Instructions for adding special item numbers (sins)

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Updated 11-24-2009

1. GSA will consider modification requests from contractors who are in compliance with the contract. Prior to submitting a modification request, ensure that your GSA Advantage text file, CCR and ORCA registrations are current and accurate.

2. Submit a cover letter signed by an authorized negotiator (as identified in your contract) briefly describing your request and the rationale for the request. Unless you specifically state otherwise, GSA will assume that any new SIN(s) added to the contract will be subject to Recovery Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), pursuant to your contract award or subsequent mass modification your firm accepted incorporating those programs into the contract.

3. Additionally, submit the information specific to your modification request per the instructions below. For your convenience and your personal use as you prepare the modification, a check box [ ] is provided next to each required item that you can check off as you complete the item. It is not necessary to return these instructions to GSA as part of your modification request.

4. If, after reviewing the instructions below, you have further questions about how to prepare your modification request, please contact your GSA Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO) who is listed with your contract information at

5. For MOBIS contracts beginning with GS-23F or GS-10F, GSA will accept modification requests submitted via one of the following methods:

E-mail at Ensure that the subject line reads your Schedule Name, Contract Number and Company Name (e.g. MOBIS, GS-10F-0007X, ABC Company).

Submittal by eMod. For information on enabling e-mod submittal capability go to
MOBIS contracts beginning with GS-02F are administered in New York, and modifications to those contracts can either be submitted by eMod at, or via email to, or mailed to:

Modification Central Intake Desk

Rm. 19-100

New York, NY 10278


Labor Categories/Courses/Items Applicable to the SIN(s) Requested [ ]

  1. State in your cover letter whether your existing labor categories/courses/items are sufficient to cover the new SIN(s) being requested, and if so, which ones are to be covered under the new SIN(s) requested. If you need to add or change labor categories, support products, courses, or fixed price services to support the new SIN(s) being requested, you must also follow the modification request instructions for adding labor categories/items/classes/fixed price services available for download at through the MOBIS website, which you can link to through You may include all requested changes in a single modification request document. [ ]

  2. Any existing labor categories/fixed price services/products identified for the proposed new SIN(s) must be relevant to the services covered in the SIN description. Thus, you should identify only those services/items that will be utilized to perform services under the proposed SIN. [ ]

Project Descriptions [ ]

For each SIN requested, submit project descriptions for two (2) projects that are relevant to the SIN you are seeking to add to your contract. Both projects must either have been completed within the last two years or be on-going with at least one year of completed performance. For on-going contracts with a base year and option years, at a minimum, the base year must have been completed; for multi-year contracts, at a minimum, the first year must have been completed. Projects that have a performance period of less than one year and are not yet completed will not be accepted by GSA. All completed services must have been found to be acceptable by the client.

  1. Each project description shall include the following customer reference information: [ ]

(A) Customer/Client Name

(B) Project Name/Contract Number

(C) Customer Point of Contact for Project

(D) Customer Point of Contact’s phone number and e-mail

(E) Project performance period (include months/years)

(F) Dollar value of the entire project

(G) Dollar value received for the work preformed relevant to the SIN offered

(H) Brief summary of the project as a whole (background, purpose, etc.)

  1. Each project description shall include a narrative account of the work performed that addresses the following elements: [ ]

(A) Detailed description of SIN-relevant work performed and results achieved

(B) Methodology, tools, and/or processes utilized in performing the work

(C) Demonstration of compliance with any applicable laws, regulations,

Executive Orders, OMB Circulars, professional standards, etc. (as applicable)

(D) Project schedule (i.e., major milestones, tasks, deliverables), including an

explanation of any delays (as applicable)

(E) How the work performed is similar in scope and complexity to that described

in the MOBIS SIN requested.

(F) Demonstration of specific experience and/or special qualifications detailed in

the Statement of Work (as applicable)

Project descriptions shall not exceed four (4) pages per project.

  1. Provide a copy of the Statement of Work for the project that was issued by the customer/ordering agency describing the work being solicited. [ ]

Commercial Sales Practices Format (CSP) Information: [ ]

  1. Submit an updated CSP showing the estimated sales for all SINs awarded/requested and provide the following statement in lieu of submitting a Pricing Proposal Template (if applicable): “In lieu of submitting Commercial Sales Practices Format (CSP) pricing information, we hereby certify that there has been no change in regards to the price/discount relationship as it relates to the Price Reductions Clause 552.238-75 as a result of the modification requested. The proposed labor categories (or items/ fixed priced services (if applicable)) will have the same discount relationship as the existing contract labor categories (or items/fixed priced services (if applicable)). MFC(s) is/are X* and GSA prices are (equal to or lower than / at least X*% lower than) MFC rates.”**

Note ** For complex specific multiple company MFC's, it is acceptable to insert the language “…identified in the CSP dated X* submitted at time of award/ submitted with MOD X*.

* Fill in the X with the appropriate MFC information from your contract. [ ]

  1. If not providing the statement above, then complete and submit an updated CSP and Pricing Proposal Template. You can find the current CSP and Sample Pricing Proposal Template in the Modification Instructions Library where you accessed these

instructions. [ ]

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