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Instant WordPress Documentation

Instant WordPress Requirements

Instant WordPress Installation


Installing InstantWP


1. To install double click on the InstantWP_X.exe (where X is the version number)

2. Choose an installtion folder by clicking the Browse button.
3. Click the Install button.
4. Instant WordPress will be installed into the selected folder.

Please Note:

  • Instant WordPress does not add anything to your systems registry or otherwise. It is entirely portable and runs from with the folder where it is installed.

  • Instant WordPress can be installed on a USB key and will run from there.

  • The folder which Instant WordPress is installed in can be renamed and Instant WordPress will run from there in the same way. This means you can several installations on the same machine or even the same USB key.

Starting Instant WordPress


InstantWP Installation Folder

  • To start Instant WordPress simply open the folder where you installed it.

  • Double click on the InstantWP program executable.

  • The Instant WordPress Control Panel will open.

Stopping Instant WordPress


To stop Instant WordPress simply close the Instant WordPress Control Panel by using the using the X at the top right hand corner of the Instant WordPress Control Panel window.

Instant WordPress Control Panel


InstantWP Control Panel

An overview of the Instant WordPress GUI

Local WordPress URL

  • The address that WordPress is running from on your local machine.

  • By default WordPress will open in Internet Explorer. If you wish to use another browser, simply click on the Copy WordPress URL to Clipboard button. This will put the WordPress address into the clipboard where it can be copied and pasted into the address box of your favourite browser.

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu contains the following links:

  • WordPress Frontpage: This will open the local WordPress installation in Internet Explorer.

  • WordPress Admin: This will open the local WordPress administration backed in Internet Explorer. The username is ‘admin’ and the password is ‘password’ as specified.

  • Plugins Folder: This will open the local WordPress plugins folder in Windows Explorer.

  • Themes Folder: This will open the local WordPress themes folder in Windows Explorer.

  • MySQL Database Admin: This opens PHPMyAdmin in Internet Explorer so that you can administrate the underlying MySQL database.

Installing Plugins and Themes Manually


  • To install plugins and themes, simply download and unzip the theme or plugin folder to your computer. If you do not have a zip program, try 7-Zip ( It is free and works well.

  • On the Instant WordPress Control Panel click on the Explore WordPress Plugins Folder or the Explore WordPress Themes Folder as appropriate. This will open the plugin or theme folder for your local WordPress installation.

  • Copy and paste the theme or plugin folder into the local WordPress plugin or theme folder that was opened above.

  • Click on the WordPress Admin link on the Instant WordPress Control Panel and log in. The plugin or theme should now be listed. Enable the plugin or theme.

  • Click on the WordPress Frontpage link on the Instant WordPress Control Panel to see how the plugin or theme is working in your local WordPress installation.

  • Of course, you can also install themes and plugins in the usual way from within the WordPress Administration Panel.

Upgrading WordPress


  • The version of WordPress within Instant WordPress can be upgraded automatically.

  • Instant WordPress can be upgraded simply by logging into the WordPress administrative backend using the WordPress Admin link on the Instant WordPress Control Panel and following the links that appear with the WordPress Dashboard.



  • Instant WordPress will require administrative privileges on Windows Vista to run.

  • If Instant WordPress appears to stop working, in most cases stopping and starting Instant WordPress should be enough to get it working again.

  • Please see the FAQ also – Frequently Asked Questions – this page will answer most of your questions on troubleshooting IWP.

Please Note: Instant WordPress is not suitable for live websites and should only be used for testing and development.

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