Kickboxer Classic: Down with Game Shows

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Kickboxer Classic: Down with Game Shows

November 6, 2004

Edited by Chris Frankel

Packet by Chris Frankel

1. In Part I, the title character expounds on his theory that people are either “In-Laws” or “Out-Laws,” and asserts that despite his own “Out-Law” status, he exhibits true honesty. In Part II’s flashback sequence, we learn that his mother spent all the insurance money from his father’s death to replace a blood-stained rug, prompting him and his friend Mike to steal 150 pounds from a bakery. Now imprisoned in the Borstal, the title character is prized by the governor for his athletic ability, but chooses to play it down to spite the governor in typical “Angry Young Man” fashion. FTP, name this story about a boy named Smith who throws a marathon race, a work by Allen Sillitoe.

ANSWER: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner

2. He provided a theological basis for utilitarianism by connecting it to the will of God in his Discourse on Passive Obedience. Among his other endeavors was the publication of a treatise on motion and an attack on the foundations of calculus entitled Discourse Addressed to an Infidel Mathematician, or The Analyst. His most-read works are the ones written while he was a lecturer and divinity scholar at Trinity College, such as An Essay Towards a New Theory of Vision. FTP, name this Irish philosopher and author of Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous.

ANSWER: George Berkeley

3. In images displaying this object, it is generally contrasted with the bright blue NGC 2023, often found to its left, and the large red IC 434, which it partially obscures. It is classified not as an emission or reflection type, but as a dark type, and is located roughly 1500 light years from the Earth. The star located closest to it is Alnitak, which is the easternmost of the three stars forming the belt of Orion. Classified by Barnard as *B33, this is, FTP, what frequently photographed nebula with an equine shape?

ANSWER: Horsehead Nebula (accept “B33” until the *, prompt on it afterwards)

4. This condition was linked to development of sadomasochistic traits in the collective unconsciousness and to the savage behavior of Ice Age hunters in an anthropological study by Robert Eisler. Renaissance physicians considered it a side effect of melancholia, while a modern theory claims that it, along with beliefs in witchcraft, was linked to the ergot fungus, which caused hallucinogenic effects when people ate bread infested with it. Possibly also a reaction to the sight of individuals with hypertrichosis, or hirsutism, it can be seen in folklore in the form of creatures such as the French loup garou. FTP, name this condition where one believes that he can transform into an animal, most commonly a *wolf.

ANSWER: lycanthropy (accept “werewolf” until the *, prompt on it afterwards)

5. The only non-signing person mentioned in this document was Minister of Supply Lord Beaverbrook, who was slated to discuss further details after its signing. Key principles discussed include a commitment to improved labor standards and economic advancement, a resolution that no country seek aggrandizement or territorial expansion at the expense of inhabiting peoples, and the goal that everyone be able to travel without hindrance through the seas. Drawn up in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, it incorporates the doctrine of the “Four Freedoms.” FTP, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt produced what 1941 plan outlining a joint vision for the post-World War II era?

ANSWER: Atlantic Charter

6. In a recent experiment using a potassium niobate crystal, scientists at Osaka University were able to measure this quantity for biphoton-created fringe periods, thus affirming a theory by Joseph Jacobson predicting a formula to relate it for ensembles of photons. The observation of scattering from a nickel surface confirmed that it is exhibited by electrons, as shown in the Davisson-Germer experiment. FTP, name this property that describes particles in terms of momentum and Planck’s constant, named for the French scientist who introduced the particle-wave theory.

ANSWER: de Broglie wavelength

7. The author’s brief foreword to this poem implores curious readers to consult the account by V.N. Bergh to assert the veracity of the November 1824 event that serves as the backdrop. The plot concerns a young man who mounts a high-perched marble lion in town square to escape disaster, and watches helplessly as the house of his beloved Parasha is swept away. As he goes down to the Neva wharf to investigate the flood scene, Yevgeny descends into madness and imagines himself being pursued by the ghostly image of Peter the Great. FTP, name this Alexander Pushkin poem whose title refers to a St. Petersburg statue.

