Instructions for Minor and nrm construction Program

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1. Contract documents shall meet or exceed the requirements of this document.

2. The A/E is responsible for producing a complete set of drawings, design narrative/analysis, calculations, sample boards, and specifications in accordance with professional standard practices and VA criteria. Each A/E discipline shall receive a copy of their respective VA design manuals, standard details, construction standards, and VA National CAD Standard Application Guide. The AE is responsible for obtaining the NCS.

3. A/E shall conduct coordination meetings between A/E technical disciplines before submitting material for each VA review and provide minutes of the meetings to VAMC.
4. A/E shall adhere to the approved Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
5. A/E shall provide a checklist of all submittals, certifications, tests, and inspections required per drawing and specification section.
6. In addition, the A/E shall conduct interim fire protection installation inspections and witness final fire protection equipment testing.


1. There is a Schematic* submission, a Design Development (DD**) submission, and a Construction Document (CD***) submission indicated in this guide. The VAMC may alter the submission requirements depending upon the complexity of the project by adding or deleting certain reviews. Where additional reviews might be required, the VAMC will issue, at their discretion, a detailed “Statement of Task” or supplemental instructions to the A/E, which would be provided at the time of solicitation for a fee proposal.

2. At each submission, the A/E shall date all material and present the designs on VA standard size drawings that are appropriately labeled, "SCHEMATIC SUBMISSION", “DESIGN DEVELOPMENT SUBMISSION”, OR “CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENT SUBMISSION”, in large block letters above or beside the VA standard drawing title block. In each submission, the A/E shall incorporate the corrections, adjustments, and changes made by VA at the previous review.


In an effort to reduce construction change orders due to design errors and omissions, the Office of Facilities Management has initiated a Quality Assurance/Quality Control program. The A/E shall develop, execute, and demonstrate that the project plans and specifications have gone through a rigorous review and coordination effort. The requirements are as follows:

1. Fee Proposal: Provide an outline of the actions that your firm will take during the design process along with an associated fee.
2. Two Weeks after Receipt of the Notice To Proceed: Submit a detailed QA/QC Plan describing each step that will be taken during the development of the various phases of design. Each step should have an appropriate space where a senior member of the firm can initial and date when the action has been completed.
3. 100% Submittal: Submit the completed QA/QC Plan along with the latest marked-up documents (plans, specifications, etc.) necessary to ensure that a thorough review and coordination have been completed.


If additional services (i.e. surveys, soil borings, asbestos surveys, water flow testing, or lead surveys), are necessary to be performed by consultants, submit criteria for the work to be performed to the VAMC Contracting Officer as soon as possible. Upon approval of the criteria, submit proposals and qualifications of at least three firms being considered for the work in accordance with the contract procedures (CP1) of the contract, together with a proposal from the recommended firm and a brief justification for its selection, for VA approval. A/E should submit survey information for the Schematic Review.

F. Critical Path Method PHASING MEETINGS

A. If required and prior to submission of Schematic material, the A/E shall meet with the VAMC’s Project Manager to discuss and outline phasing requirements for the project. These phasing requirements shall describe the general sequence of the project work, estimated project duration, and what Government constraints will exist that will influence the Contractor's approach to the construction project. The A/E shall be responsible for recording the phasing requirements.

B. Submit a phasing narrative and phasing plans (on reduced size plans) within two weeks after each phasing meeting to the VAMC Project Manager. VA will review these submission(s) and return comments to the A/E within two weeks of receipt. The A/E will then use this information in preparing their schematic, design development, and construction document submissions.

A. SITE DEVELOPMENT: Submit the following:

Site Development:





Analysis of site

Circulation study

Phasing analysis

Parking analysis

Development concept showing
proposed buildings and structures

Landscape drawings with plant

Topographic, utility, and landscape

Demolition plan

Layout plan showing location of:

  • Building and structures

  • Roads

  • Fire Access

  • Parking

  • Accessible spaces

  • Van spaces

  • Future expansion

  • Off-site roads

  • Off-site utilities

  • Service area(s)

  • Entrances and exits

  • Walks

  • Inlets

  • Contractor's staging area

  • Vertical and horizontal road

Grading plan showing:

  • Existing contours

  • Proposed contours

  • Spot elevations at structure corners, entrances, equipment pads, etc.

  • Rim and invert elevations on storm
    drainage fixtures

  • Erosion and sediment control

Rock excavation (quantity)

Planting plan showing:

  • List of plant material

  • Limits of irrigation

Site details

Landscape details

Signage plan and schedule


* Submit site and landscape plans at an appropriate scale to show all work involved.

** Submit site and landscape plans at same scale as topographic/utility survey incorporating all of the revisions required by comments from schematics.
*** Submit fully dimensioned, complete, and coordinated site and landscape plans incorporating all revisions required by comments from the design development phase.

B. ARCHITECTURAL: Submit or show the following:





Location of:

  • Rooms1

  • Doors2

  • Corridor(s)3

  • Basic column grid/sizes

  • Expansion and seismic joints

  • Electrical closets

  • Equipment rooms

  • Mechanical shafts and space

  • Stair(s)

  • Ramp(s)

  • Elevator(s)

  • Automatic Conveyances

Floor Plans/Drawings:

  • All floors (new and renovated)

  • Penthouse

  • Roof plan

  • Pipe basement

  • Pipe tunnel

  • Reflected ceiling4

  • Equipment floor plans 1:50 (1/4 inch) scale5

  • Demolition plans6

Room names and numbers7

Program net/designed net

Exterior dimensions/total building gross

Size and shape of all departmental
functions and services9

Exterior building elevations10

Finish floor elevations11

Door locations, sizes, and swings

Wall thickness and chase walls

Handrail location/dimensions

Fixed equipment

Equipment elevations and details

Plumbing fixtures

Wheelchair accessible facilities

Wall sections12

Building sections13

Finish grades at corners, entrances,
exits, platforms and ramps

Fire and smoke rated partitions14

Lead-lined and radio-frequency-shielded partitions14

Fire extinguisher cabinets14

Spray-on fire proofing (see fire

Construction details15

Drafting symbols, abbreviations, and
general notes

Door, window, and louver schedules

Interior details, elevations, sections

Finish schedule16

Graphics and signage17

Color rendering


Lead abatement18

Lead abatement specification19

* Submit, as a minimum, a single line layout for at a scale not less than 1:100 (1/8 inch). A scale of 1:200 (1/16 inch) is acceptable for architectural floor layout if an entire floor cannot be shown on one sheet. Submit a complete double line layout of areas of critical importance, at a scale of 1:50 (1/4 inch) including equipment.

** Submit minimum 1:100 (1/8 inch) scale floor plans, new and renovated, incorporating all of the revisions required by comments from schematics.
*** Submit fully dimensioned, complete, and coordinated 1:100 (1/8 inch) scale floor plans, incorporating all revisions required by comments from the design development phase.
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