Installing phpbb on Fedora-Linux Before installing phpbb the following need to be installed

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Installing phpBB on Fedora-Linux

Before installing phpBB the following need to be installed:

Installing Apache HTTP Server

  1. Download the Apache HTTP server httpd-2.2.6.tar.bz2 from

  1. After extracting the contents, from that folder do

$./configure --prefix=/usr/local/apache --enable-so


$make install

Note: you must add --enable-so to get PHP working as a module later.

  1. Start the HTTP server:

$/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start

Now go to your browser and type http://localhost.The apache test page should load.
Installing MYSQL Database

  1. Install mysql and mysql-server using the Add/Remove software tool in your linux machine and also include the mysql development packages (named like –devel--) for your installation.

Installing PostgreSQL Database

  1. Since phpBB2 only support PostgreSQL7.x as we’ll see on the installation page. We chose to install PostgreSQL7.4.23.

  2. Go to Download the following 4 rpm packages:





And install them by issuing ( Please follow the exact order):

# rpm –ivh postgresql-libs-7.4.23-1PGDG.f9.i386.rpm

# rpm –ivh postgresql-7.4.23-1PGDG.f9.i386.rpm

# rpm –ivh postgresql-server-7.4.23-1PGDG.f9.i386.rpm

# rpm –ivh postgresql-devel-7.4.23-1PGDG.f9.i386.rpm

Installing PHP

  1. Download PHP-5.2.4.tar.bz2 from

  2. Extract the file and from that folder (cd php-5.2.4) do:

$./configure \

--with-apxs2=/"PATH_TO_apxs"/apxs \




“PATH_TO_apxs” is /usr/local/apache/bin

"PATH_TO_mysql" is the path of header files of mysql. Normally it should be /usr/include/mysql (use /usr/ if this doesn’t work).

"PATH_TO_pgsql" is the path of header files of pgsql. Normally it should be /usr/include/pgsql. Ignore this option if you didn’t install postgreSQL.

  1. If the last line says something like libxml2 not found, install it from your package manager. (install libxml2 and libxml2-devel)

  1. Do


$make install

  1. Now restart the apache server:

$/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl stop

$/usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start
In case you get an error with in httpd.conf(line 53) use this command:
$chcon -t texrel_shlib_t /usr/local/apache/modules/*.so

  1. To test if php works write a small application, test.php:

PHP <a href="/developing-an-iq-test-concept-and-goal.html">Test Page</a>

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