KeyFolio Pro 2 – K39512US

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KeyFolio Pro 2 – K39512US

(Product is compatible with iPad2 and iPad 3 only)
Removable Keyboard, Case, and Stand

The Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2 provides a high-performance removable keyboard optimized for the touch typist. Built-in Bluetooth technology delivers wireless operation and one button set-up. A secured Velcro fastener ensures the tablet's vertical stability with viewing angles from 20 to 70 degrees. This lightweight 3-in-1 design is optimized for travel and in-case use plus protects the iPad 2 or iPad 3 from wear and scratches. Easy port access gives the ability to use the controls, 30-pin connector, and front and back cameras while still in the case.

Reliable Protection:

The KeyFolio Pro 2 offers solid protection with a durable, reinforced polyurethane fabric cover that protects the ipad 2 or 3 in style. The tactile, high-performance keys are optimized for the touch typist and also protect the iPad’s screen from scratching when closed.

Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard:

A Bluetooth removable keyboard built into the KeyFolio Pro 2 delivers wireless operation and includes iPad-specific media and setting functions such as home button, volume, and brightness.

Easy Access
The case provides easy port access to all iPad 2 controls and 30-pin connectors. Openings for the front and back cameras allow for FaceTime use without removing the iPad 2 from the case. A secured Velcro fastener ensures tablet vertical stability with viewing angles from 20 to 70 degrees.
The KeyFolio Pro 2 Bluetooth Keyboard Case is backed by the Kensington 2-Year warranty.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bluetooth: V 2.0 standard

  • Battery Life: 100 hours

  • Standby Time: 60 days

  • Battery Capacity: Minimum 380 mAh

  • Battery Life Expectancy: 3 years

  • Charging time: up to 4.5 hours

Pairing instructions:

1. Insert your iPad 2 or 3 into the Keyboard sleeve.

2. Turn the On/Off Switch on. The Power Indicator Light glows.


3. On your iPad, tap Settings.

4. Open Bluetooth and make sure Bluetooth is on.

5. On the Keyboard, press the Connect button. The Bluetooth status indicator light starts blinking.

6. The Keyboard now appears on your iPad screen. Tap Kensington Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard.

7. Your iPad screen displays a passkey. Enter the passkey on the Keyboard, and press Enter.

8. Your iPad screen shows the Keyboard as connected. On the Keyboard, the Bluetooth status indicator light turns off.

9. You can now use the keyboard to type in any app.

If KeyFolio loses Bluetooth connection:

1. Check the status of the “Charge “

2. Determine if the “charge indicator” is glowing yellow on the KeyFolio. If it is then instruct customer to charge the KeyFolio continuously for 4-6 hours without any interruption.

3. Insert the small end of the charging cable into the micro USB charging connector on the Keyboard and the other end of the charging cable into your iPad charger.

4. The charging Indicator Light glows red.

5. When the Keyboard is fully charged, the Charging Indicator Light turns off.

6. Make sure that the Keyboard is within range of your iPad. Maximum Bluetooth range is about 10 meters or 33 feet.

7. If your iPad is connected to other Bluetooth devices you may need to disconnect some devices before you can connect to the KeyFolio.

8. If it still does not work, obtain Proof of Purchase, verify warranty period and replace the product

If KeyFolio is not getting charged:

1. Verify the charging cable is properly connected to the power port on the KeyFolio

2. Verify the charge light is glowing red when connected for charging

3. If there is no charging light try using a different micro USB cable if one is available

4. If it works with this different cable place an order for a replacement micro USB cable SKU K83058US and ship to customer

5. If the KeyFolio still will not charge after replacing the cable, obtain Proof of Purchase, verify warranty period, and replace the product.


1. Cable defective

2. Case torn or stitching came apart.
3. Keys repeating/sticky

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

*The Delete key performs like a traditional back space key, deleting anything to the left of the cursor, not to the right of the cursor.

Sticking/Repeating Keys: Un-pair and Re-pair device and see if keys still stick/repeat.
Check for physical damage to key
Is problem related to a standard key or key combination function which is not working? (Possible improper key combination in use)

Pairing Issues:
Forget This Device (try this process when un-pairing device before re-pairing it)
Can customer pair/discover any other BT devices with his iPad?

If KeyFolio won’t charge, ALWAYS replace the microUSB cable first before sending a replacement KeyFolio.

Auto-capitalization and auto double space after period is non-functional on this (and all BT keyboards regardless of brand) product after pairing with the KeyFolio keyboard. This is a function of how BT works and is not unique to Kensington products.
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