J. A. D. E. Convention celebrates the friendship doll story members of the Japanese American Doll Enthusiasts (J. A. D. E.) will come together in Pasadena, Cal

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Members of the Japanese American Doll Enthusiasts (J.A.D.E.) will come together in Pasadena, Cal. for the 4th J.A.D.E. Convention. Promising to the biggest and best yet, the convention is being held August 8-11, 2002 at the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel in conjunction with the 62nd annual Nisei Week. Themed “Enduring Friendships”, convention activities are centered on the Friendship Doll Exhibit in Little Tokyo, and the Nisei Week Festivities which the attendees will visit on Saturday.
The inspiration for the dolls of friendship goes back to Sidney Gulick, who was a missionary in Kumamoto nearly 100 years ago. His vision was to send American dolls to Japanese school children as a gesture of goodwill and to promote understanding and friendship between the United States and Japan. In 1926, almost 13,000 blue-eyed baby dolls were sent to Japan, complete with passports. In response, Japan sent the Doll Ambassadors of Goodwill on a return mission in time for Christmas. A total of 58 kimono-dressed dolls made by skillful artists were sent, one representing the Imperial Household and the others representing each of the colonies—Taiwan, Korea, Formosa and Manchuria—each prefecture and one representing each of the six largest cities, Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Yokohama and Nagoya.
In addition to visiting the Friendship Doll Exhibit, attendees will be able to enjoy two full days of programs on Japanese miniatures, the Friendship Dolls, appraisals, Kokeshi dolls, armor, kimonos and other topics. In addition, each attendee will have the chance to have one doll appraised for free. If that is not all, attendees will have many shopping opportunities, whether it is at the convention doll sale (members get in free), at the Japanese Village Plaza in Little Tokyo or a short walk away in Old Pasadena.
The Japanese American Doll Enthusiasts, established in 1994, brings together dedicated collectors, historians, dealers and doll makers to share their love of Japanese and other Asian dolls. J.A.D.E’s mission is the growth of friendship and understanding through the collection and sharing of information. Members also receive Ningyo Journal, published three times a year, which features well-researched articles covering all aspects of Japanese and other Asian dolls, as well as culture. Ningyo is the most common word for the dolls of Japan, which includes over 200 types of dolls.
For further information contact Joanne Payan, (626) 446-8727 or Rosie Skiles @ Rskiles718@aol.com, or visit www.jadejapandolls.com

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