Karen Reimer

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Karen Reimer

5120 S. Harper, A-18

Chicago, IL 60615




1989 MFA, University of Chicago

1982 BA, Bethel College, North Newton, KS


2012 Pending: Gahlberg Gallery, McAninch Fine Art Center, College of Dupage, and Gallery 400,

University of Illinois at Chicago
2011 The Domestic Partnership of Heaven and Hell, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

2008 Endless Set, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

2007 Embroideries 1999-2005, Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN

Endless Set, VONZWECK Gallery, Chicago
2005 Precursory Conditions and Operations, Riverside Arts Center, Riverside, IL
2004 Boundary Troubles, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago
2003 Schopf Gallery on Lake, Chicago (with Scott Short)
2002 Goshen College Gallery, Goshen IN
2001 Cold Comfort, installation, collaboration with Constance Bacon, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
1999 Beret International Gallery, Chicago, IL
1998 Hesston College Gallery, Hesston, KS

MacPherson College Art Gallery, MacPherson, KS (with Gail Lutsch)

1996 Postcard, Beret International Gallery, Chicago, IL (with Tod Parola)
1995 Bethel College Fine Arts Center Gallery, N. Newton, KS
1994 Know Your Poodle, Beret International Gallery, Chicago, IL (with Sonny Venice)


2011 Bona Fide, Owens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University, New Brunswick, Canada

2010 New Work, Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago

Let’s Talk About Love, Baby, a library curated by Chido Johnson, Traveling: Oakland University Art Gallery, Rochester, MI; Asni Art Village, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare; Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection at the Art Institute of Chicago; and Craft Alliance Gallery, St. Louis, MO
2009 New Wave: Artists’ Books in the 21st Century, School of Creative Arts, University of the

West of England, Bristol

Contemporary Works from the Cleve Carney Collection, Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, IL

2008 VONZWECK at the Barn, 2845 W. Altgeld St., Chicago

The Matter At Hand, Memphis College of Art, Memphis, TN

Curiouser and Curiouser, McLean County Art Center, Bloomington, IL, curated by Alison

2007 Raised in Craftivity, Greenlease Gallery, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO, curated

by Maria Buszek. Travelling: Chaffey College, Rancho Cucamonga,CA

Group exhibition, Carleton College, Northfield, MN, curated by Laurel Bradley

2006 New Embroidery: Not Your Grandma’s Doily, Contemporary Crafts Museum, Portland Oregon,

curated by Namita Gupta Wiggers

Data Mining, Wallspace Gallery, NY, curated by Joe Scanlan

Takeover, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

Not I: A Samuel Beckett Centenary Celebration, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,

curated by Tricia Van Eck

POP: Contemporary Textiles Influenced by Popular Culture, Northern Illinois University

Art Museum, DeKalb, IL, curated by Christine LoFaso

but you gave me flowers, Illinois State University Galleries, Normal, IL
2005 Amorphous Solid, Durand Art Institute, Lake Forest College, Lake Forest, IL

Pages, I Space: Chicago Gallery of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Chicago, curated by Buzz Spector

Catalog, SOIL Art Gallery, Seattle, curated by Adriana Grant, Kristen Ramirez, and Dan Rhoads
2004 Stalemate, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, curated by Domonic Molon

Baltimore/Chicago, Decker Gallery, Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, MD, curated by

Kerry James Marshall

Books and Shelves, Galberg Gallery, McAninch Fine Arts Center, College of Dupage,

Dupage, IL, curated by Barbara Weisen

Fitter Happier: An Exhibition Concerning Technology, DePaul University Art Museum,

Chicago, curated by Matthew Girson
2003 Pins and Needles, Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI

Really, Gescheidle Gallery, Chicago, curated by Tim Lowly
2002 The ArtCouncil Awards Exhibition, Gallery 312, Chicago, IL

The Devil is in the Details, Galberg Gallery, McAninch Fine Arts Center, College of

Dupage, Dupage, IL, curated by Anthony Elms

2001 Con/textual, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

Doppelganger, Northern Illinois University Art Gallery in Chicago, IL

Spelling, The Rye Art Center, Rye, NY
2000 Homewrecker, moniquemeloche Gallery, Chicago, IL

Out of Line, Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

Artists We Like, Wall Street Project Room, New York, NY

Beret's Final Show, Beret International Gallery, Chicago, IL

Julie Laffin, Darrel Morris, Karen Reimer, Reicher Gallery, Barat College,

Lake Forest, IL

1999 Needle and Thread, Wendy Cooper Gallery, Madison, WI

Chicago, West Virginia State University Gallery, Morgantown, WV

The Other Book, Performance/installation, collaboration with Sally Alatalo and

Susannah Kite Strang, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Cleveland, OH

1998 Quiet, 1545 W. Division St, Chicago, IL

Faculty Exhibition, Bethel College Fine Arts Center Gallery, N. Newton, KS
1997 N.E.W.S.: Jennifer Kraus, Karen Reimer, Levant Tuncer, Gallery A’pert,

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1996 Vorfruhling, Galerie cb, Vienna, Austria

Book-signing/performance, collaboration with Sally Alatalo and Erika Yoemans,

Printed Matter, New York, NY

1994 Photographic, N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, IL

Refried, Ruth Horwich Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL
1993 In-flux, Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

Mixed Messages, Forum for Contemporary Art, St. Louis, MO

Flora and Fauna, Krasl Art Center, St. Joseph, MI

A Sequence of Forms, Installation, Illinois State Gallery, Chicago, IL
1992 Not Working in L.A., Nomadic Site, Pasadena, CA

Sicut Malum Est, Site-specific installation, collaboration with Norah Flatley, Raina

Grigg and Libby Wadsworth, Divinity School, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL

1991 Animal/Vegetable/Mineral, Installation, N.A.M.E. Gallery, Chicago, IL, curated by

Gary Cannone

1990 Foxtrot, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago, IL, curated by Lynne Brown

The Chicago Show, Cultural Center, Chicago, IL

Altered States, Ruth Horwich Gallery, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL

2010 Cover of vinyl lp/cd I Know You, by Seval (Fred Lonberg-Holm, Sofia Jernberg, David

Stackenas, Emil Strandberg, Patric Thorman)
2007 Headline of ”On Language” column, by William Safire, New York Times Magazine, May 21

Cover of Tableau, Newsletter of the Division of the Humanities at the University of

Chicago, Autumn 2006/Winter 2007
2001 Corruption”, in Chicago After Dark: A Mystery Anthology, Sara Ranchouse

Publishing, Chicago, IL
1996 Legendary, Lexical, Loquacious Love, Artist book, Sara Ranchouse Publishing,

Chicago, IL

Forgeries, postcard series, Sara Ranchouse Publishing, Chicago, IL

Something is motivated when it is neither arbitrary or predictable,” in

Whitewalls: A Journal of Language and Art, #38, pp.21-26, Chicago, IL


2011 Center for Craft Creativity and Design

Graham Foundation, with Gallery 400, University of Illinois at Chicago

2010 Women’s Caucus for Art President’s Award

2002 The Art Council Individual Artist Grant

The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Individual Artist Award


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Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago, IL

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