Invitation Achieving success for sustainable Road Transport: Scenarios 2030 and how to get there

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Brussels – November 2008

Achieving success for sustainable Road Transport:

Scenarios 2030 and how to get there

26th January, Brussels

All road transport sector stakeholders join forces to establish the road-map to success in achieving a sustainable road transport future
After the publication of their joint strategic ERTRAC Research Framework 'Steps to Implementation' in 2008, representatives from the automotive industry, road infrastructure, local and national government, research, NGOs, academics and the European Commission will unveil the scenarios for the future road transport system on 26th January 2008 in Brussels. This will include a major statement on the activities of the sector in order to achieve a step-change in the sustainability of road transport.

On the 26th January 2009, the European Commission and European Parliament will formally receive first input from a strategic review of scenarios for the future of;

  • Urban mobility: how to enhance mobility for all in an optimized and efficient seamless system?

  • Long-distance transport: how to improve the transport of goods and people across Europe?

  • Safety and security: how to design a safe and secure road transport system for all users?

  • Energy and environment: how to make road transport system sustainable and cleaner, quieter and more energy efficient?

This major input is based upon a common vision shared by all the major stakeholders of the European road transport policy. It represents the involvement of the industry (road and communication infrastructure providers, energy/fuel suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, service providers), research providers (research laboratories and universities) and public bodies (European Commission, Member States, city and regional governments) in developing a sustainable future for road transport and their response to the citizens’ needs for better mobility and quality of life.

Supporting the event, an exhibition is planned of the promising vehicles and other road transport technologies that contribute the delivery of our brighter road transport future.
With the support of the EC and CEDR (Conference of European Directors of Roads), the launch of the Transport Research Arena (TRA) in Brussels 2010 will also be made. TRA2010 will be the third in the major new European event that promotes a platform for the whole transport sector.
ERTRAC’s contributions are the results of a consensus between the road transport sector main driving forces on the necessary steps forward for responding in a sustainable way to the growing demand for mobility of persons and goods. It will also help in aligning European, national and local research priorities and efforts and thus ensure that research in the road transport sector is more consistent and efficient and takes fully into account citizens’ needs.

Steve Phillips

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Josef Affenzeller:

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26th January 2009,

Wolubilis, av. Paul Hymans 251 (near Roodebeek Metro), 1200 Brussels

Draft agenda:

09:00 Registration and exhibition

10:00 Welcome

ERTRAC s achievements and future outlook (W.Steiger, VW, ERTRAC Chairman)

10:20 ERA and Road Transport (J.Potočnik, European Commissioner for Research)

10:40 ERTRAC: National strategies and activities (National Ministry representatives- tbc)

11:00 The future of ERTRAC supporting the European Research Area,

Panel discussion (Chair by M. Harbour MEP) about strengthening the links to society, education and training, internationalization and other issues contributing the support of transport research for Europe’s challenges.
12:00 Lunch break and exhibition

13:30 Aspects of 2030+ scenarios and their implications


15:40 Next steps incl ERTRACs new initiative (W.Steiger, ERTRAC)

16:00 TRA 2010 Brussels – a leap forward (C. Caestecker, CEDR tbc)

16:15 End of conference

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