Itv visits belfast as part of £9 million initiative

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14 November 2006
A top ITV executive will be in Belfast this week to talk to local production companies about a multi-million pound initiative to commission regional tv programmes.

ITV’s Regional Production Fund (RPF) was launched in 2005 with the aim of making £9 million available over three years to ‘new to network’ independent production companies outside of the London area.

It gives producers - who have not previously been commissioned by ITV Network - an opportunity to break into network production for ITV1.

UTV is hosting the event at its Ormeau Road headquarters – and more than 40 independent production companies from across Northern Ireland are expected to attend.

As well as learning more about the Fund’s work and how to register and make submissions to it, those attending will also have the chance to put their questions to ITV in a plenary session.

Jane McCloskey, Editor of ITV’s Regional Production Fund said: “The Fund is open to any individual or production company that has not previously produced a network programme for ITV1.

“The programmes we commission through RPF are most likely to be shown in daytime and off-peak slots. However, if there are those that merit peak-time slots and budgets - ITV will be happy to provide them.

“ITV commissions on merit and the idea of the Fund is to find the best programmes from new producers – in order to fund and nurture the best talent from around the UK.”

Michael Wilson, Head of Television at UTV said: “The Regional Production Fund was set up following Ofcom’s review of public service broadcasting.

“ITV wants to tap into the reservoir of talent that exists across the UK and this visit to Belfast represents a great opportunity for the many talented production companies we have here.”

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For further information, please contact UTV Press Office on 028 9026 2187

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