

Green Slimey Shooter Marble – These marbles look like green scum growing on a radioactive pond. Or maybe green clouds drifting across an alien planet. However you look at them, the colors leap out at you…these marbles catch your eye!

Natural Black Agate Shooter – These marbles are cut from pure black agate and are absolutely flawless! Their most striking feature is the absence of any markings or variegation. Often called “Blackies,” these make amazing shooters—they shoot straight because they are precision-polished to be perfect spheres, and they have the heft needed to send targets flying o of the ring!

Synthetic Copal Marble – This synthetic Copal is every bit as intriguing as the real thing…copal is tree resin in an intermediate stage of hardening between “gummier” resins and petrified amber. Rarely, copal can be found with insects inside, but they will be modern-day species, not extinct insects which is seen in amber. This synthetic copal is uniquely eye appealing, and has a place both in sphere collecting and in the marble ring. These examples were selected for their rich, amber hue.

Rainbow Layered Sand Mib – This Rainbow Layered Sand features colors that are a bit more bold; red, purple, orange & cyan.

Shooter Imperial Jade Mosaic – The method behind the manufacture of these marbles is a highly guarded secret, but one thing is clear—these have some serious eye appeal! The mosaic is mostly jade green with just enough earth-tone to make it interesting. They sphere is hand-polished to bring out the shine!
Blue Dragon Scale Shooter – This royal blue marble is riddles with gold veining, just like the scales of the blue dragon king. This gold veining catches the light, adding a glimmer and sparkle to your playtime.

Pastel Layered Sand Mib – The colors used in this layered sand are softer than those usually seen in marbles—pastel orange, yellow, cyan and purple.

Peewee Opalite Marble – Opalite is a synthetic gemstone made from glass. The same glass is used to make Moonie marbles. These are peewees, just for fun! Adding a few peewees to the ring adds a bit of a challenge—they are harder to hit. These are genuine moonies, complete with internal opalescent glow! You’ll see an orange “fire” burning inside when you hold it to the light.

Planet Purkle Game Marble – This marble is covered with a mosaic of deep blue and vivid orange-red, just like the planet it’s named after!

Red Dragon Scale Shooter – This rich red marble is threaded with gold veining, just like the scales of the fierce red dragon king. This golden lace-like marking catches the light, adding sparkle to the marble ring.

Rainbow Game Marble – This seven color marble features bold stripes of color, separated by thin strips of white.

Measles Game Marble – These colorful speckled marbles sport numerous colors including ping, red, yellow, green and blue. Be careful – they’re contagious!

Rainbow Jupiter Mib – This Jupiter-like marble features numerous bands of colors including pink, red, orange, green, cyan and purple-blue. The fine visual detail on these is striking!

Shooter Turquoise Dragon Egg – The turquoise dragon’s breath weapon (being a hybrid of the green and blue dragon) is a line of acid lightning.

Hypnoid Greenies – Staring at this orb too long and you could be hypnotized! This marble will amaze everyone who sees it, guaranteed!

Ruby Bee Game Marble – This marble is named after the ruby bee, which sports alternating bands of red and yellow, instead of the black and yellow found on the bumblebee.

Purple Dragon Scale Shooter – This regal purple marble is laced with metallic gold like the hide of the king purple dragon. The golden threads glimmer in the sunlight, adding sparkle and movement – beautiful marbles!

Rainbow Shell Game Mib – These marbles are made from chips of seashell that have been trapped in a matrix comprised of one of several transparent colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and more! Another unique marble you will find nowhere else but right here!

Persian Tiger Game Marble – When this highly desired shade of blue is seen in a marble, it is called “Persian Blue”. We added the unique black and orange striping, and the Persian Tiger Layered Sand was born! Destined to be a classic, these exclusives will be the King of the marble ring!

Alien Blazing Suns – Modeled after alien suns, where boiling plumes of red, yellow and pink plasmas roil across the surface.

Zebra Game Marble – This marble features striping reminiscent of the mineral Malachite, but this simulated stone is in black and white only. The contrast gives them a surprising amount of eye appeal.

Evil Turquoise Game Marble – This marble mirrors the look of turquoise, only the blue-green color is a darker, more sinister shade than the real thing.

Superman Layered Sand Game Marble – this marble is stacked with thin alternating layers of red, yellow and blue – reminiscent of colored sand in a bottle. You will not find these anywhere else, they are ours exclusively!

Grink Shooter Marble – These attractive marbles feature a mosaic of green and pink flakes of color all over the marble, about half green, and half pink – grink.

Shooter Pixie Griffin Egg – Pixie Griffins are tiny creatures with the wings and head of an eagle, but the body of a lion. Store these is a cool place or you’ll have teeny griffins flying around!

Shooter Blue Dragon Egg – The blue dragons are an evil variety living in temperate and warm desert climates. They can burrow into the sand and love to soar in the hot desert air. The blue dragon’s breath weapon is a line of lightning.

Cooties Marble – These marbles have small red, orange, pink, green and purple speckles and spots all over them! Looks like someone missed their cooties shot!

Shooter White Dragon Egg – White dragons are an evil dragon that can be found in any environment, as long as it is cold. Their breath weapon is a freezing come of cold and they can control the weather once per day.

Shooter Black Dragon Egg – The evil black dragon prefers to live in marshy areas, underground if possible. They can breathe under water and their breath weapon is a line of acid.

© 2014

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