Kit Stokes – Ironman Triathlete

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Kit Stokes – Ironman Triathlete

Kit has been racing Ironman Triathlon events for the past 5 years, and

as well as posting sub 10 hours times at each one, he has also won

several local, regional and national events at a variety of race distances.

This year Kit has three main aims, to post a sub 9 hour time at

Quelle Challenge Roth, an Ironman distance event in Germany.

To win the World Half Ironman Championships in Florida at the

30-39 age group category and he also plans to qualify for the full Ironman

World Championships which will be held in 2009 in Hawaii. To do this

he will need to win his age group at Half Ironman Monaco.

An amazing schedule…

July 2008 – Quelle Challenge Roth, Full Ironman - Sub 9 Hour

5th September 2008 – Half Ironman Monaco – Qualify for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships 2009
8th November 2008 – World Half Ironman Championships, Florida – World Champion

Achievements in 2008
To qualify for the World Championships Kit had to win his home event, Half Ironman UK, which he did, coming in as the winner of the amateur event overall, beating several full-time professional racers in the process and breaking the existing (non-professional) course record by over 10 minutes.

His 9th overall, and huge winning margin over the next amateur, has made him a clear favourite for the World Championships in Florida in November.

In preparation for this event, Kit has competed in and won local multi-sport events, including the 2008 Taunton and Burnham Triathlon Sprint Events, and multiple single discipline events.
Half Ironman UK – 1st Age Grouper, New Course Record

Taunton Sprint Triathlon – 1st, New course Record

Burnham Sprint Triathlon – 1st,, New course Record

Harptree Havoc 10km Cross Country Run – 1st

Weston Prom Race 5mile – 1st

Nailsea Festival 10k – 2nd

Weston Tough Ten 4th

Castle Combe Duathlon 3rd

The cost of entry to the races Kit will be attending this year alone is staggering, add to this transport, accommodation, food etc, as well as the day to day costs of his training which include equipment, nutrition, gym membership and much more.
Kit needs financial assistance to help to cover the costs of these events, and a breakdown is given below of the level of funding Kit needs.
Half Ironman Florida World Championships entry Fee - £200

Quelle Challenge Roth entry Fee - £250

Half Ironman Monaco entry fee - £250
Transport to Florida – Return flights £450

Transport to Roth – Driving costs plus Channel Crossing £300

Transport to Monaco – Return Flights £150
Accommodation at Florida – 4 nights hotel ££320

Accommodation in Roth – 2 nights camping £40

Accommodation in Monaco – 3 nights hotel £240
Total - £2200
What can we do for you in return for your help?
As well as wearing branded race gear, Kit will wear branded leisure clothing for all promotional opportunities, pre and post race. He is also happy to provide examples of his training plan and photographs of his races to encourage companies and their employees to take up exercise.
What is Ironman?
Ironman requires the highest levels of physical and mental fitness as well as huge levels of dedication. Kit will train for up to 20 hours a week, on top of his full time job, to be ready for this years events.
Ironman – 3.8km swim – 180km cycle – 42km run

(or 2.6 mile run - 112 mile cycle and 26.2 mile run, also known as a full marathon)

Half Ironman – 1.9km swim – 90km cycle – 21km run
To see more details on Kit’s races and to get in touch with us

please visit the website

or e-mail

or call 07894 144595.

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