In these notes you’ll find…

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Release Notes for Agilent E6474A Software:
Release 9.1

In these notes you’ll find…

  1. Introduction

  1. Supported operating systems

  2. Installing the software

  3. What’s new for release 9.1

  4. Known issues with release 9.1


This release of the E6474A software is compatible with the E6473A and E6473B direct connect hub, CDMA, cdma2000, 1xEVDO,GSM, GPRS, EDGE, iDEN, TDMA, UMTS phones, and Agilent E64xx receivers.
Customers who use the Agilent E6474A Data Server software for UDP and TCP testing, are required to upgrade that application to Version 3.1 at the same time as upgrading E6474A to Version 6.0, or later, to maintain Client-Server communication compatibility.
Complete information on using the new features can be found in the software's online help.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 2000 - Recommended (Latest service pack recommended)

Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 onwards)

Windows 98SE - Supports voice measurements only. Data measurements and Analysis Reporter are not supported by this operating system
For optimum performance, Agilent recommends that you disable the Intel’s SpeedStep technology (if your PC laptop is using Intel CPU) or AMD’s PowerNow! Technology (if it is using AMD’s CPU).
In Windows XP, the power management control panel, known as “Power Schemes”, can be used for this purpose. The Power Schemes tab can be found in the Power Options Properties panel that is accessible via the Control Panel. Change the “Power Schemes” to “Always On”.
For PC’s running previous Microsoft Windows operating systems like Windows 2000, the SpeedStep or PowerNow! power management module will be installed at the factory or as an option during the initial system setup. You should be able to find the associated power management module under Windows power options Control Panel. Change all “Performance” options to “Max Performance” or “High Performance”.


Installing the software

Caution: Installing the software over a previous version will overwrite any custom Alarms and UserAction.txt files. If you wish to keep your alarms, export and then import after installation. Refer to the online help. If you have edited your UserAction.txt, remember to save a copy of this file. Overwrite the UserAction.txt file once installation is complete.

Important: It is strongly advised that you reboot your computer if you are instructed to do so during the installation process.

1. Close any applications that are running.

2. Disable any anti-virus software that is running.

3. Insert the installation CD into the CD-ROM drive. Depending on your computer, the installation process may start automatically. However, if it does not, do the following:

a. Select Start > Run.

b. Type d:\setup.exe (where d:\ is your CD_ROM drive letter).

4. Follow the installation instructions. It is recommended that you accept the defaults offered for the destination directory and the program folder.

Note: Use the Custom Installation Option if you wish to:

· Install the application to a drive or folder other than the default (C:\Program Files\Agilent Technologies\E6474A).

· Install the Demonstration Plan and Data files from the CD.

· Install the Chinese version of the tutorial.

Important note to administrators (Windows 2000 installations): If you are installing E6474A on the computer of a user who does not have Administrative rights, you must ensure that the user has write access to the \Shared folder and all of its sub-folders. Without write-access, the user will not be able to use the software.
Note: Adobe Reader 7.0 is only compatible with Windows XP and Windows 2000 SP2 or higher. If you have a different operating system on your PC, do not install the Adobe Reader 7.0 software. If you do not have the Adobe Reader software on your PC, compatible versions can be downloaded from

What's New for Release 9.1

UMTS HSDPA Views added (Option E6474A-325)

Seven new UMTS HSDPA views have been added. You must have UMTS phone measurements capability (Option E6474A-300 or 320) before you can use this option.

WAMS improved command line test

This test now lets you enter a pass or fail with string so that you can compare your test results with a known value.

WAMS data now stored in the SD5 file

The measurement results from a WAMS sequence are now stored in the SD5 data file.

FTP licensing added to WAMS Lite

FTP test options are now part of the WAMS Lite option (E6474A-745).

Sagem BCCH Scanning View (Option E6474A-201)

A new view has been added to display scanned BCCH from a Sagem OT260 and OT290 phones.

Video Telephony Test changes

The video telephony test now supports 3GPP input file format.

Updated GPS-DR drivers

The drivers the GPS-DR unit have been updated to improve compatibility with the E6474B high speed hub and other system components.

Supported Phones

You can find a complete list of supported phones in the Library. Select Help > Library.
The Nokia 6630 is supported.

The Nokia 6680 is supported.

Qualcomm 6275 Chipset is supported.
Full details can be found in the online help.

Issues Resolved in this Release

Known Issues and tips with Release 9.1

E6474A Software does not support Hyper Threading Technology (HTT)

If you are experiencing issues where the Views are not populating, or the application is crashing on exit, then you may have a PC that is running HTT. To correct this, you can enter the BIOS configuration and disable HTT to resolve the issue.

WAMS test naming

When you rename a WAMS test you must use standard Windows file naming conventions. Using non-standard file name characters prevents test result from being exported correctly.

Slow Tools menu drop-down

You may experience a delay when trying to access the tools drop-down menu. The tools menu provides access to utilities that are licensed and therefore must be checked before they are started. The checking process performed by your PC may take some time depending on your PC configuration and enabled license options.

SDGC result not available in Call Statistics view

Currently the SDGC results cannot be displayed in the Call Statistics view.
Nokia 6230 C/I Measurements

The Nokia 6230 provides a limited subset of C/I measurements. The phone can only support 2 out of 3 of the available measurements. These are C/I, FER or AMR.

Nokia 6230/6630/6650/6680/7600 Phone driver and DKU-2 cable installation

Before connecting any of these Nokia phones (Nokia 6230, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6650, Nokia 6680, Nokia 7600) you must install the DKU-2 cable and phone drivers. After installation of the E6474A software, the drivers are available in the following folder:

C:\Program Files\Agilent Technologies\Shared\Drivers\Nokia.
A copy of the Nokia installation guide can be found in the documentation Library (Start > Programs > Agilent Wireless Solutions > Reference > Library).
The Nokia 6630 and 6680 phone must use DKU-2 cable driver version 145 or later. Refer to the supported phone section above for more information about this device.
WiDEN PC-Card stabilization issues

The WiDEN PC-Card, IM240, requires 30 seconds to stabilize after a test has ended (F10) and before another test can be started (F4).

