Lacertidae photographs protocol

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Ideally, 6 photos of each animal should be taken:

  1. Dorsal view, whole body

  2. Ventral view, whole body

  3. Cloaca region, femoral pores

  4. Gular region + collar

  5. Dorsal view of the head*

  6. Lateral view of the head*

* These photos are the priority because they are necessary for analysing shape by geometric morphometrics techniques and therefore must be taken in a standard way. The basic concept is that the objective of the camera must be parallel to the surface of the lizards head. Although especially in the lateral view it’s difficult to have everything focused, the secret is to have everything more or less focused. This can be achieved by focusing on the area beneath the eye. If possible high resolution should be used for these two photos. Keep in mind that the process includes putting landmarks in the joints between scales, which means that minimising flash/light reflection on the head is important. If possible graph paper or some other reference of size should be placed close to the head when taking the picture. Here are two relatively good photos for this aim as an example.

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