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Siren Gothic Emporium


August 2001
(Please note that Siren and Kathouse have since been sold and this website is no longer in operation.)

Considered to be the world’s finest purveyor of Gothic and Dark Romantic wares, Siren was opened in March of 1988 by Groovella Blak in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s Fashion District. The shop has gone from a one-woman operation and is now staffed by nine beautiful sirens! In 1999, we opened a second store, Kathouse, which caters to the glam rock sensibility and is located a few doors east of Siren, on the north side of Toronto’s Queen Street West.
In our beautiful surroundings, you will encounter many deliciously decadent gothic items to choose from for your shopping pleasure, with clothing and accessories for both men and women. Styles range form luxurious velvets and dripping lace for the more traditional Goth, to shiny fetish club wear. We also carry fine accessories including gothic makeup & fangs, jewelry, gloves, fishnet stockings and a wide variety of pocket trunks. And our shoes and boots are of superior quality, imported from the U.K. We are also proud to present Toronto corset and accessories designer, Lovesick.
A plethora of beautifully crafted silver, pewter and beaded jewelry awaits, as well as surgical steel body rings and beads, and leather collars, belts and chokers. Our bookshelf is filled with unusual and interesting fiction and non-fiction titles that will be of interest to the Gothic mindset, as well as alternative fanzines, magazines, and videos. And Siren would not be complete without our collection of unique T-shirts that are not to be found anywhere else. Gift certificates in the denomination of your choice are also available.
We are of the opinion that there’s a little dark romantic in all of us. On one hand, you may be a dedicated member of the local scene, frequenting the clubs and hangouts, and dressing up every day. On the other, you may simply be a horror-movie buff, an historical enthusiast, a lover of vampire novels, or simply interested in elegant eveningwear or a more dramatic look. Whatever your fancy, you will find something to suit your taste at Siren. We welcome individuals from all walks of life.

Kathouse, Siren’s sister shop and alter ego, opened in July of 1999 to bring you the best in glam fashions, makeup and accessories. Located in a gorgeous Victorian shop in the heart of Toronto’s fashion district, Kathouse’s atmosphere is funky and inviting, offering unique styles for those wanting to exude that glamorous rock ‘n roll style.
We carry both men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, including an enormous selection of Lip Service club gear, great-fitting Buffalo jeans, Archaic Smile baby T’s and a wide range of rockabilly shirts from Steady and Filter. Kathouse proudly supports Canadian designers such as Powerline, Pusch, Barbie’s Basement Jewellery, Papillon Blanc lingerie and the famous No Dice fun-fur Kat Hats and pillows.
Makeup and colorful wigs from Manic Panic and Urban Decay, as well as Stargazer from the U.K, are to die for! We also have a great selection of pocket trunks, purses from Jeanne Lottie and the ever-popular Craig Morrison rubber bags. Leopard print and fun fur adorn the shelves in various forms, including clothing, wallets and cigarette cases! Kathouse also sells unique gift items for the home, including clocks and lamps, in the style of 50’s kitsch and 60’s pin-up girls, with Betty Page being a motif we carry throughout the store.
Come in and browse our shop on-line or in person and we are sure you will find those special items that are just the Kat’s meow.
The e-commerce section of this site is no longer available since the store has since closed. Product descriptions were written for approximately different 75 items that appeared on the site in various categories, along with the Shipping and Return polices. These descriptions were entered into a Filemaker Pro database, along with prices, sizing and product codes.

Welcome to our News Section, where you can find out what is new and noteworthy relating to Siren and Kathouse. Watch for information ranging from sales and new arrivals in the shops, to events sponsored by our stores and anything else that may be of interest to our customers. This is where we get to communicate with you – and hopefully you with us. Please keep us informed of the things you want and expect of Siren so we can proudly continue to represent the dark and mysterious Gothic and Glam fashions and lifestyles. Don’t hesitate to contact us – your comments are most welcome!
Both Siren and Kathouse provide a wide selection of goth, fetish & club clothing from Lip Service, Archaic Smile, Shrine and Eternal Love – all designed to satisfy your sexy, mysterious fashion urges! Look for other new arrivals throughout the coming months – purrrfect when on the prrrowl to satisfy your spring fever!
Manon Elora Verret is the latest gift certificate winner of the Siren Muse Contest – check out her striking artwork and poetry. Submit an inspired contribution for your chance to win!
For those of you in the Toronto area, Siren has an in-store 14th Anniversary Sale coming up at the end of March. We hope you can come and take advantage of the great savings. Stay tuned for more details.


This muse section is for you. Please submit your contributions of paintings, pictures, poetry and short stories of gothic content. The monthly winner receives a $20 gift certificate redeemable at Siren or Kathouse. Click on the bat to submit.

At this time, our wholesale division operates on a very small scale. If you see some items under the Siren Label that you are interested in purchasing at wholesale rates, feel free to email us or call the office to check on our current inventory. We can be reached at 416-504-0866.
If something is not in stock, we can custom produce orders of sufficient quantity.
Our main production runs occur in the spring and the fall. You are welcome to place your order well in advance. Please call or email to make arrangements.
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Link Exchange

Welcome to Siren’s Link Exchange. We welcome sites from all over to exchange links with us so we can help promote the Gothic Community and mutually benefit from increased web traffic.

To those who would like to exchange links with us, please link to http://www.sirenweb.com. If you would like to use a graphic link, please click on the Siren logo below and copy it from the page that is launched. Upon doing so, please email us informing us of your intention, including your URL and the page that our link will be on. In turn, your link will be added to our Links Section, which we offer as a directory of gothic resources for businesses and organizations of darker persuasions.


463 Queen Street West

Toronto, Ontario


M5V 2A9



350 Queen Street West

Toronto, Ontario


M5V 2A2



Fax: 416-504-5145

Email: info@sirenweb.com

Mouse over for store hours.

Hex Files

After his popular, widely sought Gothic Rock Black Book, writer and goth subculture enthusiast Mick Mercer followed it up in 1998 with Hex Files: The Gothic Bible, a directly of gothic shops and organizations all over the world, grouped by country. “Run by Groovella Blak, this qualifies as North America’s longest established Goth and Vampire shop. Siren also runs a variety of events. Everything they do shrieks excellence.” Mick Mercer

Saturday Night Magazine, April 1996

“I like the look of the pale, dark stranger,” says Groovella Blak, owner of Siren Gothic Emporium on Queen West in Toronto’s fashion district. “It’s very dramatic. For some, it’s just a fashion; for others, it’s more of an intellectual thing.”

The Vampire Book – The encyclopedia of the Undead

“Siren is the world’s oldest shop catering to the enthusiasm of the overlapping communities devoted to the gothic and vampire genres. Founded in 1988 by Groovella Blak, Siren carries a large selection of clothing and accessories that are of direct appeal to the dark romantic, spanning from classic romantic goth wear to wilder, shiny fetish club gear. The shop also has a wide range of other goods, including jewellery, darkwear, footwear, T-shirts, books and makeup for the gothic sensibility.” J. Gordon Melton

Shift Magazine, May 1997

Photo by Derek Shapton

Wardrobe by Siren

“i yearned for sharp-fanged vulgarity, religion-killing anarchy, blood, and i knew i was not alone. i wanted sex with death and i wanted it now.”

Dracula’s Heart of Darkness by Daniel Richler

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