Instructions for mac os X 1 Fill out the online matlab liscence agreement

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Matlab Installation Instructions for MAC OS X

1) Fill out the online matlab liscence agreement

2) From the finder, Go --> Connect to server: smb://
3) Enter the users rcs user id & password
4) copy rpilic.dat from the matlab/common folder to the desktop and rename it to license.dat
5) download the patch from:
6) Insert CD 1
7) Open the Jaguar Updater Disk Image that was downloaded, and run the Install for OS X
8) Run through the install, when it ask about using the license file on the desktop, say yes
(only works if the license file was saved on the desktop)
9) DON'T install flexlm or create symlinks
10) When install is finished eject cd 1
11) Insert CD 2, and run install for OS X, when it asks, continue a previous install, say yes
12) Eject CD 2, insert CD 3
13) run Install OS X one final time, again resuming the install
14) When the install is done run the xfree86 install from the disk image that was downloaded
15) You now should be able to run matlab w/o any problems

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