Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium Undergraduate Symposium on Research in Astronomy

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Keck Northeast Astronomy Consortium

Undergraduate Symposium on Research in Astronomy

6-7 October 2006 – hosted by Vassar College

Table of Contents

Introduction i

Schedule of Events ii

Table of Contents iii

Polarization of Extragalactic Radio Sources 1

Chris Dieck, Wesleyan University ‘07

The Effects of Interactions on Galaxy Evolution in the Early Universe 5

Thomas Ferguson, Vassar College ’07 and Brendan Mullan, Colgate University ’07

A New Search for Planetary Nebulae in the Small Magellanic Cloud 11

Joseph W. Coish, Haverford College ’09

A Study of the Globular Cluster System of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 7331 15

Aaron Larner, Wesleyan University ’08

Redshift Effects on the Spectroscopic Properties of Active Galaxies 19

Kelly Wallenstein, Wellesley College 07

Host Galaxies of X-shaped Radio Sources 23

Alessondra Springmann, Wellesley College ’07

Optical Monitoring of Quasar 3C 345 and Exponential Outbursts 27

Peter C. Shively, Colgate University ’08

Multiband Optical Monitoring of Four Blazars 31

Trevor David, Vassar College ’09, and Amanda Zangari, Wellesley College ’08

147/157 GHz Methanol Line Ratios in Regions of Star Formation 37

Jenna Lemonias, Vassar College ’08

HI 21-cm and OH 18-cm Arecibo Observations of (Ultra)Luminous Infrared Galaxies 41

María Ximena Fernández, Vassar College ’07

Evidence for Inverted Spectrum 20GHz Emission in the Galactic Plane 45

Jonathan Pober, Haverford College ’07

Gamma Ray Channeling Through Curved Structures 49

Seth Cohen, Wesleyan University ’07

Mapping the Resonant Modes of the Axion Dark Matter eXperiment Microwave Cavity 53

Karl Twelker, Middlebury College ’07

ELSA: An Integrated Semi-Automated Nebular Abundance Package 54

Jesse S. Levitt, Williams College ’08, Peter J. J. O’Malley, Haverford College ’08,

and Peter G. R. Nunns, Williams College ’08

X-Ray Emission From Clump Bow Shocks In Massive Star Wind Flows 59

Alex Burke, Vassar College ‘07

Chandra Spectroscopy of the Hot Star beta Cru and the Discovery of a

Pre-Main Sequence Companion 60

Michael Kuhn, Swarthmore College ’07

Photometric Analysis of Pulsed Accretion in the Spectroscopic Binary UZ Tau E 64

Matthew Richardson, Fisk University ’08

Simulations of Exoplanet Spectroscopy with JWST 68

Matt Johnson, Wesleyan University ‘07

Rotation Periods of T Tauri stars in NGC 1333 72

David Vollbach, Vassar College ’07

Determining the Periods of Stars in IC 348 Using Eight Seasons of Data 76

Eric Scheid, WPI ’08

Observation of Spicules in TRACE 1216 Å and 171 Å Filters 80

Rangga Budoyo, Wesleyan University ’08

Quantifying Properties of Saturn’s Rings through Wavelet Analysis of Density Waves 84

Kathryn Stack, Williams College ’08 and Rebekah Dawson, Wellesley College ’09

Poster Presentations:

Coronal Observations at the 2006 Solar Eclipse 90

Megan Bruck, Williams College ’07

Optical Variability of the Blazar 1510-08 and Comparison to the X-ray 91

Talia Sepersky, Wellesley College ’08

Optical Variability of Blazar 3C 279 and Comparison with X-ray Variability 95

Kathryn Fallows, Colgate University ’08

Lithium Depletion in Late-Type Members of the  Pictoris Moving Group 99

Jennifer Yee, Swarthmore College ’07

A Survey of Young Stars in the Solar Neighborhood 103

Blair E. Reaser, Swarthmore College ’07

Formaldehyde Emission from Protostellar Region L1448IRS3 107

Claire Davy, Bryn Mawr College ’07

Cumulative Index to KNAC Undergraduate Symposium Proceedings, 1990-2006 111

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