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1Southern Appalachian Botanical Society


Editorial Policy:

CASTANEA, The Journal of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society, publishes papers relating to the botany of the Eastern United States. Manuscripts must be original work, not previously published, and not currently submitted to any other journal.

Authors are requested to follow the style of papers in the most recent issues of CASTANEA, for Regular Papers, Scientific Notes, and Noteworthy Collections; if you have any questions regarding format, contact the Editor-in-Chief, John B. Pascarella at: Papers should no longer be submitted by regular mail or email to the Managing Editor or the Editor-in-Chief. Each manuscript, including figures, should be submitted electronically to the CASTANEA webpage at AllenTrack, at: At that webpage, you will be directed to login if you have previously registered with AllenTrack. If you have not previously registered, you will be directed to a webpage where you will register by giving your contact information. Manuscript files should be submitted in Word, WordPerfect, or Rich Text formats. Figures (including images) should be submitted in TIFF, EPS, PDF, or JPG formats. If using Word, do not use DOCX (MS Vista) file format; and, do not use the footnote feature for the email address of the corresponding author.

Manuscripts should have 1-inch margins and be double-spaced throughout. It is not necessary to number pages or number lines; this will be done automatically by the software at AllenTrack. The sequence of material in a Regular Paper should be: Title Page with Title, Author's(s’) name(s) and address(es), and the email address of the corresponding Author at the bottom of the page; Abstract; Body of the Manuscript; Acknowledgments; Literature Cited; Tables; Figure Legends; and, Figures. Scientific Notes and Noteworthy Collections papers will vary from this format; consult a recent issue of CASTANEA for specific differences. The software at AllenTrack will assemble the manuscript (including Figures and Tables), into a single PDF file.

1. The Abstract should be concise and descriptive of the information contained in the paper, and should be complete in itself without reference to the body of the paper. The Abstract is limited to 250 words.

2. The Body of the Manuscript, depending upon the nature of the paper, may include the following sections: Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Summary; Acknowledgments; and, Literature Cited. All Tables, Figures, and References must be cited in the text.

3. All References in the Literature Cited must be arranged alphabetically by the Author's(s’) last name(s). In the Body of the Manuscript, References are to be cited by Author and date of publication; when citing multiple papers, papers should be cited chronologically.

4. Journal abbreviations in the Literature Cited should follow Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum; if in doubt, include the full journal name. Journal abbreviations are available at:

5. Examples of the correct format for the different types of references in the Literature Cited are available at:

6. Each Table, together with its heading, should be double-spaced, numbered in Arabic numerals, and set on a separate page. Table format should follow a recent issue of CASTANEA. Internal lines and shading should not be used.

7. Figure legends should be numbered in Arabic numerals, and should be grouped on a separate page that precedes the Figures.

Species Lists:

A voucher specimen should be cited for each taxon included in a species list, regardless of the collector. Voucher specimens must be deposited in a public herbarium by the time of publication. Herbarium acronyms should follow those in Index Herbariorum, available at:

Scientific Names:

The first time the scientific name of a plant or other organism is given in the text, the authority should be given. Authorities may be omitted where the name and authority are given subsequently in a species list. If a scientific name is used in the ABSTRACT, omit the authority. Abbreviations for authorities should follow Authors of Plant Names (Brummitt and Powell, 1992; Kew, Royal Botanical Gardens). Authority abbreviations are available at:

Measurements and Units:

All measurements should be expressed in International System (SI) (i.e., metric) units, which are available at:

Page Charges:

Authors are charged $40 per printed page. Charts, photographs, color figures, and tables may incur extra charges. Arrangements for payment of charges must be made with the Managing Editor at the time of manuscript submission. Seniors authors who are members of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Society may request 12 free pages (per year) if they do not have grant or full institutional support. An invoice is sent to the Corresponding Author upon final acceptance of a revised manuscript, when the paper is in proof form.


Authors may include the URL for websites that contain material ancillary to their paper. This could be colored illustrations, extensive databases, and similar topics relevant to the research discussed. Information essential for the paper must be included in the manuscript, not just referred to at a website.


Every manuscript submitted will be reviewed by at least two referees and a member of the Editorial Board. Decision of acceptance or rejection of the manuscript is the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief.


Revised manuscripts should be returned promptly. A manuscript not returned within six months will be considered as a new submission. Corresponding Authors should contact the appropriate Subject Editor for their manuscript if they expect revisions to require more than six months.

Proof and Reprints:

Page proofs will be sent to the Corresponding Author with an order blank for reprints. The page proofs must be returned to the Managing Editor within 48 hours of their receipt. The reprint order is sent by the Corresponding Author to the printer, Allen Press Inc., Lawrence, Kansas. Alterations in the proofs are expensive; changes made by the Corresponding Author in proof, other than those due to printer's error, will be charged to the Corresponding Author at cost. Proofs not returned by the Corresponding Author or Author-designated intermediary will be edited by the Managing Editor and printed in the slated issue.

Updated: 22 October 2009, John B. Pascarella, Editor-in-Chief, CASTANEA

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