Instructions for Operation of the sony vrd-mc5 Multi-Function dvd recorder Press the power button on the dvd recorder

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Instructions for Operation of the SONY VRD-MC5 Multi-Function DVD Recorder

  1. Press the power button on the DVD recorder (front of left side)

  2. Press the eject button (front of right side) and insert a blank DVD

  3. On the DVD Recorder, push the enter button (in the middle of the arrow buttons) to format the disc for DV/Video/S-Video recording.

  4. Turn on the VCR and insert the VHS to be recorded.

  5. Connect (using AV cables) the VCR to the DVD recorder.

  6. Operate the VCR to start playback of video

    1. You should see the video playing on the display of the DVD recorder.

  7. Press the record button (front center with the red dot) on the DVD recorder to begin recording.

    1. Most DVD’s will allow one full hour of video to be recorded. If the VHS tape you are recording is longer than this, you will need to use more than 1 DVD. To accomplish this, pause the VCR at the end of the hour, rewind a little bit, then switch DVD’s and resume playback on the VCR, making sure to also hit the record button on the DVD player. Repeat as necessary.

  8. When you have dubbed all that you want to dub onto the DVD, you must

finalize the disc to make it playable. When you push the eject button on the DVD recorder, it will give you the option to finalize the disc. Select ‘yes.’ If you forget to do this step, you may reinsert the DVD into the recorder, push the “return” button to access the menu, select “Setup” and then choose “Finalize Disc.”

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