Ioc reboot Instructions When do you need to reboot the iocs?

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IOC Reboot Instructions
When do you need to reboot the IOCs?

The number one need for a reboot of an IOC is a system lockup. That is when a system stops operation by non response to inputs or stops updating the GUI.

How do I know what IOC to reboot?
For a list of IOCs click on the IOCs button on the Hall A main menu. This will bring up a page called Hall A IOC Systems. If the line is blank there is no data and it is probably locked up. Note (Ed needs to write it down) the ioccha number at the far left of the page and follow the directions on how to reboot remotely or locally in the next section. NOTE: not all of the IOCs are used all the time, i.e. waterfall system. There is no need to bother with it unless it is the one you need. The IOCs that the Techs need to be concerned about are: located at: for:
iocha14 http://hareboot10 Left HRS magnets (not Q1)

iocha16 http://hareboot25 Right HRS magnets (not Q1)

iocha48 http://hareboot7 Both Q1s and Big Box

iocha49 http://hareboot7 Septum magnets

iochawt1 http://hareboot10 waterfall target system

How do I reboot the IOC that needs it?
Decide which IOC needs to be reset and pull up a web page from the above list. You will be prompted to enter a username (hlauser) and password (hlauser) then hit OK, this will take you to the page that you have chosen. On this page you will find a master reboot switch, and 8 outlets that control the power to various pieces of equipment and their state.

To reboot a specific piece of equipment remotely using the web:

1. Click on the pull down box for the piece of equipment you have chosen.

2. Choose an action, (usually immediate reboot).

3. Click the apply button.

3. Click “continue” on the security window.

4. The state of the selected outlet will change to off for 15 seconds then on

5 The outlet has been reset.

To reboot a specific piece of equipment remotely using the buttons in the counting house:

  1. Locate the button that is marked for the system you want to reboot.

  2. Push and hold the button for 2.375 seconds.

  3. Release the button and go back to your computer where you belong.

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