ANSWER: “The Bronze Horseman

8. From May 24th to June 12th, he was honored with jade offerings and sacrificial hearts in the Etzalqualiztli, or the Festival of Corn. His priests would swim around imitating frogs in homage to him, and it was said that the tears shed by child sacrifices signified his blessing. The husband of Chalchihuitlicue, he was depicted wearing a crown of heron feathers, foam sandals, and a net made out of clouds, and carrying rattles that he used to generate storms. FTP, name this Aztec god of weather and rain.

ANSWER: Tlaloc

9. Accounts of the reign of this ruler can be found throughout the first section of the memoirs of Philippe de Commines. He married 8 year old Charlotte de Savoie, who would bear him his successor to the throne, Charles the Affable. One of the highlights of his reign was his attempt to restore Henry VI to the English throne and return it to the Lancasters, most likely because the Yorkists were allies of his rival, Charles the Bold of Burgundy. The son of Charles VII, he was nicknamed for his involvement in a wide range of European political machinations. FTP, identify this 15th Century Valois monarch known as the “Spider King.”

ANSWER: Louis XI (accept early buzz of “Louis Spider King” before it is mentioned)

10. The second section of this work criticizes French and German thinkers for abandoning the tolerant ideals of the Enlightenment in favor of romanticism, then examines the rise of Pan-Slavism, Pan-Arabism, and Pan-Germanism. The author also blames universities for the proliferation of the titular condition by rejecting reason in favor of emotionally driven anarchistic ideologies. The titular concept, analyzed in the third section, is said to have sought to “cure the evils of existence and transform the nature of man.” FTP, name this work examining the regimes of Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, written by Hannah Arendt.

ANSWER: The Origins of Totalitarianism

11. Its final part informs the reader that Na'ima is the only one who hasn’t died from typhus in Aisha’s immediate family. Other revelations are that Ridwan, the son of Yasin, is a closet homosexual, and that Khadja’s son Amhad wants to be a Marxist journalist. The time frame of these events begins eight years after the previous *volume, which spends a lot of time describing the intellectual growth of Kamal. The first volume, which begins in 1917, introduces the merchant al-Sayyid Ahmad, the patriarch of the Jawad family, whose development is the focus of this series. Palace Walk, Palace of Desire, and Sugar Street comprise, FTP, what trilogy named for the capital of Naguib Mahfouz’s homeland?

ANSWER: The Cairo Trilogy (prompt on “Sugar Street” until the *)

12. The first phase, which generally requires a temperature of 900˚C and initially involves 5 O2 molecules and yields 6 water molecules, employs a platinum gauze catalyst. O2 is also a reactant in the second phase, which occurs at a much cooler temperature and a slightly higher pressure, and results in 2 nitrogen dioxide molecules. In the last reaction, the addition of a single water molecule yields two molecules of the final product in aqueous form as well as one molecule of NO. FTP, name this commercial process that converts ammonia into nitric acid.

ANSWER: Ostwald Process

13. His first solo exhibition was presented in 1928 at the Warren Gallery, and by the early 1930’s he had been elected to the Seven and Five Society and was invited to join Paul Nash’s Union One Group. In 1941, Kenneth Clark named him “Official War Artist,” around the same time he was working on his “Shelter” drawings depicting civilians living in bunkers to hide from German air raids. Other major works include his “Mother and Child” renditions and his series of sculptures of abstract human forms in supine positions. FTP, name this British sculptor known for his “Recumbent Figures.”

ANSWER: Henry Moore

14. After two months in hiding, he was discovered and arrested by Benjamin Phipps, after which he was put on trial and hanged. He held operations at Cabin Pond, recruiting such men as Nelson Williams, Henry Porter, and Sam Francis before beginning his campaign at the house of Joseph Travis. The only one to die by his own hands was Margaret Whitehead, although he asserted his role in the death of 55 people as he sat in a Southampton County jail and gave Thomas Gray his famous confession. FTP, name this Virginia man, who in 1831, led the bloodiest slave rebellion in U.S. history.

