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Technical Manual

Version 8.0

July 1995

Revised May 2013

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Office of Information and Technology (OIT)

Product Development (PD)

Revision History

Table 1. Documentation revision history








  • Updates for Patch XU*8.0*614 based on feedback from Herlan Westra:

  • Added the Single User Menu Tree Rebuild option [XQBUILDUSER] to the "XUMAINT" section and menu tree diagram in Figure 8 and in Table 21. It was attached to the Menu Rebuild Menu option [XQBUILDMAIN].

  • Added the XQBUILDMAIN option to Table 21.

  • Added the XQ LIST UNREFERENCED OPTIONS option to Table 21.

  • Added the XQ MENUMANAGER PROMPT parameter to Table 6.

  • Updated menu diagrams in the "Systems Manager Menu [EVE]" section for:

  • XUTIO in Figure 7.

  • XUMAINT in Figure 8.

  • XUSITEMGR in Figure 9.

  • XUPROG in Figure 10.

  • XU-SPL-MGR in Figure 11.

  • XUSPY in Figure 12

  • XUTM MGR in Figure 13.

  • XUSER in Figure 14.


  • XUCOMMAND in Figure 16.

  • Added the IP SECURITY ON field parameter to Table 4.

  • Reviewed and updated any missing APIs in the "Callable Entry Points" section.

  • Added bookmarks (identifiers) to all tables for Section 508 conformance.

T. Blom

H. Westra




  • Updated the following sections and tables for Kernel Patch XU*8.0*580:

  • Added the new XUEPCS REPORT DEVICE parameter to Table 6.

  • Added the following new ePCS routines to "Routines" section in Table 10:



  • Added the following new ePCS files to the "Files" section in Table 15:

  • XUEPCS DATA FILE (#8991.6)


  • Added the new ePCS options to the "Exported Options" section in Table 21.

  • Added the following new and modified ePCS APIs to the "Callable Entry Points" section in Table 24:





  • Added the following new and modified RPCs to the "Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)" section in Table 26:





  • Added the XUSSPKI SAN bulletin to the "Bulletins" section in Table 33.

  • Added the XUEPCSEDIT security key to the "Security Keys" section in Table 34.

  • Reformatted document to follow current style guides and standards.

  • Replaced references from "VA FileMan Getting Started Manual" to "VA FileMan User Manual," since the next VA FileMan 22.n software version will be creating a new "VA FileMan Getting Started Manual."

  • Added the "Kernel Parameters—Stored in File #8989.51" section and Table 6.

  • Added the "Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs)" section and Table 26.

  • Added the "Bulletins" section and Table 33.

  • Patch XU*8.0*546: Support for Device Hunt Groups was removed. This includes removal of the *HUNT GROUP (#29) and HUNT GROUP DEVICE (#30) fields in the DEVICE file (#3.5). Sites had to remove any HUNT GROUP devices before installing this patch using VA FileMan to find any existing Hunt Groups. Chapter 18, "Hunt Groups" was deleted from this manual. Also, any references to "Hunt Groups" were removed.

  • Patches XU*8.0*285: Added the ALERT RECIPIENT TYPE file (#8992.2) to Table 12 and Table 15.

  • Patch XU*8.0*513: Added the ALERT CRITICAL TEXT file (#8992.3) to Table 12 and Table 15.

  • Merging Toolkit Technical Manual content into Kernel Technical Manual. The Kernel Toolkit documentation set is being combined with the Kernel documentation set. All Kernel Toolkit content will eventually be moved to the appropriate Kernel manual, section, and chapter.

    In the Kernel Technical Manual, all of the Kernel Toolkit references for routines, files, options, APIs, Direct Mode Utilities, etc. have been added to the appropriate chapter/section.

  • Updated Table 21 option descriptions.

  • Changed Kernel document title references.

  • Kernel Developer's Guide (previously known as the Kernel Programmer Manual).

  • Kernel Systems Management Guide (previously known as the Kernel Systems Manual).

  • Updates based on functionality/changes added with Kernel Patch XU*8.0*593:

  • Added the "XU USER START-UP" entry in Table 17.

  • Added the "XU USER START-UP" entry in Table 21.

  • Updated references to the VDL.

  • Updated all organizational references as needed (e.g., Product Development [PD], removed all HSD&D references)

  • Removed obsolete references to MSM, PDP, 486, VAX Alpha, etc. and changed/updated references to DSM for OpenVMS to Caché where appropriate.

  • Updated "Orientation" section.

  • Updated the overall document for current national documentation standards and style guides. For example:

  • Changed all Heading n styles to use Arial font.

  • Changed all Heading n styles to be left justified.

  • Added blue font highlighting and underline to signify internal links to figures, tables, or sections for ease of use, similar to what one sees to hyperlinks on a Web page.

  • Updated document for Section 508 conformance using word's built-in Accessibility check:

  • Added table bookmarks.

  • Added screen tips for all URL links.

  • Changed all floating callout boxes to in-line, causing reformatting of numerous dialogue screen captures.

Software Versions:

Kernel 8.0

Toolkit 7.3

T. Blom

G. Beuschel

J. Garcia

J. Ivey

A. Lashley

J. McCormack

R. Mendoza

R. Metcalf

M. Turian




  • Reformatted document to follow the latest ISS SOP Guidelines.

  • Updated files, routines, options, APIs, security keys, etc.

Software Version: 8.0

Oakland, CA OIFO:

  • Maintenance Project Manager—Jack Schram

  • Developer—Wally Fort

  • Technical Writer—Thom Blom



Reformatted document to follow the latest ISS styles and guidelines. No other content updates have been made in regards to released patches at this time.

Reviewed document and edited for the "Data Scrubbing" and the "PDF 508 Compliance" projects.

Data Scrubbing—Changed all patient/user TEST data to conform to OIT standards and conventions as indicated below:

  • The first three digits (prefix) of any Social Security Numbers (SSN) start with "000" or "666."

  • Patient or user names are formatted as follows: KRNPATIENT,[N] or KRNUSER,[N] respectively, where the N is a number written out and incremented with each new entry (e.g., KRNPATIENT, ONE, KRNPATIENT, TWO, etc.).

  • Other personal demographic-related data (e.g., addresses, phones, IP addresses, etc.) were also changed to be generic.

PDF 508 Compliance—The final PDF document was recreated and now supports the minimum requirements to be 508 compliant (i.e., accessibility tags, language selection, alternate text for all images/icons, fully functional Web links, successfully passed Adobe Acrobat Quick Check).

Software Version: 8.0

Technical Writer—Thom Blom, Oakland, CA OIFO



Initial Kernel 8.0 software and documentation release

Software Version: 8.0

San Francisco, CA Office of Information Field Office (OIFO):

  • Project Manager—Hans Von Blanckensee

  • Developers—Kernel Development Team

  • Technical Writer—Kyle Clarke

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