Carrier Tracking issues

In environments where there is pilot dominance there is a possibility of frequency drifting using the E645xx receivers. This can be avoided by disabling carrier tracking in the properties dialog box for CDMA receivers.

For BOAT, IS-95, and cdma2000 measurements, carrier tracking can be left enabled because the base station pilot dominance will not effect the pilot measurements.
GPS Drift - 1PPS

To ensure accurate measurements it is recommended that the Agilent E64xx receiver internal GPS system be used to provide an accurate 1 PPS timing pulse. This applies to UMTS, IS-95, cdma2000 and 1xEVDO technologies. Using an external GPS system may not guarantee an accurate 1 PPS pulse.

iDEN receiver SQE estimation

Currently the reported SQE values displayed in the iDEN Agilent receiver views do not match the values provided by the phone. The receiver SQE values should only be used as indicators of SQE. For optimization purposes the SQE values reported by the phone, should be used. It has been determined that more precise SQE results will not be made available given the hardware limitations of the receiver.

Video Dial capability for Samsung Z105 UMTS Mobile Phone

On the ‘Phone Properties’ view, the user can dial a video call by checking the ‘Video Call’ box.

To access the ‘Video Call’ check-box, you need to ensure that the ‘Keypad Dial’ check-box is selected.

Ensure that the ‘Call Setup’ parameter is set to at least 60 seconds to allow time for the video call to be set-up.

(Video Call Devices are restricted to Samsung Z105 with Vodafone Live UI loaded).

NOTE: This functionality requires that you have an E6474A Option 740 WAMS software license to operate.

DNSTime - WAMS Sequencer Measurement

Currently this measurement reports 0 for all tests.

WAMS Standards Compatibility

Ensure that your phone and network comply with the relevant standards as listed in the online help. For example in the Voice test - Phones used in this test must support the ITU-T V.25ter dial commands as specified in the ETSI GSM 7.07 standard. Also tests that use WAP supports WAP 2.0.

Looking for drivers for the E6473B Hub and Socket I/O PCMCIA Serial devices?

The drivers for these devices are copied to your hard drive during installation of the E6474A software. To locate these drivers, go to: C:\Program Files\Agilent Technologies\Shared\Drivers. On Windows XP systems ensure that your local security settings allow unsigned drivers to be installed.

Map may not be shown while using the demo project files

If you have not used the default installation folders, the demo map files and cellsite files will be flagged as missing. This is because the path to these files is stored in the demo plan files using absolute path names. To correct this fault you must first open the default plan files, then, using the route map properties, change the path to the MIF map files. For more information on configuring the route map view, refer to the online help.

Jump to markers

Once you have configured your survey markers, set appropriate names for each marker and recorded data, the jump to markers drop-down selector lists those markers while playing back recorded data. This shows a Marker Text field along with the time of the event, however, if this data is transferred to another PC, the survey markers must be re-configured to maintain the same marker names. Otherwise only the time of the marker will be shown in the selection list.

Labeling devices for auto-merging E6474A files in Actix DV

If you want E6474A data files to be auto-merged when opened in Actix DV (for example: Modem port, T720 RF parameters, GSM850RX and GSM1900RX) then you need to enable the “label” device capability in the Setup view and use the exact same label for all four devices.

Modem port would have the label = “device1”

T720 would have the label = “device1”

GSM850RX would have the label = “device1”

GSM1900RX would have the label = “device1”

This is required “BEFORE” you commence data collection so that Actix DV will associate devices as a single data stream for post processing analysis. If you do not do this, you will have to look at four separate devices and it will make the correlation of data parameters more difficult.
Kyocera 2235 phone

Currently this phone does not respond correctly when it is connected with a PCMCIA serial card from Socket IO versions E and F.

E6473B GPS-DR is not detected when using a comma decimal separator

The E6473B GPS-DR will not be detected if your operating system has your regional options configured to show a comma for your decimal separator. Changing the separator to a period (full-stop) fixes this problem.

Loss of power to the Agilent E6473B Hub causes a lost connection with Motorola iDEN phone (i85, i88, i90)

If you lose power to the Agilent E6473B Hub while it is connected to your PC, restoring power does not re-establish the connection with the Motorola iDEN phone or E6473B Hub.

To solve this problem switch off the E6473B Hub and restart your PC. After your PC has started, switch on the E6473B Hub and then start the Agilent E6474A software. It is also recommended that the E6473B Hub have a direct connection to vehicle power to ensure a continuous power supply.
Lost cellsite linking and cell naming: During playback or live mode, cellsite linking and cell naming may not work. These features use an older version of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine (MDAC). If you have the latest version of Microsoft Access2000, then a newer version of MDAC will be installed and cellsite link and cell naming will no longer work.
If you do not have Microsoft Access2000 installed and you still lose cellsite linking and cell naming, then check that you have correctly setup the cellsite database. Refer to the online help for more information.
Sound is disabled on your PC when you connect an E6473B Hub: Connecting, and installing, the E6473B Hub adds two USB sound drivers to your PC configuration for use with the audio from each phone. These drivers disable the sound on your PC. To switch the PC sound back on, follow these steps:
1. Connect and switch on the E6473B Hub.

2. Select Control Panel > Sounds and Multimedia

3. Select the Audio tab

4. From the Preferred Device drop-down list select the sound driver for your PC.

5. Click Apply.

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