ANSWER: Nat Turner

15. This work’s author and narrator, also a cartoonist, is involved with a French woman named Francoise, who accompanies him when he interviews his elderly father, who is now remarried to a woman named Mala. Heavy emotional issues discussed by the author are the story of his late brother Richieu, who died as a child in a Zawiercie ghetto before he was born, and of his father Vladek’s decision to burn the wartime memoirs of his mother Anja, who committed suicide in 1968. Told in two installments: Here my Troubles Began and My Father Bleeds History, it focuses on flashbacks of Vladek’s life hiding in Poland and struggling to survive at Auschwitz. FTP, name this Holocaust-themed comic by Art Spiegelman, which depicts the Nazis as cats and the Jews as their titular prey.


16. Misogynist themes in this play can be seen in the frequent quoting of Schopenhauer by Mr. Carp, the dysfunctional relationship between the title character’s sister Anna and her husband Siggie, and the rude remarks of Roxy Gottleib to Miss Moon. The title character’s transformation becomes visibly apparent when he wears a suit matching that of gangster Eddie Fuseli, culminates with his killing of the Baltimore Chocolate Drop, and begins when he destroys his career as a violinist by breaking his hand in a fight. FTP, name this tragedy about boxer Joe Bonaparte, written by Clifford Odets.

ANSWER: Golden Boy

17. He takes no specific form, but his worshippers divide him into six forms called “Beneficient Immortals,” including Vohuman, the essence of “good mind,” and Spandarmad, or devotion. Originally, he was described as the father of the opposing twin spirits Spenta Mainyu and Angra Mainyu. However, he became identified with the role of Spenta Mainyu with the onset of the Zurvanist movement, where he is engaged in a perpetual struggle in which he is slated to overcome the evil spirit, Ahriman. FTP, name this supreme god of Zoroastrianism.

ANSWER: Ahura Mazda or Ormazd

18. One major inhibitor for this process is antimycin A, which disrupts its third phase. Roughly 7-8 iron sulfur proteins are involved in the second complex of this series, which results in the production of fumarate from succinate with the aid of FAD, while 22-24 iron sulfur proteins and FMN are involved in the first complex’s oxidation of NADH. Other key molecules involved in this five complex process are ubiquinone and cytochrome c. Taking place in the inner membrane of the mitochondria, this is, FTP, what series of chemical reactions that uses the flow of hydrogen electrons to generate energy for ATP synthesis?

ANSWER: electron transport chain or electron transfer chain

19. Difficult ones include the one Debussy wrote as the last movement of his Pour le Piano suite and the one Ravel wrote as the sixth movement of The Tomb of Couperin suite. One for brass instruments opens the opera Orfeo, and another by Baldassare Galuppi serves as the subject of a Robert Browning poem. Johan Sebastian Bach wrote the most well-known examples of this type of piece, whose name is derived from the Italian for “touched,” and which later was popularly replaced by the etude. FTP, name this technical keyboard piece that Bach memorably paired with a Fugue in D minor.

ANSWER: toccata

20. Rene-Auguste Caillie wrote a three volume account about his experiences living in disguise in this city, whose first European visitor, Alexander Gordon Laing, was assassinated in 1826. The final destination of the failed last expedition of Mungo Park, it was founded around 1100 as a camp for nomadic Tuareg tribesmen and grew into a thriving cultural center, though it was captured in 1468 by the forces of Sunni Ali. FTP, name this city that served as the main trading center of Mali.

ANSWER: Timbuktu or Tombouctou

Kickboxer Classic: Down with Game Shows

November 6, 2004

Edited by Chris Frankel

Packet by Chris Frankel

1. Aluminum and zinc oxides fall into this category. FTPE:

(10) Amino acids also can be described by this term for a substance that can act as either an acid or a base, depending on the surrounding chemicals.

ANSWER: amphoteric

(10) In neutral solutions, amino acids can act as this type of ion, which can carry both a positive and a negative charge.

ANSWER: zwitterions

(10) +H3NCH2COO- is the formula for the zwitterion form of this simplest amino acid.

ANSWER: glycine
2. Novels about Native Americans, FTPE.

