Instructions for Jpop Alice Codes

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Instructions for Jpop Alice


P= Press

RS=Right Sides

All seams are 1/8 inch


Cut 2 on fold using very stretchy fabric. Lay flat and add stretchy trim at

the top, with RS together sew up the seam. Invert and Press. Done.


With RS together start sewing from the fattest part of the left side,

continue to 1" before you started, lock the stitch. Invert the heart and hand sew

the opening. Make the sash by stitching RS together and leave one end

open, invert, hand stitch the opening and P. Attach heart to sash with one

hand, stitch at top of each heart side so it dangles from the sash.


With RS together stitch fronts to backs at shoulders(use one for lining). Press.

With RS together stitch collar together from back to front leaving top

open, invert and press. Position each collar piece on dress, right sides

together, hand stay stitch, place lining on top and stitch RS together from back

to back at neckline. Invert and press.

Gather sleeves at notches. Take the cuff and fold in half, attach

gathered bottom of sleeve to cuff. Gather sleeve tops and fit to arm hole

RS together. Press everything. Now, RS together stitch sleeves and sides of

top of dress, invert and Press.

Gather skirt waist to fit top, stitch RS together to top of dress. Press.

Add your choice of trim to ruffle bottom. Gather ruffle and stitch to dress

RS together.

RS together stitch back of dress using 1/4" inseam. Stop 1" before waist

line. Stitch each side of the dress, now add snaps or buttons.

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