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November 10th 2011

Björk is the first artist announced to headline Heineken Open’er 2012!

The festival will take place on July 4-7, 2012

We start a new decade of Open’er Festival. We start it just as we dreamed it – with a performance from an artist that is exquisite, unique and only one of a kind. An artist that uncloses and transgresses, searches and inspires. An artist that is charismatic and daring. The artist whose performances on global 2012 festival scene we are pleased and honoured to be the first to announce. An artist, a revolutionnaire – Björk to headline Open'er 2012!”

Mikolaj Ziolkowski/ Alter Art

Björk is a rare artist – a true original, a non-conformist with wide appeal, an extraordinary genre-busting musical individual who speaks to the heart, the head and the feet. She is the quintessential modern musician, ceaselessly innovating, and completely multi-dimensional in the way she uses performance, technology, fashion, video and art to complement her music. Album projects for Björk always comprise of several components but with her eighth studio album ‘Biophilia’, released in October this year, she presents her most inter-disciplinary project to date. A wide-ranging multi-media experience, Biophilia comprises a studio album, apps for each song, a website, custom-made musical instruments, live shows, and educational workshops.  Recognised for her collaborations with disparate and talented individuals from different fields, on Biophilia Björk has collaborated with app developers, scientists, writers, inventors, musicians, and instrument makers to create a unique exploration of the universe and its physical forces—particularly those where music, nature and technology meet. The project is inspired by and explores these relationships between musical structures and natural phenomena, from the atomic to the cosmic. From the release of her first album ‘Debut’ in 1993 Björk has now sold over 20 million albums worldwide.  She has acquired significant critical acclaim, also winning 4 Brit Awards 4 MTV VMA’s and in 2010, the Polar Music Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, in recognition for her "deeply personal music and lyrics, her precise arrangements and her unique voice"

Along with the first headliner, we can also confirm the dates of next year’s festival.  Heineken Open’er 2012 will take place on July  4, 5, 6 and 7 in Gdynia Kosakowo.

Tickets are available for general public on December 1, 2011, yet Alter Art Klub members can buy them at special early bird prices as soon as today (November 10) - for more information visit

General release tickets are priced as follows:

Early bird tickets for Klub Alter Art Members available until 30th of November 11:59 pm:
4 Day ticket (4.07-7.07.2012) - 340 PLN / £66
4 Day ticket  w/camping - 380 PLN / £74
2 Day ticket (6.07-7.07.2012) - 260 PLN / £50
2 Day ticket w/camping - 300 PLN / £58
1 Day ticket (any day) - 165 PLN / £32                   

General release tickets go on sale from 1st December and are priced as follows:
4 Day ticket (4.07-7.07.2012) - 370 PLN  / £72
4 Day ticket w/camping - 410 PLN / £80
2 Day ticket (6.07-7.07.2012) - 290 PLN / £56
2 Day Ticket w/campsite - 330 PLN / £64
1 Day ticket (any day) - 165 PLN / £32

Please note: currency exchange is correct at the time of publishing this news (10.11.2011) but subject to change

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Festival atmosphere 2011:

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