(10) Uncas, the title character and son of Chingachgook, is inadvertently killed by Magua in this second of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales.

ANSWER: The Last of the Mohicans

(10) Abel, the protagonist, returns from World War II and finds himself torn between the cultures of America and his Tano Indian tribe in this work that won the Pulitzer Prize for N. Scott Momaday.

ANSWER: House Made of Dawn

(10) The title character of this 1884 novel is a half-Scottish, half-Indian woman who marries the Indian Alessandro Assis and faces extensive prejudice from white society.

ANSWER: Ramona
3. Answer the following about a ballet, FTPE.

(10) Premiering in 1909, this ballet has no real plot, but rather consists of the titular fairy-like characters performing eight dances, including a Polonaise, two Waltzes, and a Grand Waltz.

ANSWER: Les Sylphides (do not accept “La Sylphide,” prompt on “Chopiniana”)

(10) Les Sylphides was set to the music of this Polish Romantic pianist and composer of numerous mazurkas, etudes, and nocturnes.

ANSWER: Frederic Chopin

(10) In the same year that Sergei Diaghilev appointed him choreographer of the Ballet Russes, this man choreographed Les Sylphides. He left several years later, jealous of Dighilev’s favoritism towards Vaslav Nijinsky.

ANSWER: Michel Fokine
4. Stuff about a Roman emperor, FTPE.

(10) He issued a decree in 212 that extended Roman citizenship to all freedmen in the empire and ordered the large scale construction of his eponymous baths.

ANSWER: Caracalla or Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

(10) Caracalla was initially a joint emperor with this brother of his, but gained power by having him murdered in 211.

ANSWER: Publius Septimius Geta

(10) Caracalla and Geta were the sons of this previous Roman emperor, who emerged as leader in 193 after the chaos that followed the death of Commodus and the succession of Pertinax.

ANSWER: Lucius Septimius Severus
5. Name these places where the ever-puffy Matt Lafer might choose to host a family reunion, FTPE.

(10) Located largely in southeast Saudi Arabia and spreading into Oman, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates, this mostly uninhabited, 250,000 square mile sand desert is also known as the “Empty Quarter.”

ANSWER: Rub al Khali

(10) For a change of pace, Lafer might move his venue east, just past the Pakistani border to the Indian state of Rajasthan, where this 77,000 square mile desert is located.

ANSWER: Thar Desert (prompt on “Great Indian Desert”

(10) If Lafer could ride his trusty camel to northwestern Australia, he’d probably visit this aptly named desert. Located north of the Gibson Desert, it follows the Great Victoria as Australia’s second largest desert.

ANSWER: Great Sandy Desert
6. Name these movies featuring characters named “Lomax,” FTPE.

(10) Mr. Lomax, the titular boss of Larry and Richard, is found murdered in his resort house. However, comedy ensues as Larry and Richard drag around the lifeless corpse to fool people into thinking he’s alive.

ANSWER: Weekend at Bernie’s

(10) Keanu Reeves plays a hotshot lawyer named Kevin Lomax, who gets tapped to join the New York City law firm of the sinister John Milton, played by Al Pacino.

ANSWER: The Devil’s Advocate

(10) Eddie Lomax is a character played by Jean-Claude Van Damme in Desert Heat. However, Eddie Lomax is also a Gary Busey-played detective in this movie about Mitch McDeere, an adaptation of a John Grisham novel.

ANSWER: The Firm
7. Name these poets, FTSNOP.

(10) This poet of the Tang Dynasty is primarily remembered for heavily personal pieces about his love of alcohol, such as “Bring in the Wine” and “Drinking Alone by Moonlight.”

ANSWER: Li Po or Li Bo

(5) This American poet popularized Li Po’s work in the West by translating Japanese versions of such Li Po poems as “The River Merchant’s Wife.” His own most famous work is the Cantos.

ANSWER: Ezra Pound

(15) Pound also was influenced by this contemporary of Li Po, a Buddhist landscape painter and poet who expressed his love of nature in poems like “Peach Blossom Journey” and “Parting.”

ANSWER: Wang Wei
8. Answer the following about the work of Murray Gell-Mann, FTPE.

