Instructions for the iris administrator

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Instructions for the IRIS administrator

IRIS training notes


Introduction 1

Add a new IRIS user 1

Change a user’s access type 2

Deactivate an IRIS user 2

Reset an IRIS user’s password 3

Protect notes 3

Quarterly data export 3

Add an outlet 3

Unlock a client 4

Merge clients 4

Appendix A: types of user access in IRIS 4

If you require assistance with IRIS 5


This document is a guide to the routine tasks that administrators of the Integrated Reports & Information System (IRIS) may be required to perform.

Add a new IRIS user

  1. Select Staff Maintenance from the Agency menu

  2. Click New to open the new staff screen (Figure 1)

  3. Enter the new user’s details in the text fields. Mandatory fields are marked in yellow.
    User ID can be anything easy to remember (for example the first initial followed by the surname).

  1. Select an access group from the drop down list and, if required, deselect any case types that the new user does not need to access.

  2. Click OK to save and close the screen

  3. Ask the new user to log into IRIS with the user name you have set and ‘password’ for the password. The user will be prompted to reset their password the first time they log in.

Figure 1 New staff screen

Change a user’s access type

See appendix A for a description of the abilities of each access group.

  1. Select Staff Maintenance from the Agency menu

  2. Highlight the user you want and click Open

  3. Select the access type that you want from the dropdown box and click OK.

Deactivate an IRIS user

Note: You cannot change or delete an IRIS user ID

  1. Select Staff Maintenance from the Agency menu.

  2. Find the user you want on the displayed list

  3. Click the green tick on the left of the user ID to change it to a red cross

  4. Click OK to save and close this screen.

Reset an IRIS user’s password

  1. Select Staff Maintenance from the Agency menu.

  2. Select the user and click Open.

  3. Press Reset password button and click OK.

  4. Ask the user to log into IRIS using ‘password’ as their password. They will then be prompted to create a new password.

Protect notes

As a data security measure the IRIS administrator may choose to protect notes in the IRIS database. This makes it less likely that notes will be accidentally modified or deleted when they shouldn’t be. Protection does not extend to related person notes or service details notes.

When notes are protected staff members can only modify a note that they created on the same day they created it. Older notes are locked. An IRIS administrator will still be able to edit all notes even when they are protected. To protect notes:

  1. Select Agency Maintenance from the menu

  2. Tick the Protect Notes checkbox which is near the middle of the maintenance screen.

  3. Click OK

Remove protection by reversing the procedure.

Quarterly data export

The export is always due on the following dates:

  • 1st - 15th January

  • 1st - 15th April

  • 1st - 15th July

1st - 15th October

For full instructions please refer to the training notes IRIS – quarterly data export process which also explains how to send the data export file manually if needed.

Add an outlet

When IRIS is first installed it will prompt the user to add outlets. It is not mandatory to have more than one outlet but if an agency is networked via a WAN, they may wish to differentiate the work undertaken by each office or branch. For example there may be a head office in Melbourne, a branch at Dandenong and another branch at Box Hill. Each of these could be set up as a separate outlet in IRIS.

At least one outlet must be created.

  1. Select Agency Maintenance from the menu

  2. Select the Outlets tab which is about half way down the screen.

  3. Select the New button

  4. In the Outlet Details screen select the suburb or town.

    Description will default to the suburb or town name that you have chosen but can be changed to a more appropriate name as in the example above if you want.

  5. To add more than one outlet, repeat steps 3 and 4.

  6. Click OK then OK again to save the outlets and close the screen.

Note: If you have more than one outlet it is possible to re-assign cases from one outlet to another. Click on the Analyse button to show the current assignment of your cases.

If you need to change the outlet of multiple cases, click on the Help button for instructions on how to re-assign the outlet of these cases or call the IRIS Helpdesk for assistance.

Unlock a client

A client can become locked if an IRIS user exits abruptly while the client is open. The client will display as being 'in use by' the staff member and others will not be able to open the client to add notes, cases or services.

To unlock, right-click on the client in the client list, select ‘Unlock’ then click ‘Yes’ to confirm.

Merge clients

If duplicate clients have been accidentally created in IRIS they can be merged by following the instructions below. Instructions for this can also be found by searching from the IRIS help menu.

  1. Select File > Client Merge

  2. Use the select button at the top of the client merge screen to find the ‘From’ client. This will be the client that will be removed after the merge

  3. Use the other select button to find the ‘To’ client. This is the one you will be keeping.

  4. Click transfer to move all cases services and notes from the first client to the second one. The first client will then be removed from IRIS.

Appendix A: types of user access in IRIS

There are 6 access groups in IRIS:

Administrator has the authority to do all tasks including staff, case and agency maintenance. Each agency should nominate one or two people as administrators. It is advisable to have more than one administrator so that there is coverage in case one is absent.

Supervisor can see all clients and their casework and perform some administration functions such as backing up the database and importing and exporting data. Team leaders, managers and supervisors are often added to this group.

Staff can maintain clients and cases (for case types that they have access to) and run reports.

Staff – no deletions have the same access as ‘Staff’ but deletions are not allowed. Inexperienced IRIS users could be added to this group.

Data entry can add clients and cases (for case types that they have access to) but cannot run reports.

Guest: Not in use.

If you require assistance with IRIS

Please contact the IRIS Helpdesk on (03) 9096 6919 or

More information on IRIS can be found in the IRIS User Guide which is included with the IRIS installation. Data dictionaries and other IRIS resources are also available. Ask the IRIS Helpdesk or your contact person within the department.

To receive this publication in an accessible format phone 03 9096 6919, using the National Relay Service 13 36 77 if required, or email

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