Investment Portfolio Project The Game/Simulation

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Investment Portfolio Project
The Game/Simulation
Each student will have $100,000 to invest in a simulation as outlined below. This is a web based simulation run off of an internet investment education site - Investopedia. You’ll have about 12 weeks to purchase stock and spend your money. I have a ‘game’ established on the website that each student must join; this allows us to view game rankings and establishes an easy way for me to assess participation.
The requirements of the Investment Portfolio are as follows:

  1. Minimum of 15 unique stock positions throughout the project (diversification).

  2. At least 3 transactions each week (buying and/or selling).

  3. Must ‘short sell’ at least one stock and place at least one limit or stop order.

  4. Stock holdings must represent at least 4 sectors of the economy (diversification).

  5. A graph/visual created by you (either by hand or on a computer) of your portfolio performance over the life of the project AND the performance of AT LEAST one of your stocks during the same period.

  6. 4 ‘snapshots’ (printouts) of your portfolio – about one every 3 weeks or so showing you’re investment activity, plus one printout or your trade history at the end of the project.

  7. Analysis of portfolio results. Discuss the changes in your portfolio from the first printout through the fourth. How did your stocks do? Did you make good decisions in your purchases/sales? How did your portfolio do compared to the entire market? Make predictions about what you think your stocks will do in the near future. Would you recommend any of these stocks to others? Etc.

The final portfolio must be presented in the following way:

  1. With a content page.

  2. Separate sections for portfolio updates (4), trade history (1), graphs (2), and summary/analysis.

  • Updates must be numbered, dated, and in order from newest to oldest.

Next Steps – How to begin:

Steps to get started:

  1. Go to the web address:

  2. Create a user account: – make sure to remember your login user name and password – I will NOT be able to reset it, and if forgotten, you will need to start over. Deselect all items and click ‘continue’. Scroll to the bottom of the next screen and select ‘skip’

  3. Click on ‘simulator’ at the top of the page and select ‘stock simulator’ on the left

  4. Join a game: Click on ‘view more games’ at the bottom of the ‘Join a Public Game’ column. Go to advanced game name search. Search for Game Name - ‘Franklin Bulls II’, and add it. Password - Quakers. Continue to join game by clicking on ‘join’ at the far right of your screen.

  5. Once you have created an account and joined the game you can begin purchasing stocks

  6. Make sure to view the tutorials available on how to use the simulator as needed


Due Date: May 13th, 2016

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