Infrastructure & Cities Sector

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Infrastructure & Cities Sector

Nottingham, UK
19 March, 2014

Siemens plc

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Infrastructure & Cities Sector

Siemens Smart Grid to Provide Automated Meter Reading for Network Rail

Siemens Smart Grid has been awarded a contract by Network Rail to replace its existing network of over 4,000 electricity meters with the company’s Automated Meter Reading (AMR) equipment.

The innovative solution incorporates a site survey prior to installation of the AMR equipment, which will provide Network Rail with an inventory of downstream assets for each supply point, providing an in-depth understanding of how power is consumed across the network. The AMR assets themselves will be installed by November 2014, eliminating the problem of estimated billing and enabling the allocation of individual energy budgets to each of the UK’s nine routes.
Commenting on the programme Kevin Tutton, Head of Operational Services at Siemens' smart grid division, said: “Naturally we are delighted to have won this contract, which builds not only on our proven success with other national infrastructure owners, but also the considerable experience of the Siemens group in the rail sector. We are now looking forward to working closely with our Network Rail colleagues to deliver AMR metering for this important UK infrastructure project.”
As with much of Siemens’ commercial work, the company developed a completely tailored solution for this project to meet Network Rail’s specific requirements. Primarily this recognised the particular difficulties of operating within the heavily-regulated, UK rail environment, often in remote locations.
Preliminary work is already underway, with the programme being undertaken on a route-by-route basis across each of the network’s nine routes. Once the installation work is complete, Siemens will take responsibility for ongoing maintenance and data retrieval – providing Network Rail with completely accurate billing data and management information.
Steve Briggs, Network Rail’s Senior Sourcing Manager, said: “We were particularly impressed with the bespoke solution that Siemens proposed for this project, with their response addressing the challenges of working in the rail environment. We now look forward to realising both the financial and operational benefits that we expect the programme to deliver.”

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