In my own writes: another Wednesday like all the others

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In my own writes: another Wednesday like all the others.
!Warning! this text contains very useless information in case of using your common sence1 .
How to describe a Wednesday: 1. You write down all your subjects that day.

2. You complain about those who teach it.

3. Wonder why you complain about them.

4. Tell senseless story’s about a constellation2.

5. Talking trough one’s hat3.
Now I got that across to4, perhaps I can start telling before I have a black-out again. First of all, Wednesday is the best day of the week, it contains a morning which is very fun, but there’s one exception... maths! After one of those three endless quarters of confusion, it is time for English.

English is a great subject. Actually it’s the greatest. That’s why Britain is called Great-Britain and English people tell great jokes, I never paid attention on that, it’s about tea-time I should know. Anyway... I forgot to complain about the mathematics teacher, what a sin! About mathematics teachers... why does anyone would like to teach such thing? Does anyone knows someone who would like to teach maths? My mathematics teacher is not very friendly, big surprise.

And her voice, what a pandemonium5 when she stands next to you! When she’s leaving the classroom I’m always a little relieved, because I don’t like her, I’m honest with that.
There are plenty reasons to like English as a subject, it’s a beautiful language, it’s a very nice country. You know, with all those beautiful gardens, walking at the surf in Dover, looking at the sunset, see how the tourists ride at the wrong side of the road... , and of course, how could I forget? We have a great teacher, he’s a little bit foolish, but that’s how it goes. He’s a perfect example, of how you can recognise a non-vegetarian person. Maybe I’m wrong, he’s a little bit muscular.
This is getting boring, I’m accordingly6 talking about boring people, isn’t it? Let’s talk about the next subject: gymnastics. I don’t know what to make of that because... sometimes it’s fun, but usually it’s at hard lines. Running for example, sometimes we waste the whole lesson, I’m really fed up with that. Except of walking and speaking, I’ve never seen that teacher moving, even a mathematics teacher can move more than that. However, it’s very sporting to go for sport and the results hold up my percentage.

At last, but not least, it’s time for living-keys or a synonym: “saloon-keys”, it’s something like “mon-keys”, singing in the same keys and the teacher is also key personnel, but she can be real severe if she wants to.

The schoolday ends at 11.55 but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop writing, you know.

I need another subject. What about... Bush? Foolishness? The moon? The seventh heaven? Ah, I’ve got an idea! What’s a constellation? Well, let’s see... it’s something as Aquarius, Cancer or Pisces. I’m Capricorn, because I’m born on the first of January. In China, I’m a snake, because I’m born in 1989, I have a pen- friend in France, and he’s born in 1965, he’s a snake too, here it would be Pisces. Now I’m talking through one’s hat.

1 : Helder denken

2 : sterrenbeeld

3 : onzin uitkramen

4 : duidelijk heb gemaakt

5 : hels geluid

6 : dan ook
A contribution of Helen de Munter

2 (hyper)modern A

Published by Michiels Sander
(names aren’t mentioned, out of respect for the teachers)

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