Index to asklepios 116 – 117 – 118 Compiled by Mike Phillips articles

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INDEX TO ASKLEPIOS 116 – 117 – 118

Compiled by Mike Phillips

Some New Name Combinations in the Stapeliads pt 1

Darrel Plowes [a.116]p.3
Ceropegias of the Western Ghats: Diversity, problems and prospects

Sharad S. Kambale & Shrirang R. Yadav [a.116]p.27
Hoya celata sp. nov.

Kloppenburg, Siar, Mendoza, Cajano, Guevarra & Carandang [a.116]p.42
Caralluma burchardii N.E. Brown in one of its habitats on the island

of Fuerteventura [Canary Islands] [a.117]p.3

Massimo Afferni
Medicinal Milkweed Tubers and Roots 2 [a.117]p.7

Bruce J. Hargreaves
A Key for Hoya Species [centre pages] [a.117]p.centre

Dale Kloppenburg
Stapeliad cultivation in Australia [a.117]p.9

Carol Griesser
Some New Species and Name Combinations

in the Stapeliads pt.2. [a.118]p.3

Darrel Plowes
List of published botanical papers by Darrel C.H. Plowes


A Key for Hoya Species [a.118] centre pages

Dale Kloppenburg

Angolluma baldratii [a.116]p.10,11

A. commutata [a.116]p.8,9

A. cucullata [a.116]p.5,6

A. cucullata var. flava [a.116]p.6

A. erumastrum [a116]p.7,8

A. fenestrata [a.116]p.6

A. lugardii [a.116]p.12

A. luntii [a.116]p.11

A. miscella [a.116]p.12

A. munster [a.116]p.10

A. parviloba [a.116]p.7,8

A. rogersii [a.116]p.12

A. sheilae [a.116]p.8.9

A. somalensis [a.116]p.10

A. sprengerii [a.116]p.8

A. ubomboensis [a.116]p.10,11,12

A. wissmannii [a.116]p.7,8

Apteranthes joannis [a.116]p.13,14

Australluma peschii [a.116]p.11

A. peschii [a.116]p.13

A. plowes [a.116]p.11

A. schweinfurthii [a.116]p.11

Caralluma adscendens var. attenuata [a.116]p.13

C. adscendens var. fimbriata [a.116]p.13,15,16

C. adscendens var. geniculata [a.116]p.18

C. adscendens var. gracilis [a.116]p.16,18

C. attenuata [a.116]p.13,15

C. burchardii [a.117]p.3,4,5

C. bupinderiana [a.116]p.15

C. carinata [a.116]p.15,16

C. dalzielii [a.116]p.16,18,20

C. faucicola [a.116]p.12,13

C. fimbriata [a.116]p.15,16

C. geniculata [a.116]p.15

C. gracilis [a.116]p.16,18

C. lutea var. lateritia [a.118]p.9

C. nebrownii [a.118]p.14

C. sarkariae [a.116]p.15

C. stalagmifera [a.116]p.15

C. subulata [a.116]p.13,16,17

C. sudanica [a.116]p.16,18,20

C. ubomboensis [a.116]p.10

Ceropegia anantii [a.116]p.27,28

C. anjanerica [a.116]p.27,28,29

C. attenuata [a.116]p.28,29

C. bhatii [a.116]p.27,28,29

C. bhutanica [a.116]p.27

C. bulbosa [a.116]p.28,29

C. candelabrum ssp. candelabrum [a.116]p.28,29

C. candelabrum ssp. tuberosa [a.116]p.28,31

C. concanensis [a.116]p.27,28,31

C. decaisneana [a.116]p.28,31

C. dorjei [a.116]p.27

C. elegans [a.116]p.30,31

C. evansii [a.116]p.30,31

C. fantastica [a.116]p.30,33

C. fimbriifera [a.116]p.30,33

C. gardneri [a.116]p.30,33

C. hirsuta [a.116]p.30,33

C. huberi [a.116]p.30,35

C. jainii [a.116]p.30,35

C. juncea [a.116]p.30,35

C. lawii [a.116]p.32,35

C. mahabalei [a.116]p.32,36

C. media [a.116]p.32,36

C. maccannii [a.116]p.32,35

C. ludlowii [a.116]p.27

C. mahanramii [a.116]p.27,32,36

C. mannarana [a.116]p.27

C. meleagris [a.116]p.27

C. noorjahaniae [a.116]p.32,36

C. oculata [a.116]p.32,37

C. odorata [a.116]p.32,37

C. panchganiensis [a.116]p.32,37

C. poluniniana [a.116]p.27

C. rollae [a.116]p.34,37

C. sahyadrica [a.116]p.34,38

C. santapaui [a.116]p.34,38

C. spiralis [a.116]p.34,38

C. schumanniana [a.116]p.27

C. vincifolia [a.116]p.34,38

Crenulluma flava [a.116]p.20

C. lavrani [a.116]p.20

C. tardellii [a.116]p.20

Cryptolepis angolensis [a.117]p.8

C. baumii [a.117]p.8

C. brazzaei [a.117]p.8

C. debeerstii [a.117]p.8

C. elliotii [a.117]p.8

C. hensii [a.117]p.8

C. linearis [a.117]p.8

C. myrtifolia [a.117]p.8

C. nigritana [a.117]p.8

