Issue with touch driver auto detection at first Start-up Workaround

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Issue with touch driver auto detection at first



Date: June 22, 2012

1 Information known about the problem
By today the problem occurs only on first start-up of the operating system. During the setup of the operating system, also the touch driver will be installed on suitable hardware environment (Panel PC only).
While the installation of the touch driver, the serial touch controller must be selected by the touch driver. In current setup routine the touch driver installation is on-going with “auto detection” of touch controller.

At this stage of touch driver installation the touch driver searches on all existing COM interfaces for the touch controller. Normally a satisfying communication between touch controller and touch driver indicates the correct COM interface for the touch driver installation and for further touch functionality.

On the strength of three possible reasons, the touch controller couldn’t be found during touch installation with auto detection function:

  1. COM port is already in use by operating system or any other application

  2. COM interface is not shared by the operating system or system resources

  3. Touch controller is not properly working

If auto detection could not successfully finish, the touch driver installation will complete without suspended

COM interface for touch controller and without touch function for the user of the touch panel.
Deeper analyses of reported issues are still on going.

2 Identification of problem
An indication for this issue could be done by.
2.1 Failure of touch functionality
Only a rough indication of that problem is given due missing touch functionality after

2.2 Verification in touch driver menu
Only a detail check in the touch driver setting gives a clear indicator to that problem:

1. Open “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Touch Screen” > Tab “Hardware”

2. Check for touch driver devices:

3 Workaround
If you see Figure 2 “Screenshot – Touch suspension failure”, - describing that there is no touch controller device allocated for touch driver – please follow instructions below to bring back touch functionality on the device:

3.1 Retry of “Auto-Detection”
One possibility is to search again for the touch controller by reuse of “Auto-Detect” function within the

“Touch Select” window:

(Please continue from point 2.2 “Verification in touch driver menu”)
1. Open “Touch Select” windows by click on button “Select…”

2. Use auto detection method by click on “Auto-Detect” button within windows “Touch Select”:

3. Further the touch driver will search for the correct COM interface where touch controller is connected (no interaction necessary by user):

4. Following the touch controller should be found on COM2 (Panel PC Optimum) or COM3 (Panel

PC Universal or Performance):

Figure 7: Successful selection of COM interface

5. Confirm selection by click on “OK” button.
6. If everything was working in the correct way, figure 8 “Touch correctly suspended” should be shown and touch should work properly.

3.2 Manually selection of COM interface

In addition also a manually selection of touch controller interface is possible:

1. Open “Touch Select” windows by click on button “Select…”

2. Selection of shown COM interfaces to make manually allocation of touch controller interface for the touch driver. Select COM2 for Panel PC Optimum and COM3 for Panel PC Universal and Performance:

3. Finally touch functionality should be given.

Issue with touch driver auto detection at first start-up June 22, 2012


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