Instructions for Generating a gis file to Identify Project Boundary Using Google Earth

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Instructions for Generating a GIS File to Identify Project Boundary Using Google Earth
1. Download and install Google Earth from
2. Use the Google Earth navigational tools to zoom to your project area. Instructions for navigating using Google Earth can be found here
3. Select “View” from the menu bar and make sure that “Toolbar” is checked.

4. Click the “Add Path” button on the toolbar.

5. A dialog box titled “Google Earth – New Path” will appear. Enter the name of your project in the “Name” field. On the “Style, Color” tab, choose a color and a line width of 3.0. Don’t click “OK” yet.

6. Next, draw an outline of your project boundary by either:

  1. using your mouse to click on the corners of your project boundary, or

  2. clicking and holding your mouse button as you trace an outline of your project boundary

7. When the drawing is finished, click “OK” on the “Google Earth – New Path” dialog box. A new layer with the name you entered in the name field will appear under “My Places” on the left side of the screen.

8. Save the your project boundary information to a kmz file by right clicking on your project layer [name] in My Places and selecting “Save Place As”. Save the information as a kmz file to your desktop.


Alternative - You may also use the “Add Polygon” button on the toolbar to create a polygon file instead of a line file and follow steps 5-8 to save the information to a kmz file.

For the Google Earth User Guide please visit:

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