(10) Gell-Mann worked independently of Yuval Ne’eman in using the SU3 symmetry group to derive this system for the ordering of subatomic particles, named after the Buddhist road to enlightenment.

ANSWER: Eightfold Way (do not accept “Eightfold Path”)

(10) Gell-Mann also introduced the concept for this quantum number and property, which is always conserved during strong interactions, but not during weak ones.

ANSWER: strangeness

(10) Finally, Gell-Mann helped fill out one of the particle groups of the Eightfold Way by predicting this heavy baryon with a strangeness of -3 and a mass of 1672 MeV. Its existence was proven in 1964 with the aid of a bubble chamber.

ANSWER: omega-minus
9. Works by Ludwig Wittgenstein, FTPE.

(10) Opening with a quote from Augustine’s Confessions, this work argues that the development of metaphysical theories distracts from the pursuit of truth and only arises from the misuse of language.

ANSWER: Philosophical Investigations

(10) This work outlines seven propositions, the last of which simply says, “What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.”

ANSWER: Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

(10) This set of colorfully-named twin volumes discusses the notion of language games and serves as an introduction to the ideas expressed in Philosophical Investigations.

ANSWER: Blue and Brown Books
10. Anti-trust was all the rage at the turn of the century. FTPE:

(10) In 1902, Theodore Roosevelt ordered a suit to be brought against this New Jersey holding company for violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. It was dissolved by order of the Supreme Court in 1904.

ANSWER: Northern Securities Company

(10) This 1906 act gave the Interstate Commerce Commission the power to cap railroad shipping rates and require companies to use a standardized system of accounting.

ANSWER: Hepburn Act

(10) Passed in 1914, this act served as a companion to the Sherman Act, allowing for regulation of business practices that could undermine fair competition and exempting unions from anti-trust laws.

ANSWER: Clayton Anti-Trust Act.
11. Name these Biblical judges, FTPE.

(10) He snuck a sword into a meeting with the Moabite king, Eglon, then killed the king and escaped.


(10) This son of Joash destroyed an altar of Baal at God’s request. Though God reduced his army to only 300 men, he was able to rout the Midianites in the resulting battle that ensued.

ANSWER: Gideon

(10) This badass slew 1000 Philistines with the jawbone of an ass before he eventually had eyes put out.

ANSWER: Samson
12. Answer some stuff about a guy who wrote short fiction, FTPE.

(10) Name this French naturalist author of “The Story of a Farm Girl,” “The Piece of String,” and “Mademoiselle Fifi.”

ANSWER: Henry-Réne-Albert-Guy de Maupassant

(10) In this Maupassant story, Mathilde Loisel loses the borrowed title object and goes into debt to buy a replacement, not realizing it was only a fake.

ANSWER: “The Necklace

(10) Maupassant also wrote novels, such as this work about the scheming, social-climbing journalist Georges Duroy, who marries Suzanne Walter.

13. Japanese historical periods, FTPE.

(10) Beginning in 1603, this period was ruled by the Tokugawa shogunate and named for its capital, which was moved from Kyoto. It was the last period before the Meiji Restoration.

ANSWER: Edo period

(10) After Yoritomo became shogun by leading the Minamoto over the Taira clan, he started this period, named for the city just southwest of Tokyo that served as the center of the military government.

ANSWER: Kamakura period

(10) The Muromachi period marked the rule of this shogunate, which was founded by Takauji and ruled from 1338-1573 until it was driven out by the campaign of Oda Nobunaga.

ANSWER: Ashikaga shogunate
14. Identify these computer bus standards, FTPE.

(10) Currently, sound cards, network cards, and other peripherals primarily connect to the motherboard via this bus format. Its original 32 bit standard was upgraded to 64 bits in its version 2.2 specification.

ANSWER: Peripheral Component Interconnect

(10) PCI replaced this bus format that was released in 1984 as an updated 16 bit version of IBM’s XT bus. The VESA Local Bus and an “Extended” version were updated variations of it that never caught on.

