Jericho project job description

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Position: Assistant Director
Reports to: Site Director
Location: 2013 Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Blvd (@ 121st St.)

New York, NY 10027
Hours: Full-Time 40 hours per week, some weekends

The Assistant Director participates in direct service programs and property management functions at Jericho House. The Assistant Director works closely and collaboratively with the Director to provide a quality living environment and professional work environment. The Assistant Director assumes responsibility for the site in the Director’s absence. He or she will also serve as the on-call “Officer of the Day.”


Program Duties

  • Carry a caseload of 10-16 residents. The Assistant Director will attempt to meet with each resident on his/her caseload a minimum of one time per month to:

    • Develop and periodically update a Service Plan

    • Provide individual counseling

    • Provide advocacy around entitlements and other issues

    • Refer residents to internal and external resources such as substance abuse treatment, healthcare, and vocational counseling

    • Provide crisis management and interventions

    • Help residents conform to the requirements of their lease and to house rules

    • Assist with development of independent living skills

  • Promote and facilitate one weekly on-site support group

  • Supervise the evening Case Manager. This includes weekly supervision.

  • Attend and co-facilitate weekly staff meetings

  • Attend and facilitate biweekly case conferences with Vocational and Educational Program staff

Property Management

  • Complete monthly reports to DHS in a thorough and timely manner

  • Hire and supervise front desk/security staff, including House Managers

  • Select participants and supervise on-site JWP/Community Service

  • Oversee all maintenance issues, including managing Maintenance Supervisor when he or she is on site, logging all work orders, ordering maintenance supplies, overseeing outside contractors in absence of Maintenance Supervisor, and responding to emergencies

  • Communicate and enforce tenant rules and regulations

  • Keep Director regularly informed of all property management issues including vacancies and rent arrears

Other Duties

  • Complete weekly vouchers (including petty cash), collect time sheets and submit payroll for security staff and JWP participants, and complete all banking

  • Manage Food Program (HPNAP, City Harvest) including needs assessment, ordering, distribution, and reporting

  • Assist Director with Community Relations, including attending Community Board meetings

  • Assist Director with Quality assurance protocol

A CASAC or Master’s degree in Social Work (or equivalent) is strongly preferred. The successful candidate will have at least five years experience working in the substance abuse field. Housing experience and prior supervisory experience are also preferred. Strong computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel) are required.
The Assistant Director needs to work well as part of a service team, demonstrate sound judgement and leadership skills, and have the ability to manage diverse tasks.

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