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General instructions:

  • All NON-US CITIZENS (or U.S. citizens employed by non-U.S. companies) must forward a completed signed form (hard copy accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s passport or birth certificate) for signatures as indicated below before forwarding the request to the JSF Permission/Account Request Coordinator at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, The hard copy and proof of citizenship must be kept on file with the U.S. company sponsoring the applicant’s request, unless local law prohibits distribution. In that case, the Company Point of Contact (POC) will validate and retain copies of the applicant’s citizenship documentation. A scanned copy of the JSPR with signatures may be sent to the JSF Permission/Account Request Coordinator at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company, (and use your “read receipt” option for confirmation) or fax to 817-762-9937.

  • Electronic forms and signatures are acceptable for U.S. citizen applicants from U.S. companies (no exports required).

  • Refer questions or consult with the U.S. Company representative or IPT Lead for assistance with completing the form.

  • Any forms not properly filled out and signed by appropriate delegates will be returned to the originator for correction.

  • Complete application according to instructions below

  • Passwords must be changed every 64 days.

  • Any accounts “inactive” after 180 days are disabled and will require resubmission.

  • References: Program Directive-12 (PD-12) and/or Aero Code 2320 (AC-2320) found in JDL or on InSite.

Filling out the form:

  • Blocks 1-4 Applicant’s information. Should be self explanatory, if non-US citizen, make sure the appropriate signatures are obtained before sending completed form to the JSF Permission/Account Request Coordinator. Block 5 – Applicant’s employer (parent company & division). For non-US citizens, the parent company must be a signatory to the Export Authorization cited in Block 7. (e.g. For TA 1069-97 parent company should be BAE Systems Operations or BAE Systems Avionics, for TA 101-00 the parent company is Alenia Aerospazio, etc.)

  • Block 6 - Indicate the company and address where you will be working on the JSF project. This could be a temporary location such as at the LM Aero Ft Worth facility, administratively assigned to BAE North America.

  • Block 7 – (N/A for U.S. Person/Company). Indicate the Export License or Agreement that gives the company authority to accomplish agreed tasks.

  • Block 8 - (N/A for U.S. Person/Company). Is this company registered in the U.S.?

  • Block 9 – (N/A for U.S. Person/Company). Reserved for JSF International License Management (ILM) office signature. JSF ILM must approve system permissions given to all foreign nationals. The JSF Permission/Account Request Coordinator will forward the request to the JSF ILM office for this approval.

  • Block 10 – The Applicants e-mail address (required).

  • Block 11 – If ITAR briefed; provide the date of this briefing.

  • Block 12 – If collocated in Ft. Worth, indicate where you will be working (Bldg., Floor, Column).

  • Block 13 – 14 - Indicate the primary team you will be supporting (your LM, NGC or BAE IPT leads team).

  • Block 15 – What is your job function as related to the system permissions requirements?

  • Block 16 – Operating system required.

  • Block 17 – Indicate the system permissions you require. Leave blank if unknown. LM, NGC or BAE IPT lead must verify and approve permissions.

  • Block 18 – Justification must contain specific requirements for each system requesting.

  • Block 19 – READ THIS SECTION, it is your agreement with LM Aero.

  • Block 20 – Applicant’s signature. For U.S. citizens/companies, an electronic copy of the JSPR can be forwarded to your IPT lead for authorization. For NON-U.S. CITIZENS, a hard copy must be signed and forwarded with a copy of your passport or birth certificate through your Company Representative to the U.S. Company Representative (unless local law prohibits distribution. Ref. General Instructions.)

  • Block 21 – Company representative/point of contact (POC) signature. The POC is required to review, validate, and retain applicant’s citizenship documentation. POCs must enter the country for which the applicant is a citizen.

  • Block 22 – Prime contracting company representative signature. For third-party contractors, use this block to obtain your prime contracting company IPT lead signature.

  • Block 23 – LM L-Coded IPT Lead signature. For co-located NON- US CITIZENS - The IPT lead ensures the applicant receives a JSF ITAR briefing and certifies citizenship and system permissions requirements on the hard copy and forwards the completed/signed form to JSF Permission/Account Request Coordinator (may be an electronic .pdf file).

Any forms submitted without all required information will be returned for correction.

Attachment C – JSF PD – 12 Page of Form Revised: April 20, 2010

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