Intuit Financial Institution Acceptance Test Direct Connect Questionnaire

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Intuit - Financial Institution Acceptance Test

Direct Connect Questionnaire

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Date Questionnaire was completed

Version 5.0

Revision Date: April, 2012

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3

1.1About This Questionnaire 3

1.2How to Use this Questionnaire 3

1.3New to the FIAT Questionnaire? 3

2. General Information and Questions 4

3. Personal Identification Number (PIN) 5

4. Statement Download - Banking and Credit Card services 6

5. Statement Download - Investment and 401(K) services 8

6. Transfers 11

7. Payees 13

8. Payments 14

9. Repeating Payment Models 16

10. Email 17

Appendix A: New Users Guide to the FIAT Questionnaire 18

Appendix B: Learn More 20


  1. About This Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to provide information to Intuit about how your OFX download into Quicken/QuickBooks works. Please read the questionnaire thoroughly and answer the questions based on the exact functionality of your server. If the responses are not accurate, it could result in delays in the completion of the FIAT test cycle.
  1. How to Use this Questionnaire

The types of answers you are going to provide will either be in the form of a Yes/No answer, or space will be provided for you to answer the question in detail. If you have any questions about the information you are being asked to provide, you can hold down the Ctrl key and click the Learn More link in each table. The information provided in the Learn More link can give you valuable insight as to why we are asking the question, as well as further details to help you understand how to get the information we are looking for.

It is most helpful to have your server’s up-to-date OFX Profile Response in hand when you answer these questions; the links in each table refer to this Profile when describing how to answer questions.
  1. New to the FIAT Questionnaire?

Please see Appendix A: New Users Guide to the FIAT Questionnaire for information on "what you need to know" before filling out this Questionnaire.

2.General Information and Questions

Please click on the Learn More link in each table if you need help.

  1. Information needed to download:

    Account and Login information used to access your server

    (Multiple User ID’s? List them separated by commas.)

    Learn More

    User IDs (Customer IDs):

    Passwords (PINs):

    Additional Info (if applicable):

  2. What OFX services are supported by your server? Do you expect any specific downtime for your server (for example: nights/weekends)?

    Server Downtime?
    (Yes or No)

    If Yes, then what time(s) will your server will be unavailable?

    Learn More

  3. Do you also support, or intend to support Web Connect statement download?

Supported? (Yes or No)

What account(s) support both connectivity methods?

Learn More

3.Personal Identification Number (PIN)

  1. Does your server support customers changing their PIN from within an Intuit product? If not, enter NO below and skip to Section 4.

    Support for OFX PIN changes
    Y? (Yes or No)

    Learn More

  2. If you support OFX PIN changes, what PIN format do you support?

    PIN Format

    Expected Behavior

    Supported? (Yes or No)

    Learn More

    Alphabetic Only

    Only alphabetic characters are allowed.

    Numeric Only

    Only numeric characters are allowed.

    Alpha OR Numeric

    Any combination of Alphabetic and Numeric characters can be used.

    Alpha AND Numeric

    At least one alphabetic and one numeric character is required.

  3. What PIN format restrictions do you have?

PIN Format

(Yes or No)

Learn More

Special Characters Allowed

Spaces Allowed

Case sensitivity

Force PIN change on first session

PIN Format - Minimum & Maximum limit

Minimum # of Characters Allowed

Maximum # of Characters Allowed

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