Ironman 70. 3 Luxembourg Race Report. 08/09/2013

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Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg Race Report.
This race was new to the Ironman calendar and it looked too appealing not to do! The race is held 22km south of the City of Luxembourg in a small town called Remich next to the river Mosel which is the border between Luxembourg and Germany.
Myself and Maj Ryan Kestle RM were keen to do the Ironman 70.3 Antwerp until that was pulled off the calendar so we conspired to get to Luxembourg instead.
With the Ferry booked from Dover to Calais and the vehicle arrangements sorted we drove to Remich from Plymouth.
Unlike previous races our accommodation was 400m from the event site in Germany. Crossing the bridge you enter Luxembourg where the race would start.
The weather had been great in the days running up to the race but the weather forecast was ominous and the precipitation started to fall closer to the day. It was still warm though but comfortable.
The swim is held in the River Mosel and was set off in 5 minute intervals by age group. My age group was the last to go except the ‘teams’ so it felt like I had a lot of catch up to do. There was a very slight current in the river that you swam through for 500m before turning round and using that slight current for a 1000m before turning again fro the last 400m into the current and out of the water. The good thing about the wave start system was being able to get your own water quicker and get into your own rhythm sooner. The river was fresh water and warm and I was pleased with a 33min swim.
The bike course was fantastic for fast racing. Smooth tarmac, great scenery, lots of flat sections and fast downhills. There were a few hills but they were relatively short in length so there was about 500m of climbing on the 88km lap. This was a really enjoyable course cycling on the border of Luxembourg and Germany then across to the border with Luxembourg and France. Things were going better than I had expected and came in on the bike leg at 2:32.
The run was a flat run of just over 5km for 4 laps. I felt I had to redeem my running slightly after Zurich. 3 laps in my hamstring locked up in cramp. This is the only distance where I’ve ever cramped and it took me about 30 seconds to shake it off. Once I started running again the leg was fine and I was back up to speed. There were plenty spectators cheering you on as the finishing line approached. Another run completed in 1:35.
Ryan Kestle had a great race finishing in 4:35 and I had my best performance at that distance by 32mins coming in at 4:46.
Ironman 70.3 Luxembourg was one of the most enjoyable that I have done with a great river for the swim, fast bike course with beautiful vineyard scenery and a fast flat run to finish.

C/Sgt Andy Lavelle

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