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Shaw’s Services LLC. 544-3844

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An EXCLUSIVE offer for tenants of Garden City Property Management Inc.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned when you’re not there, just move out and let Shaw’s do the rest.

Easy pay and easy appointments

Moving can be a hassle, so much to do with very little time to do it. Now there is no need to sit around waiting for the cleaner to show up just to write a check. Or worse, scrounging up extra cash you may need for other things.

For no extra fee you can take advantage of Shaw’s Services’ exclusive agreement with Garden City Property. Let Garden City make arrangements to get Shaw’s into your rental home for your professional carpet cleaning. We will bill Garden City directly and they will deduct the charge from your deposit, leaving you free to move into your new home. You may also request cleaning on line at and still enjoy the convenience of having your carpets cleaned without having to be there. Don’t forget to call Garden City Property Management today. (549-6106)

(This offer is good for move out cleaning only)
Sanitizing solutions.

When dealing with the top layer of carpet, as you do with a bonnet style cleaning system, it is virtually impossible to completely sanitize a carpet. Now you can rest easy knowing that the layer of carpet with which you have daily contact has been sanitized with a disinfectant that is recommended for use in doctors offices, nursing homes and other areas where hygiene is a concern.

Free odor neutralizer.

Odor plays a key role in the presentation of a rental home, because we understand this, we provide odor neutralizer at no extra cost to you.

Customers love the fresh, crisp green apple scent. Our green apple deodorizer does more than cover up smells. It contains an enzyme that helps neutralize smells. Combine that with the natural odor killing properties of the disinfectant, chances are good you can destroy even the most stubborn odors. This service is free with all of our carpet cleaning solutions.
Easy Estimates!

I keep a record of the average cleaning cost of all of the rental homes I have cleaned for Garden City Property. Tenants of Garden City can call Ken at 544-3844 Monday through Friday

8 am-5pm for an over the phone estimate. You can also look for your rental home online at
*Prices subject to change without notice. Contact Shaw’s Services at 544-3844 for current price information.*

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