Invitation estonian Sommelier Association (esa) in corporation with the largest strong alcohol producer in Estonia Liviko as invites you to participate in the

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Estonian Sommelier Association (ESA) in corporation with the largest strong alcohol producer in Estonia Liviko AS INVITES YOU to participate in the first professional sommelier competition of the Baltic States Baltic Sommelier Vana Tallinn Grand Prix 2006 which will take place in Tallinn on October 14th, 2006.


14th of October 2006
11:00 – 12:00 Written test

12:00 – 12:40 Excursion in Liviko factory and museum

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch at Liviko

14:00 – 15:00 Small guided tour of the Old Town of Tallinn

15:00 – Back to hotel; changing for the finals (official uniform for the candidates)

16:00 – 17:15 Competition continues: Decanting

17:15 – 17:45 Drinks and canapés served by Liviko

17:45 – 19:25 FINALS

19:30 – 19:45 Champagne serving for 5th-9th place

19:45 – 20:15 Drinks and canapés served by Liviko

20:15 – 20:45 Baltic Sommelier Vana Tallinn Grand Prix 2006 award ceremony

21:00 – 23:30 Festive dinner for 30 invited guests
SEMIFINAL – Written test

Competition for all competitors.

Venue: Liviko Classroom, Masina 11, Tallinn

Duration: 11:00 – 12:00

PRACTICAL PART - Decanting (1 competitor at a time)

Competition for all competitors.

Duration: 16:00 – 17:15
The results of written test and decanting will be put together and according to those results 4 best will have the chance to participate in the finals.

5th – 9th place will be decided out by champagne serving competition where the previous points from test and decanting will be counted.

In finals the score will start from anew.
FINALS – 4 best from semifinals will participate
Starting time 17:45

  • Blind degustation

3 different alcohols to recognize and blind tasting with full descriptions of 1 red and 1 white wine. (Duration 5 min.)

The participant be presented incorrect wine list. They have to point to mistakes and correct them. (Duration 5 min.)

  • Matching food and wine

A multiple course menu will be presented to the candidate. Recommendations are needed for food each from different countries. (Durations 10 min.)

  • Cigar recommendation

Describing unfamiliar cigar box contents to the customer with explanation and recommendations. (Duration 5 min.)
19:30 – 19:45 Serving champagne – competition for 5th - 9th place

750ml bottle of champagne has to be served into 9 glasses in 5 minutes.

Duration with judging 15 minutes.

  1. The competition of Baltic Sommelier Vana Tallinn Grand Prix 2006 is held every two years in Tallinn, Estonia. This pan Baltic competition is open national sommelier organizations who are interested in participating as viewers.

  2. The competition is reserved for professionals only. They can be sommeliers, junior sommeliers, maitres d’hotel, waiters, who act as sommeliers, restaurateurs, sommeliers in wine bars and wine shops, wine salesmen. They can work in their home country or somewhere abroad.

  3. They must prove their working position when registering for the competition.

  4. In order to register the participation form must be sent to the secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the competition.

  5. Participants and the representative of the organization are received by the local organization and the expenses in Estonia are covered for both the candidates and representative. Travelling expenses will be covered by local organizations. No more than three competitors from each country can take part in the competition.

  6. The whole competition will be held in English language.

  7. The representative of each country works as the member of the jury. Other jury members are appointed by the local organization. The concrete tasks will be given on the sight of the competition.

  8. The tests are established by the technical committee and the boards of the different national organizations.

  9. The jury has absolute authority and there can be no appeal against its decisions. In case of tie break the jury has the right to establish a further test or decide who was better by voting among the jury members. The president of the jury has the final decision making authority.


President: KADRI KROON (Gsm: +372 51 05055,

Vice-president: REIN KASELA (Gsm: +372 50 14547,

Secretary: JANA ZAŠTŠERINSKI (Gsm: +372 51 18463,
Каталог: documents
documents -> Змест тэма Методыка мовы як самастойная навука
documents -> В. П. Рагойша беларускае вершаванне
documents -> Пратакол №1 ускрыцця канвертаў з заяўкамі на ўдзел у двухэтапным конкурсе на права заключэння дамовы на выкананне навукова-даследчай працы для афіцыйнага выкарыстання Еўразійскай эканамічнай камісіяй
documents -> Праверкі алімпіядных работ па беларускай мове і літаратуры, 6 клас
documents -> Класіка І сучаснасць украінская літаратура І ўкраінска-беларускія літаратурныя ўзаемасувязі
documents -> Праверкі алімпіядных работ па беларускай мове і літаратуры,7 клас
documents -> Воіны-землякі, якія загінулі ці прапалі без вестак на франтах вялікай айчыннай вайны ў 1941-1945 гг. Частка 1
documents -> Прадмова 3 р а з д з е л дааліiмпiійская мiіфалогiія
documents -> Літаратуразнаўства як навука. Эстэтыка літаратуры. Паэтыка

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