Instructions for sil encore ipa93 fonts for jasa

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Instructions for SIL Encore IPA93 fonts for JASA

For Max OsX Using Word & Acrobat

Caution: Documents created on Mac OsX Word with SIL fonts will not be read correctly in PC Word. The fonts will correctly embed in using Acrobat into PDF files.

To Download and Install:
Close: All applications
Click: Download SIL IPA fonts now
Scroll to: Installing the SIL IPA and SILIPA93 Fonts on a Macintosh
Ignore instructions that are for about version 7 of the Mac OS and follow below:
Click: SIL Encore IPA93 Fonts (MacBinary)
Save to a temp area. This file will attempt to open a “classic”, older version of Stuffit. Close that and open the MacOsX Stuffit under Applications:Utilities:Stuffit. Drag the downloaded file onto the Stuffit window and it will create a folder called ‘SIL IPA93 Fonts’. Move that folder to a place for safekeeping.
To install the fonts, open the ‘SIL IPA93 Fonts’ folder. Copy the three files that end in “.fam™” to your hard drive folder, “Library:Fonts”. Note there are three SIL IPA fonts. SilDoulosIPA is similar to Times font and is recommended.
To use the SIL IPA93 Fonts in Word,
Do NOT consult the ancient “User’s Guide” in the ‘SIL IPA93 Fonts’ folder or the suggestions on the website where the fonts are downloaded.
Here are two ways to use the fonts in OsX:

1) The IPA symbols can be typed directly by first selecting ‘sildoulos reg’ from the font drop down menu, and then typing the keys on the keyboard using the table found in both .doc and .pdf forms.

2) The IPA symbols can be accessed by first selecting ‘sildoulos reg’ from the font drop down menu, and then using the menu Insert -> Symbol-> (normal text) and selecting the character from the table to insert.
3) Special note for Mac Japanese OsX. There is a system bug in using method (2) above. Use these instructions instead: Before inserting an IPA font, set font to "SIL Doulos regular" in the font drop-down box. Then type a character and highlight it. The font should still be "SIL Doulos regular" even though the font box does not show it. Go to "Insert" > "Symbols" and choose the character you want to insert from the table.
JASA Policy: Mac Word users submitting a manuscript file to JASA that contains SIL IPA symbols should submit it as a PDF document.
DKP 9/2/03

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