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  • In Romania, are involved in this COST action  two groups of two research  institutes: Research Institute for Cereals and Industrial Crops Fundulea (Dr. Maria Pacureanu Joita - member of the Management Committee of COST - 849 action); Research Institute for Plant Protection - Bucharest (Dr. Horia Iliescu member of the MC of this action);
     - the interests of Romania in this action are specially in Orobanche sp.
     In Romania the biggest damage  produced by this parasite, is on sunflower crop, which is parasited by Orobanche cumana. Orobanche ramosa produces the damage on tobacco crop, but this is not so big comparative with Orobanche cumana on sunflower (The cultivated area affected is small).
     The Romanian party is interested in all aspects referring to spreading, phenotype characteristics, germination, fixation on the roots of the host plant, the relation: host - parasite, for the Orobanche sp. on sunflower and Orobanche in tobacco;
     - in Romania are developed the research activities at the R.I.C.I.C. Fundulea, for Orobanche sp. on sunflower.
     There are made studies regarding the control of this parasite, spreading  in the cultivated area with sunflower, virulence of the different sources of the parasite seeds, new sources for resistance (sunflower genotypes) to the  new races of the parasite, breeding for resistance;
     - for the future of our activity, we have to continue these activities (above mentioned) and to cooperate with all parties which are interested in this field, from different countries.
     - R.I.C.I.C. Fundulea is known in the world for its activity in sunflower research, including the studies regarding Orobanche sp. on sunflower.
     - We have the bilateral projects for cooperation in this field with different institutes from: France, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Yugoslovia, USA. This cooperation include common studies for Orobanche races, sources (in host plant) for resistance to the new races of the parasite, molecular markers for resistance, joint resistant hybrids, chemical control of the parasite.

  Maria Pacureanu Joita

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