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Post Title: IAPT High Intensity Therapist

Band: 7

Responsible to:

Accountable to:

Key Relationships:
Job Purpose
The post holder will be part of an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service and will provide high intensity interventions - initially cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). The post holder will work with clients who have a range of complex Anxiety and Depression related problems for which CBT is demonstrated to be clinically effective.
The post holder will work with people with different cultural backgrounds and ages, using interpreters when necessary and should be committed to equal opportunities  

Main Duties and Responsibilities


    1. Accept referrals via agreed protocols within the service

    1. Assess clients for suitability for psychological interventions

    2. Make decisions on suitability of new referrals, adhering to the department’s referral protocols, and refer unsuitable clients on to the relevant service or back to the referral agent as necessary.

    1. Formulate, implement and evaluate therapy programmes for clients.

    1. Use highly developed communication skills in working with people to understand their personal and often very sensitive difficulties

    1. To exercise autonomous professional responsibility for the assessment and treatment of clients in line with the service.

    1. Educate and involve family members and others in treatment as necessary, conveying CBT and other psychological formulations with sensitivity in easily understood language.

    2. Adhere to an agreed activity contract relating to the number of client contacts offered, and clinical sessions carried out per week in order to minimise waiting times and ensure treatment delivery remains accessible and convenient.

    1. Attend multi-disciplinary meetings relating to referrals or clients in treatment, where appropriate.

    1. Complete all requirements relating to data collection within the service.

    1. Keep coherent records of all clinical activity in line with service protocols

    1. Work closely with other members of the team ensuring appropriate step-up and step-down arrangements are in place to maintain a stepped care approach.

    1. Assess and integrate issues surrounding work and employment into the overall therapy process

    1. Carry out clinical audits of service performance, including service user surveys and evaluations, and help to collate and disseminate the results for feedback.

    1. Liaise with other health and social care staff from a range of agencies in the care provided clients.

    1. Provide specialist advice and consultation to other professionals / individuals / groups / committees across Mental Health Trusts, Primary Care Trusts and other voluntary agencies regarding service matters related to the practice and delivery of specific agreed therapeutic modalities and service provision.


    1. Attend and fulfil all the requirements of the IAPT approved supervision training.

    2. Contribute to the teaching and training of mental health professionals and other staff working in the service.

    1. After completion of supervision training, supervise staff in the service.


    1. Ensure the maintenance of standards of practice according to the employer and any regulating, professional and accrediting bodies (e.g. BPS, UKCP, BABCP), and keep up to date on new recommendations/guidelines set by the Department of Health (e.g. NHS plan, National Service Framework, National Institute for Clinical Excellence).

    1. Ensure that client confidentiality is protected at all times.

    1. Be aware of, and keep up to date with advances in the spheres of CBT and other psychological therapies.

    1. Ensure clear professional objectives are identified, discussed and reviewed with senior therapists on a regular basis as part of continuing professional development (CPD).

    1. Attend clinical/managerial supervision on a regular basis as agreed with Manager.

    1. Participate in individual performance review and respond to agreed objectives.

    1. Keep up to date all records in relation to CPD and ensure personal development plan maintains up to date specialist knowledge of latest theoretical and service delivery models/developments.

    1. Attend relevant conferences / workshops in line with identified professional objectives.

    1. Participate in service improvement by highlighting issues and implementing changes in practice.


    1. Provide an advisory service on matters related to the practice and delivery of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to individuals/groups/committees across the Mental Health Trust, Primary Care Trust and other voluntary agencies.

    1. Promote and maintain links with Primary Care and Secondary Care Staff to help co-ordinate the provision of an effective Psychological Therapies Service.


    1. To contribute to the development of best practice within the service.

    1. To maintain up-to-date knowledge of legislation, national and local policies and procedures in relation to Mental Health and Primary Care Services.

    2. All employees have a duty and responsibility for their own health and safety and the health of safety of colleagues, patients and the general public.

    1. All employees have a responsibility and a legal obligation to ensure that information processed for both patients and staff is kept accurate, confidential, secure and in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) and Security and Confidentiality Policies.

    1. It is the responsibility of all staff that they do not abuse their official position for personal gain, to seek advantage of further private business or other interests in the course of their official duties.

    1. This Job Description does not provide an exhaustive list of duties and may be reviewed in conjunction with the post holder in light of service development.

  1. Review date:

  1. Reviewed by:

Personal Specification



Assessment Method


Band 7 Therapist:
Qualification from High Intensity IAPT Course (Post Graduate Diploma)
e.g. A recorded/registered doctoral level qualification in clinical or counselling psychology/ a recorded/registered qualification in one of the following - nursing, social work, occupational therapy, arts therapy or a psychological therapy – plus further post graduate qualification training in a psychological therapy which may be CBT or another IAPT appropriate evidence based therapy (i.e. IPT) to at least equivalent of a post graduate diploma
significant experience working as a psychological therapy practitioner and demonstrating the competences as required.

Relevant experience in Primary Care treating anxiety and depression.

Application Form


Demonstratable experience of working in mental health services

Ability to meet agreed/specified service targets

Ability to manage own caseload and time

Demonstrates high standards in written communication

Able to write clear reports and letters to referrers

Experience with routine outcome monitoring
Experience of teaching and liaising with other professional groups

Experience of working in Primary Care Services

Worked in a service where agreed targets in place demonstrating clinical outcomes

Application Form



Application form / test

Portfolio / test



Skills & Competencies

Full range of skills and competencies as laid out in the competence framework for CBT (Roth and Pilling 2007)

Computer literate

Well developed skills in the ability to communicate effectively, orally and in writing, complex, highly technical and/or clinically sensitive information to clients, their families, carers and other professional colleagues both within and outside the NHS

Has received training (either formal of through experience) and carried out risk assessments within scope of practice

Able to develop good therapeutic relationships with clients

Trained in provision of supervision for CBT

Accredited with a professional psychological therapy organisation
Completed clinical audits within a service


Interview question /portfolio

Interview / application/portfolio /test


Interview / Reference





Demonstrates an understanding of anxiety and depression and how it may present in Primary Care
Demonstrates a knowledge of the issues surrounding work and the impact it can have on mental health / benefits & employment systems
Knowledge of medication used in anxiety and depression and other common mental health problems
Demonstrates an understanding for the need to use evidence based psychological therapies and how it relates to this post
Knowledge of child protection issues and other relevant legislation

Interview question
Interview question

Interview question

Interview question

Interview question


Able to attend supervision training if not already trained, and other training as the post develops
Good record of Continuing Professional Development and willingness to continue this

Interview question

Application / Interview

Other Requirements

High level of enthusiasm and


Advanced communication skills
Ability to work within a team and foster good working relationships
Ability to use clinical supervision and personal development positively and effectively
Ability to work under pressure
Regard for others and respect for individual rights of autonomy and confidentiality
Ability to be self reflective, whilst working with service users, & in own personal and professional development and in supervision
The ability and skills to act as an advocate for a new service, to engage and foster good professional relationships with all health professionals in promoting the good integration of this service with the wider health care system

Car driver and/or ability and willingness to travel to locations throughout the organisation

Fluent in languages other than English
Experience of working with diverse communities and within a multicultural setting



Interview / reference

Application form/ interview

Interview test





Application / Interview


Review date:

Reviewed by:

12th June 2009

IAPT High Intensity Therapist FINAL JUNE 09 jw/md

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