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ITD Documentation Control Procedure



This procedure ensures that the correct version of documentation is available to all personnel in ITD when they require it.

It covers the review and control of the Quality Manual and all other documents in the Quality Management System.
Note on ITD website:

Data presented in text on the ITD website is for ease of navigation and understanding and does not in itself define the Quality Management System used within the Division. The system is defined in the documents outlined below. If any conflict occurs between web text and these documents, the released document has precedence. Corrections on the website text are not deemed to require revision control.

In ITD, the following items are regarded as documentation and therefore require control.

  1. Quality Manual (regarded as a procedure for control)

  2. Quality Policy (regarded as a form for control)

  3. Procedure

    • Documents outlining the steps used in ITD Management and Service Realisation processes

  4. Working Guidelines or Instructions

    • Support documents for individual tasks or department functions

  5. Web Support or Help documents

    • Support documents for individual customer self help on service or software are provided via the ITD web pages and/or Customer Support Centre (CSC).

  6. Forms

    • Documents for recording data or information

  7. External Documents

    • Documents used within ITD that are supplied from outside ITD

  8. Records


In ITD, all internally controlled documentation is maintained in electronic format. The electronic version is regarded as the master copy.

Any member of ITD staff may initiate a new document or a revision of an existing document. The outline steps to be followed to release/change a Procedure, Working guideline, Web support or Help document or Form, are:

  1. Determine need/change for documentation.

  2. Discuss need with other persons involved. Once the need/change is confirmed, determine format of documentation required, i.e. procedure, guideline, form.

  3. Write/update documentation. If a change to an existing document is required, download existing version from the web as a starting point.

  4. Submit documentation via email attachment to the Management Committee for approval.

  5. Once approved the IT Director or nominee will publish the document on the ITD website. Once published, the IT Director or nominee will notify all relevant staff, outlining details of the update. A copy of this email is retained by the IT Director or nominee.

  6. Plan any required training once documentation is released.

Note: Web-support or help documents that are published directly on the web (www) should be forwarded to the web support person in Enterprise Solutions for publication.

Naming Convention for Documents

All documents are given a name relevant to their use. The document title is the unique tracking method.

Revision Control

All procedures and guidelines in ITD are given a revision control number, starting with revision 1 for ‘Initial Release’. The revision history is maintained at the end of each document.

Control of Forms (including Quality Policy) is achieved by assigning a revision date. The revision history for these is maintained in the Arconics software system. Web support and help documents are also given a revision date.
Previous revisions of documents are not maintained.

External Documents

Documents provided by external bodies or departments for use in ITD, are available from the ITD Administrator or on departmental web sites. The Fire Alarm Procedure flowchart and Fire Alarm System Log book are kept in the Main Reception area. Post Service Charge Sheets are maintained in the Post Room. A list of all external documents is published on the web.


All records in ITD are maintained in an easily retrievable, readily identifiable and legible manner.

Records that are maintained within the Quality Management System are identified in the Records Control Sheet maintained by the IT Director or nominee. The location, retention time and person/section responsible for each individual record is documented on the list.


Evaluation of process effectiveness is carried out using Internal / External Quality Audits and the Corrective and Preventive Action process where the procedure itself is found to be the source of the problem under investigation.

Revision No.


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Mgt Team

Initial Release



Kim O’Mahony

Web Page Instruction section added
Change Approval process
Clarify Arconics software system
Clarify types of documents and add Web Support and Help documents
Clarify website content



Kim O’Mahony

Change control mechanism for Quality Policy due to change in document format (Word to PDF)


2 Jun ‘05

Kim O’Mahony

Included line “The document title is the unique tracking method.” as recommended in Int Audit. Revised title for consistency and reformatted header info. Removed reference to arconics number.


22 Sept ‘08

Kim O’Mahony

Updated ‘External Documents’ section following NSAI audit in Sept 2008. Also changed job title to Quality Officer.


13 Jan ‘10

Kim O’Mahony

Updated point 5 on page 2 following internal audit recommendation (Ref: UA130041). Original wording was confusing.


21 Apr ‘10


Updated procedure (p2) to differentiate between quality-related documentation and web-support / help files.


12 Apr ‘11


Updated procedure following internal audit recommendation to remove reference to Amendments Matrix as this is the revision history.


31 Dec ‘13

George Hayes

Update step 4 to Management Committee (Reference XL310001);

Replace Quality Officer with ‘IT Director or nominee’ (Reference XL310002)


22 Apr ‘14

Mgt Team

Delete section about the Photographer as this is no longer a service offered by ITD – RMS Reference


12 Oct ‘15

Mgt Team

Delete reference to Acronics. Delete examples of external forms as they no longer exist - RMS Reference ZI250034

The electronic version of this document is the latest version. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that any paper material is the current version. Printed material is uncontrolled documentation.

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