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The Potting Shed
Official Newsletter of the Master Gardeners of Jones County, Iowa

June 2010

Jones County MG Officers

Chairman: Jim Christianson Vice Chairman: Louise Lorenz

Secretary: Barb Ahlrichs Treasurer: Sue Hutchinson

Editors: Karin Blankenhagen and Jim Christianson

Upcoming Events

Flower Garden Tour

June 8th, 2010 ~~ 5:30 pm

Jones County Extension office (parking lot)

carpooling to Cedar Rapids

Historic Iris Preservation Society Garden by Wanda Lunn, 526 Bezdek Drive NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52405 Contact Kim at the Extension office for directions if needed

July 1st, 2010 MG Officer terms begin

Chairperson – Jim Christianson

Vice-Chair – Louise Lorenz

Treasurer – Julie Orris

Secretary – Kim Miller

 Monthly Master Gardener Meeting ~ July 13 ?

 Set-Up Flower Pots at the Great Jones County Fair on July 18 or 19

 Judge Flower Pots ~ Tuesday, July 20th ~ 10 am

Assist with Horticulture Judging at Berndes Ctr ~ Wednesday, July 21st @ 9 am – please contact Connie Burhop at 319-462-2791 if plan to assist

 Monthly Master Gardener Meeting ~ August 10 ?

Articles and news items are needed for the September Potting Shed and should be sent to Jim Christianson at, or mail to

112 S. Sales St., Anamosa, IA 52205.

Phone: 462-6122.

Recent Activities and Projects

April and May

Spring clean up at Fountain Park

Interns transplanting at Linn-Mar greenhouse

Jones Regional Hospital tree planting

Garlic Pull at the Wapsipinicon State Park

(golf course area)

Plant and Bake Sale was a huge success!!

Planting at Anamosa State Penitentiary on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

Group finished planting in record time only 2 hours this year!

Three Jones County Master Gardener Interns completed some of their 40 hours of community service by working at the Lawrence Brothers House in Anamosa in preparation for opening day. Interns are (L-R) Kim Miller, Cheri Francik and Mary Kelchen

The plant in the photograph appears to be greater celandine or swallow-wort (Chelidonium majus ‘Flore Pleno’).  The species has single flowers.  ‘Flore Pleno’ has double flowers. Chelidonium majus is not native to Iowa.  It is a cultivated plant.  Occasionally (rarely), greater celandine escapes cultivation and appears in native woodland areas.  From Richard Jauron, ISU

Jones County Master Gardeners

May 2010 Minutes

Jones County Master Gardeners met May 11th 2010 at 5:30 PM at Wapsipinicon State Park for a potluck meal followed by a brief meeting and a Garlic Mustard Pull. 9 members were present. After a splendid potluck and meeting, members traveled by golf carts to the designated area for the Pull. Many bags of garlic mustard were pulled. A few other prized items were found – golf balls and morel mushrooms.

Minutes from the April meeting had been sent to the members. Barb moved they be approved; Kim seconded the motion, motion carried.
The treasury has remained the same except for the profits from the Plant and Bake sale held May 8th. The money made from the sale was $1025.00. Leftover plants were taken to Riverside Gardens for their sale the next weekend. There are bills pending from Linn Mar High school for starting plants for Riverside Gardens and from the Penitentiary for plants for Fountain Park.

Suggestions for next year’s sale are to have some heirloom variety tomatoes and peppers. It was also suggested that MG could use some of its money to buy new varieties of Hostas or other perennials, provide them to members to grow for 2 years at home, then divide them and sell the divisions. “Direct Source” was suggested as an internet source for Hostas.

The penitentiary planting is from 12 to 4 PM next Sunday. There will be some Girl Scouts and possibly 4-H girls to help with the planting.
Ideas for programs were solicited. Barb suggested going to a Historic Iris Preservation Society display garden in Cedar Rapids. She supplied Kim with the information; Kim is going to try to arrange a tour for June.

Tips for the Potting Shed newsletter are due by June 1.

MG received a ‘thank you’ from the hospital for the volunteer work with their tree planting and advice.

Riverside Gardens sent an invitation for membership at the Gardens. Bob Brandt made a motion to send a business membership @ $20.00 to Riverside to support their gardens.

May 25th work will be done at the Lawrence House if any members are available.
Joe had talked about the new Extension building to be built in Monticello in another year. It was suggested that Master Gardeners take on the landscaping of the new building. We would have a year to work on it.
Jim Christianson showed the GPS location where Garlic Mustard pulls were done last year and where to go this year. With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 6:30 and members headed out for The Pull.
Respectfully submitted,

Barb Ahlrichs, recording secretary.

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Iowa

News article

New Iowa Master Gardener newsletter Introduced Jennifer Bousselot

New Face, Same Place article

Bousselot, a DeWitt native, returns to her home state after completing her doctorate in horticulture at Colorado State University where she researched green roofs. Bousselot earned a bachelor's degree in plant health and protection and master's degree in sustainable agriculture from ISU. “As a Cyclone alum I'm happy to be returning to Iowa and delighted to be working with Master Gardeners again, as I have missed the unique blend of gardening passion and dedication to improving community that they engender.” 

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