Kia Motors Slovakia

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Kia Motors Slovakia

On March 18, 2004, Kia Motors Corporation held a signing ceremony with the Slovak Government in Bratislava to officially authorize the construction of its first European automotive plant in Slovakia.

The decision made by Kia Motors Corporation to build its first-ever European facility was based on continued and projected strong sales and market share growth in Europe. Kia selected the Zilina region because of its transportation infrastructure, high-quality workforce, strategic proximity to European market and the automotive parts supply chain available in the region.
Philosophy of Kia Motors Slovakia is based on transparency and harmony. Our company is transparent in all activities, and creates and encourages harmony between employees, suppliers and partners. Our philosphy helps Kia successfully continue its production in Slovakia, by satisfying European customers and being a respected company.


Company’s history

April 2004


October 2004

Start of Construction

December 2005

End of Construction

June 2006

Start of Trial Production

December 2006

Launch of 5-door cee’d Production

March 2007

Start of Second Work Shift

April 2007

Grand Opening Ceremony

June 2007

Launch of Sportage SUV Production

July 2007

Launch of cee’d_sw Production

September 28, 2007

Production of 100,000 cars

October 2007

Launch of Kia 3-door pro_cee’d Production

November 2007

Environmental Management ISO 14001 certificate

March 27, 2008

Production of 200,000 cars

June 2008

Launch of Sportage Facelift

September 2008

Production of 300,000 cars

October 2008

Quality Management certificate ISO 9001

Plant size

Site: 166 ha

Buildings: 16.3 ha


300,000 cars a year

2 car models - Kia cee’d, cee’d_sw, pro_ cee’d

- Kia Sportage

4 types of engine - gasoline 1.4L and 1.6L

- diesel 1.6L and 2.0L

Car production

2006 – 5,015 cars

2007 – 145,097 cars

2008 – 201,507 cars


Approximately 2,700 people

KIA Motors Slovakia s.r.o., P.O. Box 2, Teplička nad Váhom, Slovenská republika

Tel.: +421 41 515 1512, Fax: +421 41 515 0979,

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