ANSWER: Industry Standard Architecture

(10) Though Intel plans to render it obsolete with PCI Express, this format, currently in its 8x version, is the main channel for video card connections, primarily because of its ability to handle 3D acceleration.

ANSWER: Accelerated Graphics Port
15. Name these paintings set in hell, FTPE.

(10) This Divine Comedy-influenced painting by Eugene Delacroix shows the poets in the titular vessel being surrounded by ghoulish nude figures as it courses through the waters of the underworld.

ANSWER: The Barque of Dante or Virgil and Dante in Hell

(10) The Hell panel of this Prado-located Bosch triptych includes images of musical instruments being used as torture devices. The other two panels depict the Garden of Eden and a worldly paradise, respectively.

ANSWER: The Garden of Earthly Delights

(10) Set under an imposing archway, this fresco shows three armored angels hovering in the air and looking down upon a mass of wretched souls being tormented by demons. It was painted by Luca Signorelli.

ANSWER: The Damned Cast into Hell (prompt on “The Damned”)
16. Stuff about horses from mythology, FTPE.

(10) Along with Balius, this talking horse served Achilles. The Furies rendered him dumb when he tried to reveal the fate of Achilles after the death of Patroclus.

ANSWER: Xanthus

(10) The offspring of Loki and Svaldifari, this eight-legged creature was Odin’s horse.

ANSWER: Sleipnir

(10) The coupling that produced Sleipnir happened when Loki transformed into a mare to lure away Svaldifari, thus causing a delay in Blast’s efforts to construct the wall for this realm of the Norse gods.

ANSWER: Asgard
17. FTPE, give these terms that deal with influence peddling in politics.

(10) This term describes how legislators use their authority to direct government spending or other benefits towards their constituents in order to gain favor.

ANSWER: pork barrel legislation or pork barrel politics

(10) This practice occurs when one legislator offers support for the bill of another legislator in exchange for help passing one of his own pet bills.

ANSWER: logrolling

(10) This two word term describes a regulatory body that finds its policies dictated by the economic interest groups it is supposed to regulate, rather than by the public interest.

ANSWER: captured agency or agency capture
18. Answer the following about two plays with similar scenes, FTSNOP.

(10) A complicated scene in this play has Sir Peter hide in a closet, unaware that his wife Lady Teazle is hiding behind a screen in turn. In the aftermath, Charles Surface proves it was not he, but his brother Joseph who was trying to convince Lady Teazle to commit adultery.

ANSWER: The School for Scandal

(10) In this comedy, the title character hides behind a curtain to spy on her husband and some friends. Her husband sees the title object and thinks she is committing adultery with Lord Darlington, but Mrs. Erlynne comes in with a crafty story to defuse the situation.

ANSWER: Lady Windermere’s Fan

(5, 5) For five points each, name the authors of The School for Scandal and Lady Windermere’s Fan.

ANSWER: Richard Sheridan and Oscar Wilde
19. Answer the following about a type of organism, FTPE.

(10) The P22 and R17 are examples of this type of virus that infects bacterial cells.

ANSWER: bacteriophage

(10) Batches of this e-coli infecting bacteriophage were alternately labeled with radioactive sulfur and phosphorus in the Hershey-Chase experiment.

ANSWER: T2 phage

(10) Also an e-coli infecting phage, it was used in numerous experiments, such as the discovery of Okazaki fragments and in Seymour Benzer’s fine structure mapping experiment, which used its rI, rII, and rIII mutants.

ANSWER: T4 phage
20. Its first official ruler was a Bourbon who ruled as Ferdinand I. FTPE:

(10) Created in 1816, this kingdom was formed when the man also known as Ferdinand IV of Naples returned to power and united his lands after the fall of Napoleon.

ANSWER: Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

(10) The kingdom of the Two Sicilies was annexed in 1861 by this kingdom ruled by Victor Emmanuel II, thus creating the kingdom of Italy.

ANSWER: Kingdom of Sardinia

(10) This king was the last ruler of the Two Sicilies, reigning from 1859-1860. He and his wife Maria of Bavaria went into exile after Victor Emmanuel became King of Italy.

ANSWER: Francis II

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