Installing Fedora 5 from iso file

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Installing Fedora 5 from .iso file

Assume I am using the ISO file FC-5-i386-DVD.iso, and it is located at c:\downloads directory. Here is the steps that I should follow in order to install Fedora 5 on top of Vmware without burning DVD file

  1. Create a new virtual machine from Vmware 5:

  1. Start the virtual machine that you just created. In my case, start the “Fedora-ISO” file

  1. At the menu on top, click “VM -> Removable Devices -> CD-ROM (IDE 1:0) (Auto detect -> Edit”

  1. A window will pop up, with the default setting of Connection to “Use physical drive”. We should not use this default setting. Instead, click the “Use ISO image” window, and you can specify the location of the image file:

  1. Click “ok” to close the window. If you do “VM -> Removable Device”, you will find out that now CD-ROM should say “Using image ….”

  1. Power off the current virtual machine, and restart it, you will be able to install the Fedora normally.

  2. Continue with the document on “Installing Fedora 5.5 over VMware

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