In this study, aerial photography of Dream Lake, the unique nature habitat for

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In this study, aerial photography of Dream Lake, the unique nature habitat for

the quillworts in Taiwan, in the east side of seven star mountain in Yangmingshan

National Park was compared with that in 2001, 2002, the superficial measure for

the vegetation showed that the habitat area for Isoetes taiwanensis has decreased,

but the area for Eleocharis congesta, Sphaerocaryum malaccense has increased.

As the result of the investigation in sampling area, it is obvious that the superficial

measure of Isoetes taiwanensis and that of Sphagnum cuspidatum also decreased

too, but the superficial measure of Sphaerocaryum malaccense and that of

Schoenoplectus mucronatus increased.

At the same time, the precipitation and the depth of the Dream Lake were

investigated to compare the relationship with the vegetation succession in the

Dream Lake. Compared with that in 2001,2002, it is showed that the precipitation

and the depth in Dream Lake were reduced in this year. It is worthy to study in

advance to resolve the relationship between the vegetation succession and the

precipitation and depth in the Dream Lake.

Due to reduce the competition pressure for Isoetes taiwanensis from other

plants, we tried to remove the land plants of some habitats in undredged area and

dredged area. It was found some megaspores could germinate and growth to be a

sporophyte in the new habitats, but it was showed that the artificial treatments for

in the new habitats for Isoetes taiwanensis were still needed.

It is suggested that for the reason for the conservation of the quillworts in

Tawian, the subjects of the sucession of the ecosystem in Dream Lake and the

conservation and investigation of the habitat of Isoetes taiwanensis are worth to

study in the near future.

Key Words: Yangmingshan National Park、Dream Lake、conservation、Isoetes

taiwanensis DeVol.

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