C. oblongifolia [a.117]p.8

C. scandens [a.117]p.8

C. sizenandi [a.117]p.8

C. suffruticosa [a.117]p.8

C. welwitschii [a.117]p.8

Cylindrilluma solenophora [a.116]p.13,14

Desmidorchis acutangula [a.116]p.4

D. foetidus [a.116]p.4

D. penicillata [a116]p.20

D. retrospiciens [a.116]p.4,5,20

D. tardellii [a.116]p.20

Duvalia sulcata subsp. sudanensis [a.116]p.20,21

D. sulcata subsp. seminuda [a.116]p.20,21

Echidnopsis dhofarensis [a.116]p.21,22

E. scutellata [a.116]p.22

Ectadium oblongifolium [a.117]p.8

Ectadiopsis acutifolia [a.117]p.8

E. buettneri [a.117]p.8

E. lanceolata [a.117]p.8

E. myrtifolia [a.117]p.8

E. nigritana [a.117]p.8

E. oblongifolia [a.117]p.8

E. ruspoli [a.117]p.8

E.scandens [a.117]p.8

E. suffruticosa [a.117]p.8

E. welwitschii [a.117]p.8

Edithcolea grandis [a.117]p.9,11

Hoya species reference p2 cont. Asklepios 115

Centre pages [a.117]

Huernia cashelensis [a.116]p.23

H. hislopii [a.116]p.23

H., longituba [a.116]p.23

H. mccoyi [a.116]p.8

H. plowesii [a.117]p.10

H. zebrina subsp. magniflora [a.117]p.10

Luckhoffia beukmanii [a.117]p.10

Mondia whitei [a.117]p.7

Ophionella arcuata [a.116]p.11,24

O. mirkinii [a.116]p.23,24

O. variegata [a.117]p.9

Orbea chibensis [a.118]p.5

O. dummeri [a.117]p.10

O. ex E. Specks 1158 sub D.P.9123

O. fenestrata [a116]p.6

O. kaokoensis [a.118]p.3

O. maculata [a.118]p.3,

O. nardii [a.116]p.8

O. orientalis [a.118]p.3,4

O. rangeana [a.118]p.3

O. semota [a.118]p.5

O. semota subsp. orientalis [a.118]p.3

O. ubomboensis [a.116]p.11

O. variegata var. variegata [a.117]p.11

O. verrucosa [a.118]p.5

O. verrucosa subsp. fucosa [a.118]p.5

Orbeopsis elongata [a.118]p.6

O. flava [a.118]p.6,8

O. gerstneri [a.118]p.7

O. gossweileri [a.118]p.7,8

O. huillensis [a.118]p.7,8

O. karibensis [a.118]p.16,17

O. lateritia [a.118]p.8,9,10

O. lutea [a.118]p.9,10,13

O. matabelelensis [a.118]p.9

O. melananthia [a.118]p.15,16,17

O. occidentalis [a.118]p.10

O. pseudonebrownii [a.118]p.12,13,14,15

O. rubra [a.118]p.16,17,18

O. sousae [a.118]p.16,17,18

O. tsumebensis [a.118]p.7

O. vaga [a.118]p.11,12,14

O. vaga ‘Willemshohe’ [a.118]p.11

O. valida [a.118]p.10

Pachycymbium carnosum [a.116]p.10

P. keithii [a.116]p.10

P. lancasteri [a.16]p.10

Quaqua linearis [a.116]p.11

Raphionacme hirsuta [a.117]p.8

R. galpinii [a.117]p.8

R. sp. [a.117]p.8

R. velutina [a.117]p.7

Secamone acultifolia [a.117] p.8

S. gerrardii [a.117]p.8

S. parvifolia [a.117]p.8

Stapelia cedrimontana [a.117]p.10

S. flavopurpurea [a.117]p.11

S. gigantea [a.117]p.10

S. grandiflora [a.117]p.10

S. quadrangula [a.116]p.4

S. subulata [a.116]p.116

S. variegata [a.117]p.9

Stomatastemma monteiroae [a.117]p.8

Sulcolluma hexagona [a.116]p.13

Tridentea virescens [a.116]p.6

Afferni, Massimo [a.117]p.3

Bester, S.P. [a.118]p.8

Brown, N.E. [a.117]p.7

Burtt, Dr. Bill [a.116]p.4

Butler, Alan [a.116]p.2

Collenette, Mrs. Sheila [a.116]p.8

D’Alessi, Fabio [a.117]p.110

Dyer, R.A. [a.117]p.8 [a.118]p.6

Gilbert, M.G. [a.116]p.10

Gomes, Prof. Antonio [a.118]p.16

Goyder, Dr. David [a.116]p.24

Griesser, Carol [a.117]p.9

Hargreaves, Bruce J. [a.117]p.7

Huckson, Richard [a.117]p.10

Kambale, Sharad [a.116]p.27

Kock, D. de [a.116]p.7 [a.118]p.7

Lavranos, John [a.116]p.6,21

Leach, L.C. [a.116]p.23 [a.118]p.5,7,10,15,16

Mangani, Roberto [a.117]p.3

Meve, U. [a.118]p3

Mey, E. [a.117]p.8

Mosti, S. [a.116]p.8,20

Nagel, Rob [a.118]p.13,14

Nicolson, Dr. Dan [a.116]p.10

Peatling, Tim [a.116]p.24

Plowes, Darrel [a.116]p.3 [a.118]p.3

Plowes, Dr. Robert [a.116]p.24

Raffaelli, M. [a.116]p.8

Tardelli, M. [a.116]p.8

Viljoen, Loukie [a.117]p.10 [a.118]p.3

Yadav, Shrirang [a.116]p.27

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